The Movielife
Has A Gambling Problem E.P



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January 14th, 2005 | 5 replies

Release Date: 2001 | Tracklist

The Movielife - Has A Gambling Problem E.P

2001 on Drive-Thru Records

Vinny Caruana - Vocals
Phil Navetta - Bass
Brandon Reilly - Guitar
Evan Baken - Drums
Dan Navetta - Guitar

R.I.P The Movielife. The Movielife were a Long Island pop-punk band that formed in 1997. They split in September 2003 after releasing their final and best album '40 Hour Train Back To Penn'. This EP was released just after the band signed to Drive-Thru records.

Well the first notable thing on this EP is its more poppy sound from 'This Time Next Year'. For that I guess you could blame Drive-Thru records. The ep kicks off with 'Walking On Glass'. It's an average pop-punk song. Relitively fast but nothing that special. Lyrically it's mediocre and the main thing that gets to me here and throughout the E.P is the singers voice. His voice is pretty raspy and not very tuneful. This E.P will be alot more enjoyable to people that like the singers voice.

The next song is 'Hand Grenade'. It's fast again and it's an improvement on the previous song. The vocals still annoy me however it's not too bad. You might not notice the transition from the previous song because they sound very much like the same. There is a notable guitar solo in this song though. 'Up To Me' is the same as the previous songs. It's fast and fully distorted. What gets to me is there is no variation between verse and chorus. It's just distorted powerchords the whole time. Here the verse is pretty good though.

Finaly song four kicks in and it's one of the bands best songs. It starts off with a guitar solo then kicks into the verse. The vocals here actually sound quite nice. The lyrics are the best yet and the verse is a proper pop-punk verse. It's catchy and tunefull. Also the name of the song is one of the best song titles i've heard. 'If Only Duct Tape Could Fix Everything' is the E.Ps highlight. The final song is 'Operate'. Fortunetely it's a good song aswell. Starts off with an almost sad intro riff before kicking to a verse. The verse is catchy and the chorus is good. It's upbeat and it's fun. The vocals don't sound half bad either.

Overall an mediocre E.P. The first three songs are pretty bland. Maybe you should pick this up if your a fan of The Movielife. If you haven't heard of the band and this is your first review you've read of them do not give up hope on this band! The latest album '40 Hour Train Back To Penn' is a fantastic pop-punk album and worth a listen.

Rating: 2/5

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October 1st 2008


Album Rating: 3.5

I think that's a harsh review. This is definitly the weakest Movielife release, but it's still good. A bit generic, maybe too poppy, however better than their contemporaries.

October 1st 2008


How is Walking On Glass nothing special? Its one of their best songs...

May 22nd 2011


no review on sputnik pisses me off like this one.

October 7th 2011


Album Rating: 4.0

hey adam write a review then goddammit


like a hand grenade

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