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February 6th, 2013 | 5 replies

Release Date: 1982 | Tracklist

Review Summary: Oh no. It's Devo.

Devo used to be an amazing band. Their first two albums weird, unpredictable, and just plain ***ed-up at times while being really fun and energetic at the same time, and they paved way for post punk. When they released their third album, Freedom of Choice, something wasn’t the same. Devo had sacrificed their quirky punk sound for a more poppy and less weird sound. Even though the album was a hit, it seems as though Devo had…sold out. Or, most likely, decided that they wanted to do something new. Nevertheless, the album isn’t bad at all, and gave the world the hit song that everyone knows, “Whip It.”

So, what do Devo do now" Well, like most bands who hit it big out of nowhere, Devo tried to stick with the formula that made them big. To make a long story short, they failed… And failed….And failed… And failed. Until they not only lost all of their original fans, but lost all of their creativity, all of originality, and had to be tossed aside as just another 80’s one hit wonder. How sad.

So, finally, let’s talk about this album now. Let me quote the first line from the first song of the album:

This is Devo
We would like to say
Things go both ways....
Time out for fun!

Yes…this album, especially the first side, is geared towards kids. Reaaallllyyyy little kids, who are 2-4 years old. I seriously can’t imagine anyone else who would enjoy “Time Out For Fun” and “Peek-A-Boo” other than a toddler. No grown man would find satisfaction in a song that has such though provoking lyrics such as “Put your hands in the air/and cover up your eyes/don’t look until I single/Peek-A-Boo!”

Although all of the songs on the first side on this album are annoying and repetitive, they are really catchy and have an irresistibly fun beat to them. I bet you that you’ll have at least one of these stuck in your head after you listen to them.

Side two is a huge improvement. If side one is geared towards kids, side two steps into darker territory. Patterns, Deep Sleep, and What I Must Do are all extremely depressing, despite being super catchy and having an uplifting and cheerful beat. Then there is "I Desire" takes its lyrics from a poem by John Hinckley Jr., a man who tried to assassinate Ronald Regan. Unfortunately, it's a pretty dull song despite it being written by such a man. But, out of the all the songs, Speed Racer is the song I love the most, because not only how much it sounds like The Residents, but how messed up the lyrics are (I like to drink and I like to kill/Lots of brains and I like sex).

So, one could say that this was where Devo started to really suck, but I say its Devo’s last great moment. Even though the album hasn't aged well at all, and there are plenty of stupid songs on the album, it’s still a pretty fun album to listen to. If you liked Devo’s first two albums, there is no way you’ll like this. But, if you really like 80s sythn-pop music, I think you’ll find a liking to this.

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February 6th 2013


summary is so obvious, yet still worthy of a pos

February 6th 2013


not entirely well written, but pos simply for reviewing devo

Digging: Slade - Keep Your Hands Off My Power Supply

February 6th 2013


Album Rating: 2.5

Well, at first this was going to be a somewhat negative review, but I decided that I actually kind of liked the album after listening to it again. I also add too many commas.

February 22nd 2013


A lot of this was plagiarized from Mark Prindle's review. Devolved reviewer is devolved.

March 23rd 2013


Album Rating: 2.5

Yeah...looking back, I kind of did copy his review. I don't think I fully realized it while I was writing it, but it's clear that I had his review in my mind. I'll remember next time to try to be original and not completely reword someone else's review.

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