A Day at the Races



by mercury USER (4 Reviews)
November 18th, 2005 | 14 replies

Release Date: 1976 | Tracklist

Queen are;
Freddie Mercury; Vocals, Piano
John Deacon;Bass, Acoustic guitar, backing vocals (occasionally)
Brian May; Guitars, backing vocals
Roger taylor; percussion, backing vocals
(no synths on this album or any prior Queen album)

After the amazing 1975 release of A night at the opera queen had big standards to meet. Their next release 'A day At The Races' got very close if not met those standards. As with most of Queen's 70's albums there is music for everyones tastes. From the Hard rock of 'tie your mother down' to the soft ballad of 'you take my breath away' to the fun filled 'good old fashioned lover boy'. Like a night at the opera it is hard not to get something out of this album, even if you are a queen fan or not.

TIE YOUR MOTHER DOWN; The first track of the album begins with a brilliant minute long intro to the album. Though perhaps it should've been a seperate track (like procession off Queen 2). After around a minute and unmistakable heavy riff pumping from brians home made 'red special' begins. A brilliant start to the album with great guitar, bass, drums and vocals. First single off the album 4.5/5

YOU TAKE MY BREATH AWAY; A very slow ballad with Freddie taking control of all the vocals. Though this is a favourite among fans i've never been able to get into this song. though musically and lyrically brillaint. the only intsturment in this song is the piano.4/5

LONG AWAY; In this song brian takes control of lead vocals in this very good song. Though his vocals may tend to drag on a bit, it is still a good song. One of few songs with brians 'red special' he used a 12 string rickenbekker. Some great bass work by John. It is a medium paced, happy sounding song. 3.5/5

THE MILLIONAIRE WALTZ; This is probobly the high point of the album. An amazing song. With truelly brilliant guitar orchustration and some of the bess bass work. it starts off medium pace with just freddie and john. then just when you think the song is dragging on a bit the guitar bursts into an amazing heavy riff. Then it slows again into the fantastic finish, a truelly remarkable song. 5/5

YOU AND I; John Deacons only song on the album. A simple pop Rock ballad with some good bass fills and vocals. It contains acoustic work by John Deacon aswell and as usual Brian makes great use of his red speacial. Like most of John Deacons songs they offer a more soft and pop orientated side of the band. His songs are almost always standouts on the albums.4/5

SOMEBODY TO LOVE; The best song on the album and Freddies favourite Queen song. A truelly amazing peice of music where the band sings like a gospel choir. it is the band just layering the voices on top of each other. a magnificant song with good bass and a great solo. Anybody would like this song. Second single off the album. 5/5

WHITE MAN; For many a low point on the album. It talks about how white man killed the Native americans. Good guitar riff. Starts off with a slow verse then bursts into the heavy chorus. To me it isnt that bad. 3.5/5

GOOD OLD FASHIONED LOVER BOY; A catchy little ditty. Queen always have these fun little songs on the ablums. great bass work and piano work. brian does nothing until the solo, but it suits no guitar. Queen knew when less was better. The last single off the album. 4/5

DROWSE; Rogers song on the album and he takes vocal control. A great song with good use of slide guitar. I think it is explaining life on the road. Usually rogers songs are the 'worst' on the albums but this one stands up to other tracks on the album. 4/5

TEO TORRIATTE; A song written for the Japenese fans, of where queen were so popular. The chorus is song in Japanese. Features Brian on Piano. It is a slow moving ballad, but it just doesnt sit right on the album for me. When the song finishes it goes back into the intro which we herd before tie your mother down. Not one of my favourites off the album.3.5/5

So there you have it, one of those albums where every song is good. The Album has a great feel to it and when its finished you no you havnt wasted your time listening to it. Along with a night at the opera this is definete Queen listening material.

variation of sounds on the album
millionaire waltz, tie your mother down, somebody to love, you and i
general feel of the album

not many but if i had to pick one, the slow finsh to the album with teo torriatte.

Queens next album would be 'news of the world' released in 1977
Thanks for reading.

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Hyper Music
November 18th 2005


Mmmm, I think it may be a little sketchy in places, like you write a fairly substantial amount on 'Millionaire Waltz' but only a single line on 'You and I'. Obviously it's a nice first review and the Queen Greatest Hits One was my first too but I think a little information on the overall feel and sound of the album would be nice.. It's probably needed on mine too so I'm probably not one to talk but personally I think it would be quite nice... for instance hypothetically speaking of course (wink) if I was to consider buying this, I would like to know this to see if I personally would like the CD.

But you did cover the general instrumentation and sounds and in which tracks they stand out fairly well, but .. (as above)

Hyper Music
November 18th 2005


In fact, let me just clarify what I meant by that;
I own "A Night at the Opera" and although individually I like all the tracks that appear on that album, when listening to it, I find myself skipping tracks or changing CD prematurely .. just because there's something about that album that only enables me to sit and listen through it the entire way through if I'm in the correct frame of mind. However, take "Jazz" and bar the openener, "Mustafa" I can happily listen to any given track on the album. I hope this makes my above comment make more sence, if not I guess it's just me.

Storm In A Teacup
November 18th 2005


You need to edit the review so that the names of the band members are at the bottom of the review if they have to be at all. Go to user cp and edit reviews on the left side.

Average review for a first timer, but you'll get better I'm sure.

November 18th 2005


Eh, weak review but I'll give you a break since it's your first. If you're going to do a track by track format more detail is needed for each track. Try to talk about the instrumentation, vocals, music, etc.

This is a weak Queen album from the songs I've heard from it.

November 20th 2005


Album Rating: 4.5

Ok i edited it a bit, thanks for the feedback.

November 25th 2005


Album Rating: 4.5

what else should i edit.

December 28th 2005


its an ohk album, a night at the opera is much better

April 24th 2006


Album Rating: 5.0

Dude, The Millionaire Waltz is pure genius. It shows how Queen could do anything and do it perfectly. This was probaby the end of Queens good era for me seeming as the next albums (Jazz, The Game, Hot Space "yukk") become a bit too experimental. I have nothing against some of the stuff in later albums (especially Innuendo) but this was the point where they went downhill. All of the songs are brilliant and a brilliant Queen album!

July 13th 2006


ok review, annoying capitalization errors though.
Tie Your Mother Down and Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy rock.

January 10th 2010


Good review .. but ... Teo Torriatte is the bad point of the album !?, you must be kidding .. its one of Queen's most touching lyrics ! and it does fit good in the album at the end ... a very rocking start with Tie Your Mother Down with an intro and it ends with the peaceful Teo Torriatte with the same intro as outro to A Day At The Races .. cant be better .

January 10th 2010


And Roger Taylor's songs are not usually the worst !
Radio Gaga - Some Kind of Magic - I'm In Love With My Car - Heaven For Every One .. were very good ones

February 21st 2011


Love that cover.

July 25th 2011


Album Rating: 4.0

Why so many Capitals?

July 21st 2012


Album Rating: 5.0

the best album in my opinion, the best songs are the millionaire waltz, you and i, white man, tie your mother down,ok no, all songs are great!!

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