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February 20th, 2006 | 4 replies

Release Date: 1997 | Tracklist

"No Worries" was recorded back in 1997. This is, in my opinion, the BEST effort ever made by the members of the band. All three instruments, along with the vocals, are tightly coordinated to create a chugging punk sound that carries on throughout the album. It was too bad that the band began to fall apart after, apparently, not liking the sound of the album.

Though the songs might sound the same, with the same chugging of palm-muted power chords and double-time drums, they have both politically-inspired and angsty lyrics, such as "Holy War", which is about the uneasiness going on in the Middle East, and "I'm A Man", which is about being grown up and being able to take on anything without the support of others. Concerns about the environment and rape issues are also presented in the songs "Concern" and "A Matter Of Rights". The song writing is focused and doesn't wander off, and is what makes this album punk.

The instrumental work is stable and coordinated, though not fantastic. It is mostly consisted of palm-muting power chord progressions mixed with tight riffs and the occasional solo. The bass is loud and follows the riffs clearly, and the drums keep the double-time going with good drum fills. It is not talentless, yet not outstanding.

Now the part you've been waiting for: Pierre's voice. I KNOW a hell ton of people HATE him with passion. Yes, he has a whiny and irritating voice, even as of today. On this record, however, it fits the music, and seeing as he was a teenager, you can't really blame him for having the same voice on this album. The adolescent and angst of his singing is perfect for every song of this CD, and there are no attempts to do anything extraordinary.

The album itself is pretty solid. It opens up with fast-paced songs, and ends with fast-paced songs, with Pierre singing (or whining, or irritating you...) to no end. The last and longest song, "United We Stand Tall", ends off with the A5 chord, wrapping this album up. In the end, the album leaves you with the impressions about politics and stuff, like how any punk album should.

You should note that if you find "Why" on Limewire or Kazaa, it is NOT by blink-182.

Stand-out songs: Why, Right Or Wrong, United We Stand Tall
Songs that suck: I'm A Man
Pierre's singing: Whiny as ever. ;P
Album rating: 3/5. Not bad for what is now Simple Plan.

Second review. Ack, I had good ideas, but with MGB blaring on my speakers as I typed this, I couldn't really put everything I had wanted to into this

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February 21st 2006


Well, Reset kind of suck, but they're still better than Simple Plan. This should really be in Pop-Punk, though. This Message Edited On 02.21.06

March 27th 2006


Album Rating: 3.0

How is this pop-punk? This album has no traces of pop in it whatsoever. It is pure punk with metal influences. Their NEXT album "No Limits" is pop-punk. Of course, I don't feel like writing that review, so punk it still is. =P

August 16th 2006


wow i was really surprised when i found this. i really couldnt imagine some of the members of simple plan in a true punk band. im actually kinda intrested in listening to this. i sure hope its better than any simple plan.

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