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June 7th, 2011 | 2 replies

Release Date: 2002 | Tracklist

Review Summary: Hey, Saetia, I herd u liek Anasarcaz.

Why is it that whenever I listen to 90’s emo I feel such a direct correlation between emotion, and sadness and how audible the bass is" Perhaps it’s just such a low pitch instrument, and amidst a series of shrieks and cries it keeps the music grounded. By that I mean that such a somber instrument snaking its way throughout a song makes it impossible for a band to truly escape a melancholy demeanor. Well, I guess that’s fine. You probably aren’t listening to emo music for the whole up beat atmosphere of so many other punk subgenres.

If you’ve stumbled upon Anasarca while looking for your newest way to make yourself sad you certainly won’t be disappointed. Everyone in the band simply sounds downright miserable. From the haunting, meandering bass lines to the pained cries of the vocalists there are very few moments of any sort of obvious enthusiasm. Speaking of the vocals, it is perhaps best to put into perspective just how important Anasarca are for them. They shift back and forth between simple monotonous spoken word poetry to simple emocore vocals or sometimes just pure screams. At the time that they were playing this music there were certainly other bands out there working on the emo build ups that frequently began in spoken word and ended in screaming or yelling, but Anasarca’s shifts from one to the other without ever working toward any sort of a crescendo was largely unique at the time. Instead their bombastic bursts of intensity come off as extremely spontaneous, and the fact that there are frequently two vocalists at the louder sections provides a very dynamic and border line chaotic sound.

As this vocal delivery style was odd at the time it was picked up and used as a large influence for other bands. Sadly the main claim to fame for Anasarca is influencing Saetia with their style instead of receiving credit for the quality music they created. While Seatia most certainly have a more traditional screamo sound than Anasarca there is an undeniable influence within the delivery of the vocals. With that in mind, don’t go running off expecting seven lost demo tracks while listening to this. Anasarca have an instrumental sound that is very deeply routed in bands akin to Moss Icon more than, for example, Heroin.

Instrumentally, Anasarca transition from loud to soft, and from abrasive to clean at the same time as their vocalists. During their softer moments they generally have slow guitar picking while their bass wanders around before jumping into the more intense portions of songs. Those sections are characterized by fairly simple riffing, and, truth be told, forgettable drumming. Their most interesting instrumentation comes from their bass that, as touched upon above, provides the songs on which it is showcased a dreary sound that complements the bleak vocals so well.

Simply said, Anasarca are famous because Saetia was so highly influenced by them. While that is not a bad thing (I imagine that’s how most people find them these days) they shouldn’t be left to live in the shadows. They approached their music with quite a bit of innovation and originality and should be recognized for that in their own right. They sound wonderfully unique, and even if you think you know 90’s emo, or you think you know Seatia, you probably haven’t heard anything like this before.

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June 7th 2011


Album Rating: 3.5 | Sound Off

Tell me if i screwed up somewhere.

This might deserve a 4 more than a 3.5, but it doesn't matter much.

I now have three reviews on the front of the punk page.

June 8th 2011


Album Rating: 3.5 | Sound Off

Since no one responded my assumption is that this is perfect. It's. A shame bringing this band up in conversation gets you a bunch of skramz points.

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