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Sound Sketches vol.1



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August 28th, 2012 | 0 replies

Release Date: 2012 | Tracklist

Review Summary: Great soundscapes?!? Matt Kidd has them!

Have you ever been in the car, listening to music, staring out into the big, vast, open space that is being displayed in front of your eyes, and even though inside of the car, feeling like you are peeking in" Watching yourself drive along the country road with nothing else than the music on your mind, giving it all the attention it needs, you almost stop paying attention to the road. It is that ´movie feeling´ that you can have at some peculiar moments, when everything in your life is going great and you are heading home from one of the best nights ever, you feel lighter than ever, you have the power to go on forever. Then the music stops playing...

The big sounds made up by guitarist Matt 'Frodo' Kidd is something truly special. Not only is he using the headroom in a spectacular way, where the panning of the different instruments are outstanding and the volumes are just perfect, but Matt Kidd's signature sound is so different from the rest of the ambient/post-rock guitarists that are out there today, that by just hearing the first notes gets more interesting than anything you have ever heard before. The soundscape that is built up during this album is one of a kind. Even though it may not be the biggest and beefiest soundscape, it succeeds by improving the more minimalistic look of the creating. Adding small parts and bits here and there, making the listening more and more interesting the more you pay attention, is how this album is formed. Apart from this, the clarity in the guitar is far better than most of the crappy recordings made in multi-million dollar studios with world famous bands and artists these days.

We have these five songs supposedly to be called ´Sound Sketches´, and you would think that they are just simple sketches, just ideas, but they are not. 30 minutes filled with what I would recall as perfectly well-done and fully thought through songs. Sometimes the simple idea is the most outstanding idea. "Somehow", "Tongues", "Breather", "Forward" and "Tension" will take you on a journey that will make you feel like you are starring in the most epic movie of all time! And as with all movies, we take for granted that it will include both ups and downs, both happy and sad, both fast paced and slowed paced and not just complex parts but also simple parts, don't we" Well, even if some movies don't live up to this, "Sound Sketches vol.1" sure does. I assure you, all parts that are needed is there, and I guess this is the reason to why I, and hopefully you too, always end up with the ´movie feeling´ while listening to this album!

Even though some harmonies, there are very little, close to no vocals on this album, and I personally think it could get even better with some lyrics thrown in from time to time, but it is a matter of taste and would not raise the musical value.

If you are into instrumental/ambient/experimental music this album will fit you perfectly! With all that is happening on this album it should definitely deserve a rating of four and nothing less! I mean, you cannot say no to some 'movie feeling-vibes' once in a while!

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