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February 22nd, 2006 | 4 replies

Release Date: 2002 | Tracklist

Brisbane based Alternative/Orchestral Rockers, The Red Paintings have been making quite a name for themselves lately, with a string of excellent live shows and a very impressive EP (Walls). Cinema Love is a collection of the bands earlier work, and was released some time in 2002. To be honest with you, information on this album has turned out to be pretty hard to come by, from the exact release date, to finding out who actually played on the album. It does however; state that all songs were written by Guitarist/ Vocalist, Jamie Barrett.

Cinema Love, the albums title track opens the album. It's short and I actually think it could be longer. It just always seems to end prematurely. The Violin/Cello is pretty intriguing though, actually having a kind of whistling sound to it. That might be a bad way to describe it, but I can picture some kind of wooden piped instrument playing alongside it well. If you give it a listen (it's available on the bands website), you might hear what I'm talking about.

The Cell is pretty upbeat song for The Red Paintings. It's only a light song, but the tempo seems a lot quicker than most of the other stuff I've heard by them. It has an electronica sounding sample through the middle of the song, which I also thought was uncharacteristic, and eventually progresses to a heavier ending.

Stackhat is quite easily my favourite track, and it's also the longest, clocking in at 6:28. The intro is a sample from somewhere, having kind of classical/carnival sound to it. It's a calm-ish kind of song, that seems to a rise and fall in intensity. Although I think this song has the best vocal performance on the album, it ends at the halfway mark. The real focus here is on the Violin and Cello, making the second half of the song entirely instrumental. It's a great listen.

The Chase is a surprisingly heavier affair. It has a recorded message that opens the song, speaking about atomic bombs and Hiroshima etc. The band enters a few seconds later, with a much darker tone than usual. Some of the vocals are even screamed/yelled. The recorded message stays throughout the song, except is begins skipping after a while, only adding to the songs intensity. There are some strange effects that can be heard here as well. It's different, but it's pretty interesting by the same token. It'll never be a Red Paintings favourite though.

Redneck is the third track in a row to open with a sample. This time, it's the audio from a scene in Oliver Stone's Natural Born Killers. The song is again a heavier affair, with the darker tone etc. The vocals are a lot better than The Chase though. Lyrically it shows the bands discontent for "Rednecks", although I think they've used the wrong word. To me the songs more about the macho, chauvinistic male population. I could be totally misinterpreting it though. Good song overall.

Bottomless Pit is the weird song from the album. It opens with the sound of rain falling, before a very soft guitar line enters. The vocals are altered with a chorus effect (I think), and kind of give off a wavy, hypnotic sound. The volume increases over time, and thatís pretty much it. After the heavier tracks it's a nice way to end the album.

So, in conclusion, this is quite an interesting little piece. When I first listened to it, I was pretty surprised by The Chase, and how different Redneck sounds played on record. To those you who have Your Tears Are Warning Signs, you might be particularly interested to hear this, as it contains 3 songs that went on to be re-recorded there. Having Drums + Bass makes a lot of difference. Being only the bands 3rd release, the production values aren't up to the standards heard on the latter releases either, so you should be aware of that. Overall, I'm going to give it 3 stars. It's a decent effort, but what The Red Paintings have accomplished in more recent times really outshines this release.

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February 22nd 2006


Good review. You refrained from using words such as "awesome" in your tbt descriptions and I think I got a good idea of what this ep sounds like.
I've heard 'Walls' but have yet to hear this. Although I think 'Walls' is a more popular ep than this I think I'm still going to give this a listen.

February 22nd 2006


Good Review. I'm having trouble imagining a Red Paintings song being a "Heavy Affair", so I'll definitey check this out. I love Walls, and hope that this at least comes close.

February 22nd 2006


Album Rating: 3.0

You should note that I said "Heavier Affair", implying that it is heavier in relation to the rest of what The Red Paintings have done. By modern Rock standards it wouldn't be considered to be very heavy at all.This Message Edited On 02.22.06

February 23rd 2006


These guys are good live.

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