Psyence Fiction



by Restrikted USER (25 Reviews)
January 2nd, 2012 | 3 replies

Release Date: 1998 | Tracklist

Review Summary: Very accessible and UNKLE's finest

Judging by what DJ Shadow has accomplished over the past 10 years or so, it certainly earns him many bragging rights and then some. His groundbreaking release Endtroducing proved to us that Shadow has the near perfect capability of producing vibrant soundscapes mixed in with obscure samples that have been dated both modern and decades ago. In comparison to his more recent installations, they just fall heavily out of place compared to what Endtroducing brought, and that was the center of Shadows appropriate tag of Instrumental Hip Hop and Trip-Hop. He practically exemplified the two genres all within a single sitting.

This also ties into the band UNKLE and their debut Psyence Fiction. Although not as massive and exactly definite per say, it surely felt like Endtroducing was lurking mostly due to the ridiculous amount of samples and movie clips used per each song and the brilliant atmospheres staged out. In its entirety there are peaceful and vibrant basslines, samples, chilling vocals that pair off between female/male, and atmospheric structures that play a vital role into ministering the album. It fuels the album into something more than just a Trip-Hop album, but an enchilada.

With what the album comes off of, it feels like a whole enchilada. The beans, salsa, meat, and assorted vegetables all feel in place, and each taste and feel like something completely different. There’s also much variety, which although isn’t difficult to find in an enchilada itself, it sets aside much flavor and texture found within.

It’s where songs like Bloodstain, Unreal, and Lonely Soul carry out that spicy and full blown Mexican dish. The touching and heartfelt vocals of Bloodstain carried on by a female match the gradually gained bassline of Unreal, and even the 8 minute retains an enormous movie sample that tells the listener there is so much to offer.

So honestly, this album is an extreme effort provided by UNKLE. Psyence Fiction is definitely accessible and it reaches its fullest in providing emotion, relaxation, and credibility to carry for the Electronic world. There really isn’t a weak spot whatsoever, and never feels like throughout.

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January 2nd 2012


Album Rating: 4.0

It fuels the album into something more than just a Trip-Hop album, but an enchilada.

lol neg'd

Staff Reviewer
January 2nd 2012


it surely felt like Endtroducing was lurking

Well this is technically Shadow's second album. I mean, he does at least 95% of the work here

mixed in with obscure samples

This is just splitting hairs here but he doesn't mix in some samples, the whole thing is sampled

January 3rd 2012


'It fuels the album into something more than just a Trip-Hop album, but an enchilada.'
Yeah, next review just refrain from using an enchilada analogy.

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