Vol. 3: The Subliminal Verses



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Release Date: 2004 | Tracklist

Band: Slipknot
Album: Vol. 3: (The Subliminal Verses)
Released: 25th May, 2004

So the 'Knot boys are back with their third and final studio release. Now, I am not a big fan. I haven't even listened to Slipknot or Iowa, but I did however manage to hear 3 of their demos for this album, which made me think twice. Now I've got the full thing, I thought I would review it. So here goes:

Prelude 3.0 - 7/10
A pretty strange track. It's a slow song, which is weird for them. Corey's lyrics are pretty good to relate to with the mood set with the music. It does pick up a bit later, but keeps the mood. Overall, a nice intro track.

The Blister Exits - 6/10
Now this is better. Proper full on Slipknot sound. It's fast, it's heavy and it's raw; pretty much what I expected. The chorus is pretty cool though, and the marching band drum solo is kinda cool too.

Three Nil - 4/10
It sounds so similar to the last song, so I'm hoping the sound is carried on throughout the album. I don't like Corey's fast vocals too, he has a pretty good voice and doesn't show it well here. Not that good of a song for me.

Duality - 8/10
I really like this. From the piano intro to the deep lyrics and raw guitar, this song has it all. The verses are really creepy as well with the sound effects. One of my favourite songs on the album in my opinion.

Opium Of The People - 7/10
Woah! Sick intro, that's all I have to say. The song is pretty cool, but sounds pretty similar to The Blister Exits for me, but like I said, the intro rocks! Also, the chorus is again cool, slows down a bit.

Circle - 7/10
A very freaky intro, but goes straight into... acoustic"!" The lyrics are kinda cheesy and predictable after Stone Sour, but the song itself isn't bad. Their attempt at acoustic could've been better though.

Welcome - 6/10
I can't describe this again really. The music is pretty boring and sounds like you've heard it before, but the lyrics aren't half bad. I have to say the solo is amazing though! You should check the song out just for that. You'll be impressed...

Vermillion - 4/10
The intro is freaky. Sounds like some sci-fi soundtrack, but it's pretty cool. The vocals aren't as good, however. Corey's low voice is so bad. And the chorus is a major letdown for me. Not their best song.

Pulse Of The Maggots - 9/10
I hate to say it, but is seems their radio singles are the best. Nice shredding, decent vocals and a solo to blow people away. Also, the intro little speech is pretty motivational. Nice work, Corey and co!

Before I Forget - 7/10
It's pretty mediocre, but not half bad. The lyrics are very graphic, and Corey's screaming actually sounds good here. But other than that, everything was as expected musicwise. They have 9 members. Why don't they use them!

Vermillion, Pt. 2 - 9/10
More acoustic" I think they are going soft on us! Much better than Vermillion, much more visual and in some way soothing. It is almost, dare I say, emo! Look out Jesse Lacey, Corey is in town!

Nameless - 7/10
More of the same, really. Ultimately just shredding, screaming and smashing. But I must admit they do it well. Well, until the chorus, where they get emo again. Then it goes back to hardcore "ROAR! BIATCH!" mode. Then it's back to the chorus...

Virus Of Life - 4/10
I don't know what this is, but it isn't Slipknot. I must say it's experimental, and I like that. But it can be a huge disaster waiting to happen in some cases. Virus Of Life proves that theory. Boring music and badly sung vocals.

Danger, Keep Away - 6/10
Even more acoustic. Seems the Stone Sour side of Corey has gotten to him. I'm not saying it's bad, it's just predictable. The music isn't bad, and the drums in an acoustic song is pretty cool. But the lyrics... ew!

Overall, this album for me was a huge letdown. After hearing Duality and Pulse Of The Maggots, I expected full on hardcore Slipknot sound. But this isn't the commercial album that Iowa was. This is full on new stuff, kinda like a cross between Radiohead and Slayer. You expecting to hear more of Slipknot and Iowa" Well slip them in the CD player, you won't find that here.

Kif's OFFICIAL verdict: 3 and a half smiley faces

Best songs:
Opium Of The People
Pulse Of The Maggots
Vermillion, Pt. 2

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The JoZ
May 14th 2004


...So I guess this was leaked and you went and downloaded the whole album, because it's only the 14th...

I think I'll still pick it up, because I liked the singles I've heard...and I've never been a big Slipknot fan...alot of the stuff on the S/T and Iowa sounded like just noise to me, so

May 14th 2004


I'll be buying/downloading/somehow aquiring the album somehow, because I like Slipknot, and I really like "Duality". It was a detailed review Kif. Well done. :thumb:

The JoZ
May 14th 2004


What the fuck? :confused:

May 15th 2004


I'm still buying it. I'm sure I'll love it.

May 15th 2004


It's a lot better than Iowa. Though everything is better than Iowa, well not everything (I'm looking at you Jet). 3.5/5 sounds about right.

Ten Foot Religion
May 15th 2004


This Album = ****

Except for Duality, o course. All there CDs suck execpt for the 2 singles

May 15th 2004


They've released more than 2 singles.

May 15th 2004


I was about to write a review of this album...

Its a real difference in sound for Slipknot, much more mature, lots of experimental tracks and a couple of ballads oh and some bad *** solos.

I really like it.

May 16th 2004


sounds badass man, i can't wait.

May 16th 2004


I'll probably end up borrowing or downloading this at somepoint. From the likes of Duality and Pulse' it doesnt seem too special.

May 16th 2004


I'm currently downloading it. I used to love Slipknot ages ago but grew out of it. I'm interested in what this is gonna sound like.

Jalapeno Jones
May 16th 2004


I feel the same way about this album. After hearing their first two singles, I was hoping for another Iowa, but with more accomplised musicianship. But now they just sound more like Corey Taylors other band, Stonesour, which isnt nearly as good as Slipknot!

PIGS(1 different one)
May 16th 2004


Album Rating: 2.5

[QUOTE=ATDIrock]I'm currently downloading it. I used to love Slipknot ages ago but grew out of it. I'm interested in what this is gonna sound like.[/QUOTE]

Same, I am interested in what it sounds like, only heard 30 seconds of duality so far, so far I like it.

May 16th 2004


[QUOTE=Jalapeno Jones]I feel the same way about this album. After hearing their first two singles, I was hoping for another Iowa, but with more accomplised musicianship. But now they just sound more like Corey Taylors other band, Stonesour, which isnt nearly as good as Slipknot![/QUOTE]

Iowa was crap, but s/t was excellent.

May 16th 2004


Reverse that and you'll have the right answer.

May 16th 2004


I liked both.

May 16th 2004


I preferred Iowa to the self-titled one.

Black Rose
May 16th 2004


This album is the bridge between stone sour and slipknot... its an alright album but nothing too pretty.

May 16th 2004


i like it alot, i wasnt really big into Slipknot but my friends were. after listening to it i give it thumbs up. the softer songs are all very nice to listen to. the heavy songs are good and there is a few songs with guitar solos which proves that the guitarists werent riff chuggers as i previously thought.

my favorite songs are:
1. The Nameless
2. Vermillion Pt 2
3. Three Nil
4. The Blister Exists
5. Duality

May 17th 2004


After further reading this really is a terrible review.

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