Chaos as Shelter
In The Shelter of Chaos



by mindleviticus USER (41 Reviews)
April 14th, 2013 | 4 replies

Release Date: 2000 | Tracklist

Review Summary: Humanity has sure suffered a hellish time, haven't they?

Just by looking at the album cover, it appears that it might represent something in the dark ages, or at least at a time where humanity was punished and have sinned for just about anything. The punishments the leaders gave these sinners resulted in some form of torture and that’s what Chaos as Shelter seems to be trying to display on this album.

The man behind Chaos as Shelter, Vadim Gusis, has added a 10th layer of hell by innovatively adding every little sound he can conjure up and very little of this album actually contains synthesizers. “In the Shelter of Chaos Part II” is the perfect example of this as most of the music is sparse and random sound effects are placed all over the track. We get the howling of wind, the heavy breeze of the air, rattling of chains, glass clanging, water pipes, slithering of a snake, a woman’s wail, anything that one could call creepy and it really does feel like a shelter gone to hell. People stuck in this shelter will start to lose their grip on reality, almost like if one were inside an anechoic chamber for too long. “Within the Eye of a Sandstorm” is like the nightmare one has never had with every little detail and sound about it just dragging them by its shackles and thrusting them into a blackened abyss. One will be dazzled and amazed by how much humanity has betrayed them and even with all the praying they will have completed in this hell, the unnerving and eerie feeling that they’re greed and self-importance has brought them here and the acknowledgement that they’re trapped forever will torture them for eternity. Maybe perhaps turning them insane.

So to put it simply, In the Shelter of Chaos has displayed some of the most haunting, disconsolate and ominous pieces of dark ambient music ever recorded and has one of the best and most direful atmospheres out of anyone in the genre. Lustmord’s music focuses heavily on the bass ambient noise and extremely low and vibrating textures, whereas Chaos as Shelter adds noise, space, field recordings, samples and any sort of sound effect that can develop a large amount of suspense without it becoming too terrifying. “The Door To Another Place” almost breaks this claim with sound effects in beginning of synthesized screeches or something scrapping up against something loudly; it’s completely off putting but it sets the tone for the rest of the songs as well. All in all, the space and massive amounts of reverb accompanied by the swift transitions of different phases within these songs are beautiful and eerie as well. The only complaint that people might have with it is that these songs should just transition into the next without stopping. It would make it seem more like a constant nightmare than having a breather after every song, but I think the real point that this album should’ve made was that it’s a constant nightmare. For those that wanted to be haunted turn out the lights, or blow out your candles, because the nightmares are only just beginning. In the Shelter of Chaos is just the beginning to a perfect hell.

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April 14th 2013


Can't find any youtube links for this album, but you can find it somewhere!

April 14th 2013


Album art rules, gonna check this out. Good review.

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April 14th 2013


you definitely should :D

April 14th 2013


nice write up man

seems hellish

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