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October 16th, 2005 | 8 replies

Release Date: 2005 | Tracklist

The Rasmus are back with another album, Hide from the Sun. I'm not going to go to the pain of telling you the bio, so just go to if you want to.

Track by Track Review:

1-Shot- amazing intro track. great intro and amazing riff. chourus is amazing and the ringing bell in the background gave the song a cool effect to it. one of my favoite songs on the album 5/5

2-Night After Night (Out of the Shadows)- this is a sequal to in the shadows, from dead letters, which was a great song, so i had high hopes for this one. the beginning straps you in for a great song and never lets you go. amazing lyrics, amazing singing, amazing guitar, amazing bass, amazing drums, amazing song. best song on the album 5/5

3-No Fear- cool piano intro which quickly turns into a guitar riff which is great. good, thoughtful lyrics and great chours. 4/5

4-Lucifer's Angel- the first three songs were amazing, and this one just didn't keep up with the previous three. i couldn't stand the intro, but it gets better and makes up for it through the end. 3/5

5-Last Generation- weird picksliding intro, but still good. this song is a little formulaic and too predictable. intro,lyrics,chours,repeat. still not a bad song though. 3/5

6-Dead Promises- i thought the album was starting to slide downward at this point, but this song made it all better. genuis drumm roll and piano at the begining and into the verse. the chours kicks in and the last 2 minutes are amazing. the intro piano comes back in for an errie, but cool sounding exit 5/5

7-Immortal- cool song, starts and stops quickly, like a nirvana song, then slowly builds up to the chours. not a bad song, but not standout either. 3/5

8-Sail Away- a very soft ballad that don't really care for. the acoustic guitar and violin just don't do it for me. meaningless lyrics and boring to listen to. 2/5

9-Keep Your Herat Broken- absolutly amazing intro and great riff. good lyrics throughout the song and great sounding chours. the great riff from the beginning keeps coming back after the chourus, right when you want to hear it. great song 5/5

10-Heart of Misery- great intro riff, and amazing chours. constant, steady drum beat through the verse that really keeps the beat up nicely. anoter great song 4/5

11-Don't Let Go- another ballad, just as slow and slightly better than Sail Away. The lyrics are ok, but not a great way to end this album after all of the harder tracks. 3/5

Overall: 4.5/5 Great album from the Rasmus. the whole album is worht listen to over and over again. best songs: Shot, Night After Night, No Fear, Dead Promises, adn Keep Your Heart Broken. amazing cd, defeinitly worth buying

this was my first review so i'd appreciate if you'd tell me how i did

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October 21st 2005


I didn't find "No fear" spectacular at all. At most, the guitars and what not were digestible, but not enough to make me think "wow, amazing song". The lyrics aren't that introspective... I don't know. I'll try to get a glimpse of the album, but I don't trust anything by Lauri. Unless it involves Ville Valo. And Apocalyptica.

Fair review, not amazing, though. It could get some work.

October 26th 2005


Terrible Album,Great Review

November 7th 2005


Album Rating: 3.5

i've seen this kind of review too much, try something new.

and don't worry i voted for you

Dancin' Man
November 7th 2005


Any super catchy songs like the single on their last album?

November 7th 2005


Album Rating: 5.0

yea, sorry wikuk, first review, thanks for the feedback though

November 7th 2005


Album Rating: 5.0

hell, i like all of em...but the catchiest ones are Night after night and shot probally

June 4th 2006


Nice review, and descent album. i really liked "No fear" and "Shot" however nothing really incredible off this album. If you want to listen to a great rock band from Finland check out HIM (His Infernal Majesty).

July 12th 2012


Album Rating: 3.5

the only album i listened from this band back in 2006, yea it was a decent stuff..

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