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September 20th, 2012 | 6 replies

Release Date: 2011 | Tracklist

This is a split LP between two experimental Perth bands, both who I had the pleasure of seeing live on one occasion. Abe Sada's music is generally referred to as 'improv bass noise', which is easily the most fitting description - they play and manipulate bass, and that's about it. If you like bass, if the idea of earth rumbling levels of dense, bass feedback stickies your pants, then Abe Sada is for you. When I saw them live, the act consisted of 6 bassists in the middle of the room with their amps sitting in a circle facing outwards. Their contribution to the split is a slightly different scenario, in that it was originally an art installation (performed in 2009) that had specific guidelines to its execution. 25 bassists would come into a shop front one at a time and play very loudly for 25 minutes before leaving. They were instructed to 'move between different textures subtly using distortion, delay, reverb, octavers and looping'. The piece ends when the last player has packed up and left. I was a bit hesitant in purchasing this LP, as the same experience could never be matched with a recording, but as it turns out the density and multitude of textures transferred remarkably well onto record. I often put this on at night and find myself totally lost in thought while this plays. Worth getting this LP for the Abe Sada side alone, but as it turns out Sub Ordnance are actually not bad.

Sub Ordnance used to be called Chainsore or something stupid like that, perhaps in an attempt to overplay their most important element, the use of a chainsaw. Watching them perform live was not really all that exhilarating, and I thought the chainsaw buzz didn't really incorporate well into the noise effects, vocals and drumming. Of course, this isn't rigidly structured or anything, but their show felt messy in the not so good kind of way. Regardless, I was impressed with Organ Grinder. The various elements all come together really well and the gradual buildup of noise and distortion across the track is done really well. I think the big difference here is that the chainsaw is not overly prominent in the mix, which was definitely the case when I saw them live. Organ Grinder is great though, and it actually makes a very interesting flip side to Abe Sada's song. The LP comes with an insert and a coy of the Abe Sada: shop front gallery space (glass window) guidelines. Fans of experimental music looking to see what Australia, and in particular Perth, is producing, look no further.

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