White Arms of Athena



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December 31st, 2011 | 49 replies

Release Date: 2011 | Tracklist

Review Summary: A welcome clone -for a change- comes by to deliver a stellar debut album.

Before we begin I would like to ask all of you to fasten your seatbelts because this four-themed concept album starts out fast and isn’t planning on letting you go during its journey of intellectual, musically theoretical and emotional brilliance. During this journey you will experience elements of death metal, jazz, pop, progressive metal and an enormous Between The Buried And Me influence, so big that even avid fans will have trouble distinguishing the two acts from each other at certain portions of the album.

Now that we have had those words of warning I’d like to introduce the reviewed band, called “White Arms Of Athena”. A quintet hailing from Texas and existing out of the following lads;
  • Vocals: Josh Everett
  • Guitar: Andrew Swinson
  • Guitar: Colin McDonnell
  • Bass: Thomas Sifuentes
  • Drums: Austin Rupp

General Sound:
To put it blunt and disrespectful; just imagine the band Emmure being a Between The Buried And Me clone but replace the constant use of breakdowns with arpeggio sweeps and above all, make them all very skilled at playing their instrument, well versed in music theory and grant them with a decent amount of inspiration for songwriting. In other words, these guys know what they are doing and nearly every song is filled with impressive arpeggio sweeps.

As to be expected in the genre this band also uses both clean vocals and screams. The screams are very, very comparable to the screams produced by Tommy Giles Rogers from Between The Buried And Me or those of Ryan Devlin from Corelia and while nothing to write home about they do their job good. Generally they are very audible but still remain to have a certain brutal, gutteral feeling to them. The clean vocals on the other hand is where this band really shines, Josh Everett offers a beautiful voice with an impressive range. On top of that his voice isn't autotuned or overproduced and are accompanied by some great lyrics. These lyrics are well written and cover an interesting amount of themes such as altruistic encouragement, the nature of life and even time travel, all spread out over four acts or ten songs that seamlessly flow into each other (with a total playtime of 46 minutes).

I mentioned this already a couple of time so far, simply because it is so apparent. These guys have a serious Between The Buried And Me vibe going on, or at least at first glance. While they don’t even try to hide their influence there are a couple of differences what differentiates them. The most important difference is that where Between The Buried And Me usually uses a lot of unorthodox songwriting, weird song progression and genre blending, White Arms Of Athena chooses for a more conventional song progression. Using a more spacey or even Jazz like sound that is comparable to Cynic.

A second difference is that this band has a more optimistic feeling to it, every song is filled with energy and pretty creative songwriting involving pretty technically guitar leads or arpeggio sweeps, creative use of slowing down the pace and an occasional very well executed breakdown (I’ve counted three really short ones, but all of them were a welcome addition and not just there for the sake of being there). While the drummer and the bassist are really great at what they do, they sadly aren’t given a lot of spotlight and if they are given some it’s only for a very short time. The real stars of this album are the guitarists and both of them are really skilled. Remember how many complained about bands like The Human Abstract, where one guitarist is constantly sweeping away while all the other does is chugging" That’s not the case here as both of them are taking sweeping duties, I myself like it, but I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of you would label it as “pretentious sweeping”.

A third difference is that White Arms Of Athena is focused way more on their instruments and less on their vocals. In the middle of the album a couple of instrumental songs will be in between songs that are very light on them. Which leads to almost twenty minutes with no, to almost no vocals. Fans of instrumental music can lick their fingers as songwriting itself is really tight in those twenty minutes, but for those who don’t enjoy instrumental music that much this can be a real downer.

This album is pretty hard to rate objectively, on the one hand we have a Between The Buried And Me clone that equals it’s inspiration source in technical prowess and quality. In other words It’s not another unwelcome clone of an already oversaturated genre (It’s no new Asking Alexandria or anything alike). But on the other hand this also isn’t the most original album out there.

