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April 9th, 2012 | 17 replies

Release Date: 2012 | Tracklist

Review Summary: A soundtrack that rises above the status of being nothing more than an assembly of songs, by featuring a wide variety of differing genres, styles, and moods that compliment the different and distinct atmospheres of the film.

Soundtrack albums have earned a troublesome reputation of sorts. With movies of all kinds featuring songs that where hits at the current time of the film, or songs that are timelessly popular (and both equally for promotional intentions above artistic ones), original soundtracks have suffered from being collections of songs thrown together on a disc without any thought of consistency or fluency taken into consideration for the listener’s sake.

Most soundtracks end up either being something similar to a top radio hits compilation of the half of that year, an outlet disc for bands to release a single new song in between albums and get in on the movies’ promotional popularity, or in most horror movie soundtrack cases, a disc of nu metal favorites that could have been a mix-tape sloppily assembled and stitched together by a 14 year old boy. In any of these forms, the listening experience in general sounds like a bunch of songs thrown on a disc with no care for any kind of an element to stream through the disc and give a point to listening to the album all the way through.

Though most soundtracks feature artist’s new songs that are “inspired by the movie”, this term typically turns out to have been used very loosely, and the themes are there but not prevalent enough to be convincing, not helping the discs status as just a marketable singles CD, with a track listing complied of songs that have no respectable reason to be together outside of popularity’s sake.

Thankfully, The Hunger Games original soundtrack Songs from District 12 and Beyond, completely avoids all of these pitfalls. The job of the films score is to have music composed to specifically describe the scenes and places of the movie, and to capture the intended atmosphere and feel of the movie overall. T-Bone Burnett, the soundtracks producer, does an excellent job of selecting and bringing together songs that properly bring characters, environments, and emotions of the movie to life in incarnations of sound. This effectively conjures up a soundtrack that in a way acts like the score of the film without being the score, and instead songs noticeably relatable to the movie thematically, but are still songs, and songs that do the job of score music just as effectively.

The soundtrack differs drastically throughout in mood and genre, from country (Taylor Swift), to rock (Arcade Fire), to rap (Kid Cuddi), it has many angles and variety but nothing every feels out of place with having the movie’s inspiration stringing it together. The songs differentiation from each other shows no consistency errors because they are all so memorable and stand out from one another on the album.

Instead of trying to stress only moods like most soundtracks do by featuring songs that are generally sad, and songs that are generally just angry, etc., these songs embrace the special and unique elements of their genres to convey their emotions, and compliment and does justice to the detailed atmosphere of the different dimensions that make up the films world. A trait that special is sadly uncommon amongst the likes of something as low as a horror movie soundtrack setup with nothing but alternative metal track after alternative metal track.

There is surprisingly no song from Lenny Kravitz featured on the soundtrack, as he is an actor in the film itself, but one could argue that would be too much of a situation where universes collide for such a small reference.

Overall, this is a soundtrack that is impressively above average because it manages to be relevant to the film while still being a collection of songs that would be just as enjoyable together without the film they are attached to. The album is sprawling and fulfilling as a whole, and holds much more of a purpose and reason than an aimless list of songs to pick certain tracks from, as the songs are powerful by themselves, as well as together, and either way you can really hear the film’s mark.

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April 9th 2012


I'm firmly refusing to believe that this or the film is good.

April 9th 2012


Don't know about the soundtrack, but the film was horrendous.

April 9th 2012


get ready for pages of nobody commenting about the review but instead just saying "movie was shit/bad/poop"

April 9th 2012



April 9th 2012


A lot of people really liked the film.

April 9th 2012


Film was alright, would have been better if it hadn't felt like a Disney remake of Battle Royale.

April 9th 2012


GF wants/wanted to see it, I'm just not interested in it.

April 9th 2012


A lot of teenaged dumb people really liked the film.

April 9th 2012


I've only just started watching Breaking Bad. I don't have time for this shit.

April 9th 2012


was actually p good. went in expecting terrible terrible things so. either way just read and/or watch battle royale

April 9th 2012


Album Rating: 2.0

Great movie, decent soundtrack

Digging: Camila Cabello - Camila

April 9th 2012


Album Rating: 2.5

The movie was quite good. Not a fan of the soundtrack though.

April 9th 2012


Album Rating: 4.0

Since everyone seems to be commenting about the movie, here's my short review of The Hunger Games film that I wrote on Rotten Tomatoes (I do short movie reviews through my RT app for my facebook profile infrequently for the fun of it.) if anyone is interested in reading that after reading my review of the soundtrack.

"Every location in the setting is different from one another, visceral to take in, and stylishly inspired. It's difficult to add polished production to a post-apocalyptic scenario and still be taken seriously, and The Hunger Games does this so masterfully, it's especially impressive by movie adaptations of young adult novels standards. It doesn't feel the need to constantly remind you visually that it's set in a post-apocalyptic world, avoiding bland color schemes by utilizing its moody vibe and lighting which the production brings to life, and relies on its characters and well-crafted story telling to remind you of what the inhabitants of the world have brought upon it, with a intelligently powerful observational message that unfortunately rings too true a bell, on how we as a race continue to do so even after the world fell apart. It leaves a diversely organic yet grimy impression on a scale of varying atmospheres, without drowning itself in darkness, and has the balls to not let up on the violence and action even though the subject actors are teenagers, as is the target audience. Making it an example for poor adaptations of young adult novels with cliched adolescent personalities and stereotyped casting to follow. This finds middle ground in thrilling appeal, and doesn't go too soft or too hard in either respect, making it very accessible without coming across as restrained or watered down. Its engaging, exciting, and remarkably respectable when considering the quality deprived reputation of its demographic of origin." - My thoughts on The Hunger Games movie.

April 10th 2012


Album Rating: 4.0

I gave the movie itself a 4/5 by the way.

April 10th 2012


read the book cuz i heard arcade fire and decemberists were doing this. it's good fun.

April 7th 2013


Album Rating: 4.0

I loved this film. The soundtrack is decent for the most part, although the Taylor Swift song does kinda suck.

Digging: Dead Letter Circus - This Is The Warning

July 6th 2013


Album Rating: 5.0

You'll never listen to a soundtrack like this one. From the most famous ones like Taylor Swift and Maroon5 to the not so famous like Birdy and The Civil Wars you will love The Hunger Games Soundtrack, even the Taylor Swift song " Safe & Sound", which is probably the best along with Kingdom Come by The Civil Wars.

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