Blues for the Red Sun



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March 4th, 2006 | 11 replies

Release Date: 1992 | Tracklist

Here I am thinking of a way to start this review, these guys are hard to interpret but I'm sitting here in a dream-like state listening to this album and everything seems to pass me by. No my friend, I'm not doped up. I�m simply listening to Kyuss, the weird stoner-rock band. A band where the slow but gloomy atmosphere can make you even think of some 20 year-olds getting high with this playing is certain. Only one song is what you would call 'up-beat' and that is the single "Green Machine" which is supposed to be mainstream. Kyuss is a highlight and an extremely influential band which sadly never had much success with bands such as Nirvana wishing them success. This album is a landmark in stoner music which managed to get them a tour with Metallica in 1993. Kyuss sadly never had a long career with the members moving on to different projects. Most notably was when Josh Homme and Nick Oliveri made Queens of the Stone Age which was those two's first shot at mainstream success.

Kyuss are a bit different from QOTSA though, they both delve into stoner/doom rock for sure but QOTSA was less serious and with a lot of more up-beat and fast songs. Kyuss stick to their roots with every song a slow dark brooding song to make your mind go blank. When I first listened to this, I thought 'Golly, what a lot of filler' but if you listen to this straight through then you can see why it's there (I have no idea what the hell "Yeah" is though) but all the filler and the songs make the album and the band are a mad bunch. These guys are original; I doubt that in 1993 that you could name two bands that sound like them. The whole band plays their part and they do it extremely well whether it'd be the low loose sound of Josh's guitar or the chunky bass parts, the band where first-rate. I'll describe them in more detail.

Most of you casual listeners will only know Josh Homme here and maybe Nick Oliveri, this part of the band is reminiscent to QOTSA. Josh has a low sounding treble driven sound coming from his guitar. Nick's lines stick out hard with chunky grooving bass-lines while they are simple; they still get the job done. John's vocals can be a hit or miss with a lot of people. I happen to like them since they remind me of Lee Dorrian's vocals but if you don't know what he sounds like then I'll explain. John's vocals are raw and atmospheric but the problem is he doesn't have a strong voice. The vocals are also one of the reasons why you can put a stoner tag to it as it does sound like he's drugged up for most of the album. The vocals might turn you off or it might just have to grow on you. Brant is a very simple drummer but he is not bad. He stays in time, he keeps the beat. Yeah, the beats are most simple but it helps it work.

Every song here bar some of the filler is killer (rhyme). The album opens up with the simple named "Thumb" which is a typical Kyuss song just to start the album and to empty your stomachs for more. John's voice tries a bit hard to have a strong voice when he sings 'You've been burned by my lighter'. It is really repetitive at times but just let the mood sway you and you�ll understand the concept of the whole album. After the first track it's "Green Machine", the most accessible song on the album and also the single of that album. It is more up-beat but it sounds effin cool. The song flows and it goes together great. It is opposite of the rest of the tracks though but it is a real fun listen and instead of a guitar solo, it has some sort of small bass solo. "50 Million Year Trip (Downside up)" is a dark sad almost evil-like song with its dark atmosphere. The song is simple but again it isn't hard just to let the mood sway you away which consists of most of the songs. "Writhe" really sounds like they are on drugs and is also one of the heaviest songs on the album. John's vocals seem a bit polished than before and it really repetitive but it has a long melodic guitar solo. If you've ever heard a QOTSA guitar solo then you'll get the general idea of it.

For casual listeners, this will be hard to get into and you'll most certainly find it weird and awkward. For fans of the genre then you'll absolutely love this to bits. This isn't for everyone mind and the songs do get repetitive especially if you are one of these people who notice every note played. If you really know the concept of the album then you'll just let the mood and atmosphere move you without getting technical. You don't need to be on drugs to listen to the album (it enhances the pleasure but why would you risk your health and break the law to listen to an album") as it already has enough atmospheres and such in it to make great listening. This album is essential to your collection.

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March 4th 2006


Album Rating: 4.0

Um, who's Jerry? Their vocalist is John Garcia... Unless I am missing something.

I wouldn't call QOTSA a super-group either.

Great album, meh review.This Message Edited On 03.04.06

March 4th 2006


Um, who's Jerry? Their vocalist is John Garcia... Unless I am missing something.

Ah right, dunno where I got Jerry from haha

EDIT: Fixed

Great album, meh review.

Well tell me what was so meh about it and I'll improve it.This Message Edited On 03.04.06

March 4th 2006


Album Rating: 4.0

Well tell me what was so meh about it and I'll improve it.

I'm not one to talk though, I don't even review albums but any way. Actually its not a bad review. "Meh" doesn't mean bad I just thought it was a bit vague. Nothing personal, I just thought this a review for this album could be a lot more detailed.

But hey how about this! Good review, I'd like to see more details, and less QOSTA comparisons, I thought that could've stopped at the second paragraph.

Golly, what a lot of filler but if you listen to this straight through then you can see why its there

My reaction too.This Message Edited On 03.04.06

March 5th 2006


Well to the first part, I usually don't write pages and pages for a review, I usually keep it short but informative but if that's your opinion so okay then.

March 5th 2006


I'm definitely interested. Doom + 5 stars = good.

March 5th 2006


Album Rating: 5.0

as I said in my review, this album changed my perception of music forever. I think everyone and there mother should have a copy of this album.

August 20th 2006


[quote=any14doomsday]I think everyone and there mother should have a copy of this album.[/quote]
If I can\'t find a woman to appreciate Kyuss, I might go gay.
This Message Edited On 08.20.06

December 17th 2006


I've been listening to this again after finding my copy, it's mmm-mmm good.

February 14th 2008


Album Rating: 4.0

This is so much better then "Welcome to Sky Valley."

February 14th 2008



June 9th 2011


Album Rating: 4.5

Just started spinning it. Sounds pretty awesome. Gotta get stoned to this shit soon.

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