Further this album still is too much of a “look what we can do” album, especially when it comes down to the guitars. And sadly this sometimes even hurts the music as the drums and bass are denied spotlight because it all goes to the guitarists. I myself loved it, but I’ve seen enough reactions on other albums that tells me some of you aren’t going to enjoy this aural assault as much as I did.

Still I’m of the opinion that this album is worth a score of about 4.0-4.5, as for a debut album, this is really stellar. They do a lot of things right on this album and while overly technical at times, it doesn’t comes over mechanical or soulless at all. Every song is of top notch quality and there is nearly none or no filler on this album. Overall this is a really fun and easy accessible album that must be checked out by the fans of the genre. 4.25/5

The Good:
  • Technical stunning on every aspect;
  • Competent vocalist, both with harsh and clean vocals;
  • Dynamic, energetic, optimistic song structure;
  • Positive, well written lyrics.

The Bad:
  • Not that original, as the influence is really obvious;
  • Some might see the guitar as pretentious, so much that it might actually hurt the experience;
  • The instrumental middle portion of the album might not be liked by listener.

Recommended songs:
  • Ascend
  • Recreationed
  • Superhuman

As for my final words; a piece of advice for the guitarist under you; don’t listen to this album as a whole, as you might cry yourself to sleep for the next couple of days to come. Other than that have fun with the album!

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December 31st 2011


I'm trying to improve my English, so notify me of any typo's and I'll edit them out as soon as

I also tried writing a shorter review then my first, it's shorter.. Not that much though. But I think
it reads a lot better and explains things better then my first.

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December 31st 2011


This didn't impress me

Excellent review, Pos

December 31st 2011


Album Rating: 3.5

It's a pretty good album.

December 31st 2011


what the hell does 'recreationed' mean

December 31st 2011


re-creationed, I guess? It's a song name though.

December 31st 2011


Album Rating: 3.5

Then what does "creationed" mean?

December 31st 2011


Not a bad review, but I can hear the bass throughout the album, though I listen to this mainly on good headphones so I'm sure that helps. Personally the fact that this doesn't try to be a genre clusterfuck like btbam and the added cynic vibe really I feel gives this it's own identity in spite of the stylistic similarities (vocals/drumming mainly to me) This is one cd to buy for sure, the packaging is sick, I just got it in the mail yesterday!

January 1st 2012


Album's sweet

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January 2nd 2012


How can you edit a review? I noticed I forgot a couple of words or letters in the review. But I can't
find the edit button.

Also who negged this without telling why? Damn it.

January 2nd 2012


You have convinced me to check this out, for sure. But some tips, in my eyes: The labeling of each new section doesn't really work that well in a review format. It's too systematic and feels like a business paper. If you took away the titling of the paragraphs and made the transitions a bit smoother I think you could pump out something wonderful.

January 3rd 2012


Thank you for that advise, I'll try it out for the next review then.

But how do I edit a review? I'm seeing a couple of typos that really bug me.

January 3rd 2012


^ My profile > Edit my Reviews/Albums . And from there I'm sure you've got it under control my friend.

January 3rd 2012


^Thanks I fixed the faults I saw now. I hope it's correct now as I can't see any typos anymore (if there are it's just my lack of English what makes me unable to spot them myself).

January 12th 2012


Album Rating: 4.0

like BTBAM but better

February 9th 2012


Album Rating: 3.0

"progressive metal and an enormous Between The Buried And Me influence, so big that even avid fans will have trouble distinguishing the two acts from each other at certain portions of the album."

Yeah, I'm sorry, but this doesn't sound like them much at all. I can see the influence, but they still don't sound much alike.

February 20th 2012


really liking this so far

February 20th 2012


altho, it gets a bit masturbatory at a few places

February 20th 2012


Indeed, that 10 minute of instrumentals can become very wankery haha.

February 24th 2012


officially sent an e-mail to the band cautioning them that their song 'creationed' is a grammatical fallacy.

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March 10th 2012


This album is the ballsies

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