The Lion and the Witch



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March 15th, 2006 | 7 replies

Release Date: 2002 | Tracklist

"God damn you half japanese girls" Today I'll be doing Weezer's The Lion and The Witch EP of which only 25,000 copies were made. It's a live EP and was played in Japan. It includes 6 tracks but the first track had a rendition of "Polynesia" at the start of it. This is Weezer's only live album which features the band as:

Rivers Cuomo: Vocal/Lead Guitar

Brian Bell: Backup Vocals/Rhythm Guitar

Scott Shriner: Backup Vocals/Bass

Patrick Wilson: Drums

First off the first track of the album is "Polynesia/Dope Nose". This CD starts out with Weezer playing around and almost improvising around with their instruments. Rivers goes halfway in the track and greets the crowd. Then begins their hit at the time, "Dope Nose". He plays it perfectly although the guitars could have been a little more distorted in my opinion. He plays it through perfectly and its a great start to a concert and this cd.

Next track is "Island in the Sun", and he plays it with a new solo. This solo is so much better than the original by a landslide. He ends the songs with a bunch of emotional oOoO's.

Next up is "Falling for You", a song rarely heard live anymore. He begins with asking for the Lord's help and goes through and plays this song perfectly. I liked it alot because they played it so perfect. Very good track.

"Death and Destruction" begins with a lot of improvision by Weezer. It's nice to know that they try to mix it up while they are live. He begins with the d chord later on and the song is played to perfection.

Everyone knows this song, "El Scorcho". He begins playing this song and in the second verse, he messes up the line of the song so badly. I mean it is so obvious he messes up and tries to play it off. I laugh everytime. He plays the rest of the song perfectly after that. I love "El Scorcho".

The last song is "Holiday", another song rarely played live anymore. During the bridge of the song Scott messes up his line then everyone else starts laughing about it. I laugh too and they continue on with their song. Man he can hit that high note and the last chorus. After this song you hear them doing some acceptance speech or somthing. I don't know what it is but I like the guitar effects in the background of this speech.

This is a good album if you are a fan of weezer and want to see how they sound like live. If you are a fan you should get this album online somewhere as there are many sites containing the songs on this album.

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The Jungler
March 15th 2006


The reveiw was pretty good. I wanted to pick this up but decided to just check out the real thing. I heard they were average live, but played a really note-perfect set that night.
The cover art rocks so hard.

As for the reveiw you could have used a little detail, but then again everyone all ready knows the songs.
Nice workThis Message Edited On 03.15.06

March 15th 2006


I didn't know this existed, I might check it out.

As for the review, it's not bad, but it's a pretty boring read in my eyes. Although there's nothing too much wrong with your sentance structure, the paragraphs seem to lack any real length; the review could be summed up by saying, Weezer play all the songs perfect, except there is a mistake on el Scorcho. I do appreciate this is a short ep and is hard to go into detail, but I would like to see something spice up the review a bit. All in all it's a good first attempt, but I'm not going to vote either way, just though some constructive criticism might help ya.

Two-Headed Boy
March 15th 2006


Sounds like a good E.P., most songs are really good.
You're review is pretty good, but you failed to describe the songs as a whole, like the overall sound quality and the like. You really need to put alot of though into tbt's, which might not've been the best way to go on this review. Good job nontheless.

March 16th 2006


Album Rating: 4.0

yeah i know the sumary of songs arent that long, but if you are going to listen to this ep then you should haave already have known these songs.

April 1st 2006


This sounds like a pretty cool little collection, I'll keep an eye out for it

August 22nd 2006


i'll definitely check this out, and try to focus more on the whole band, as apposed to just cuomo. good review though.

July 15th 2009


The mistake on El Scorcho makes me laugh too.

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