State of Euphoria



by Dethtrasher USER (232 Reviews)
October 28th, 2005 | 11 replies

Release Date: 1988 | Tracklist

Anthrax � State Of Euphoria

Track Information

Be all, End All
This song has a good structure and it is considered to be one of Anthrax�s most melodic songs but it dosen�t like that to me, I think that Anthrax can do better than this. The song is not boring but it isen�t great either. 3.5/5

Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind
Starts with shredding triplet riffs and has a funky sound to the whole song. Has a heavy bridge section which sounds similar to songs from their album �Among The Living� and the solos are good and great drums from Charlie. This song is worth checking out. 4/5

Make Me Laugh
Has a slow intro which is later turn into a faster, thrashier tempo. Good drumwork from Charlie and and good vocals from Joey. The solos are not so good but the song is good in general. 4/5

This is cover of the french bands Trust�s Antisocial and it sounds perfect. The verse is great and the chorus is excellent. The intrumental part is perfect and the vocals is one of the best on this album. To me this is one of the albums stand out songs and is definitly worth listening to. 5/5

Who Cares Wins
The song starts with an half-electric acoustic intro that dosen�t have a melodic feel to it, the rest of the band kicks in and play along the acoustic. The chorus is better than the verse and the solos are good. This is one of the longest songs of the album (7:35 min) so it gets a little boring after a while. 3/5

Now It�s Dark
Good dubblebass drums but the riffs may sound uninteresting to the listener at the start. The verse is good and the chorus fine. Can�t make sense of the lyrics but the song is not so different from the rest of the songs. 3/5

Starts with fast drumming and the main riff is catchy but it stills sounds odd. Good structure and has a good tempo. Very good chorus and verse but the solo is a disapointment and has lyrics which makes sense. One of the best songs of the album. 4.5/5

Misery Loves Company
Has a shredding opening riff, and has a good verse and chorus. But the song feels bumpy and the main riff to me is a bit odd compared to the rest of the other instruments but that�s just me. The chorus is catchy but the solo sounds a bit overdone. 3.5/5

Starts with a bassline and is later followed by drums. Worthless lyrics and the structure is a disaster, this is the worst song of the album and it really lowers the rating of this album. This is pure crap to me. 0/5

The intro sounds oddly like a train starting up and the main riffing starts. The thrashiest song of the album, starts with a shredding riff and later the thrash-drums enter. Unintresting chorus and the song has strange structure. Not a good song to end a album.

Done, this album is not one of Anthrax�s greatest albums, it is a follow-up to Among The Living. The album has great vocals from Joey but the bass is not as powerful as in their other albums. But this album have some highlight�s like Antisocial and Schism, and those are the songs that I can recommend from this album. I�m not sure if I can give it high points but I think I will give this final rating: 3.5/5

The Line Up
Joey Belladonna � vocals
Scott Ian � rhythm guitar
Dan Spitz � lead guitar
Frank Bello � bass
Charlie Benante � drums

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October 28th 2005


Album Rating: 3.0

I posted this review a while ago but it was removed and I looked at it today and found out why. I have made a few changes and I hope you will like the review.This Message Edited On 10.28.05

October 28th 2005


I moved the lineup to the bottom as the admin doesn't want them listed at the top. Not a bad review (definitely better than the first one). It suffers from a typical problem with track by tracks, i.e that they get repetitive, but still, not a bad effort.

October 28th 2005


Album Rating: 3.0

ok I see, I will write my reviews in a different order next time I add new ones.

October 28th 2005


Med57, how do you edit other people's reviews? I mean, what is it like to be a mod? Are there any mods other than you and Damrod? How much time does it require to be a moderator? How many first reviews do you reject? I imagine there are quite a lot of unitelligent fanboys out there who submit reviews like "Yeah pretty much GC rox my sox! That's about it." I am interested to know about what it's like to be a mod, not that I want to be one in the future.

October 28th 2005


I edit other people's reviews by pressing the "edit review" button. :p After that it's just like editing my own. Very simple stuff. Damrod and I are the only mods (besides mx) that can do any moderating on sputnik. I probably reject about 1 first review a day, although that can rise if it's a particularly bad day. As for what it's like, I don't really see myself as being any different from a normal user on sputnik, except I can clean stuff up if things start going wrong. I probably read through more than the average user though, I'd guess.

October 29th 2005


Album Rating: 3.0

You're anti- you're antisocial.

This album deserves a 4 just for that one song.

December 19th 2005


Album Rating: 5.0

ANother really good Anthrax album.It does have some cheese on it for sure but I think if you look beyond that at the catchiness of the album in it's entirety...its a good cd!

May 21st 2007


Album Rating: 3.0 | Sound Off

You gave "Be All, End All" a 3.5? Wow... that's like my favorite song on this album. Love the cello in the beginning. Adds some flavor to it. Not my favorite album, as there aren't many stand out songs. Most are in the middle.

May 22nd 2007


Album Rating: 3.0

True, but I think ''Antisocial'' stands out pretty good.

May 29th 2007


Album Rating: 3.0 | Sound Off

Yeah, guess so. That 'un is really fun. :D (Makes me wanna dance around like a hyper person even though I can't dance for beans.)

June 22nd 2013


rip dethtrasher

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