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December 11th, 2005 | 10 replies

Release Date: 1999 | Tracklist

Ahhh…good old Blink-182, managing to create some of the worlds most amazing Pop-punk songs while, at the same time being mature, grown up individuals.

On second thought, scratch the last part of that statement, Blink-182 are some of the most childish people the world pop-punk scene has had the pleasure of accommodating over the past couple of decades. With each previous album having endless amounts of songs about poo, girls, genitalia and other teenage…fascinations, this album showed a bit of maturity coming into Blink’s music…

…A little bit, but it’s still as mature as a toddler. The usual kind of poo jokes and stuff are still here but in a more diluted, less in your face style. They find time to poke fun at boy bands, families, party girls, dominating girlfriends, relationships with people young enough to be a person’s grandchild, relationships in general and conspiracy theories. Not to mention Mark pointing out how childish he can be himself. The serious element that would become omnipresent in their last album and to a lesser extent, the follow up to this, starts to creep into their music here

There is no doubt that this album is the one that shot the band to super-stardom, but it came at a price. The previous Blink 182 drummer* left the band after a battle with alcoholism, in his place, Blink picked up Aquabats drummer Travis Landon Barker, who would prove to be a more than adequate replacement. With Travis now in the frame, Blink would start this album which would prove to be their stepping stone to success.
The music wasn’t affected adversely by Travis’ arrival and it would be with his help that the album would produce the hits that would then be released on live album The Enema Strikes back.

Tom’s guitar work throughout the album is very much the same as usual, powerchords, powerchords and…more powerchords, no change there then. His vocals still remain as those rather high–pitched, nasally whines that people either love, or hate. I personally find that Tom’s voice is perfect for the songs on this album, especially the singles that would be released from it. His songwriting however, is a difficult one to explain. He goes from writing childish songs about being abducted by aliens to writing a serious song about difficult relationships. Just shows his songwriting versatility I suppose.

Mark’s vocals and songwriting on the other hand, are, as usual, much more mature. Instead of sounding like a pre-adolescent like Tom, Mark keeps his lyrics and subject matter much more mature. Many people who pick up Blink 182 albums where Travis is on the sticks will notice that Mark always sings the more serious songs, it’s not surprising as mark would strike you as the more mature straight away. His bass playing is, unsurprisingly, not brilliant on the songs that Tom takes centre stage on. Instead, mark starts “playing when it’s songs that he’s the main focus of, and it works, the bass throughout the album ranges from average to good, punky bass with substance.

Where this album shows up is in the drums, Travis is a talented drummer who isn’t afraid to make himself heard along with the rest of the band, his drumming stays solid throughout the whole album, with him having little flourishes now and then. As well as playing fast, fill heavy beats, he can play lighter, mellower beats when need be, which is just as well as this album has a few tracks that call for it in particular. He also fits right into the bands childish persona and had a big ad in writing songs, especially the singles.

good things
They matured a bit on the album
Tom FINALLY knows his vocal range
Travis’ drumming
Mark’s vocals
Amazing within it’s genre

bad things
Not mature enough
Tom’s vocals can still grate
Mark’s bass is not always as good as it can be
Some filler tracks
May not appeal to people outside the genre
Won’t change your opinion about Blink 182

Considering that previously, blink would have stayed away from topics such as suicide and moving away from relationships that you want to stay in, they’ve done quite well and have pulled the album of rather well. It’s not a classic by any means but to blink 182 fans, this is an essential purchase. If you don’t like blink, don’t bother

Within genre, 4/5
Out of genre. 2.5/5

*I would be thankful if someone could provide the name of the original blink 182 drummer

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December 11th 2005


Album Rating: 4.0

A couple things I have to say:

1. The old drummer of Blink-182 was Scott Raynor.

2. Enema of the State is the most classic out of every Blink-182 album, even though their self-titled album is a much better listen.

December 11th 2005


Album Rating: 2.0

Scott Raynor was the original drummer I think. Good review, an improvement, you repeat yourself a couple of times though throughout the review aswell as some grammar errors. Again, like the Pixies review you focus a bit too much on describing the band members and not enough on the album. Good job, though, you're progressing.

way to steal Iai's "Within genre" and "Out of genre" thing :p

December 11th 2005


Album Rating: 4.0

Am I the only one who feels dirty even reading the name Simple Plan?

Anywa, I fucking love Blink-182 and I think that people who attack them for beign immature need to just chill out and remember that music CAN be fun and funny and that you can still have a good time with it. Blink reminded me of that at a time that I was spending all day listening to depressing "deep" music. (Make fun of their talent all you want though, I won't stop you.)

That said I really miss Blink, I mean the self-titled was pretty all right... I guess. It just wasn't a Blink album though, I mean I understand that they wanted to mature as artists but that's not what I wanted to hear from them. Hated that album.

Anyways... am I the only one who is absolutly terified to see wtf Tom has planned with this whole Angels and Airwaves thing?

December 11th 2005


Album Rating: 3.5

i think he'll screw up, mark and travis'll screw up and blink will reform

December 12th 2005


Album Rating: 4.0

"i think he'll screw up, mark and travis'll screw up and blink will reform"

I think that would be just about the funniest outcome from this whole hiatus thing. From some interviews I've read though I'm pretty sure Tom is off the deep end. I can see Mark just getting into production and Travis keeping busy with his other 456 bands.

December 12th 2005


Nice review, very funny at the beginning. This was one of the first not "Spice Girls" style albums I bought, and I loved every second of it. Still do every once in a long while. A fun listen.

December 12th 2005


I hated this album not so much for the review though :thumb:

December 12th 2005


Numero quattro. Thats enough, I think. Better than your older reviews, but still not too great. Don't re-type words so often, read over your work when your finished to fix that. And try to use the 'longer words' in a nice moderation. Otherwise it sounds very annoying, beleive me. Other than that much better than your older reviews.

Can't say much about the album though, I never really listened to the band too much...ever, even when I was nine or ten. Never liked them much.This Message Edited On 12.12.05This Message Edited On 12.12.05

December 12th 2005


Album Rating: 2.0

Old Blink 182, new Blink 182, same old same old.

December 15th 2005


Album Rating: 3.5

nah, new blink is more mature


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