Fall Out Boy
Take This to Your Grave



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January 14th, 2005 | 61 replies

Release Date: 2003 | Tracklist

Fall Out Boy-Take this to your grave

This is my first review so Im not sure how it will go...

Peter Wentz
Andrew Hurley
Patrick Stump
Joseph Trohman

Recommended Songs
Honestly check out any song from the ones I list...

This band is amazing..I always liked them but I finally got their cd and not dissappointed at all..Great Lyrics, Great Music, Amazing Singer..If they had a different singer they wouldn't be that good..This singer makes them 10 times better..Let's start with the first song..

Tell Mick He Just Made My List of Things to Do Today..9/10
This song is great starts off awesome..Great Lyrics in this song..Verses are very strong, chorus keeps the song going..The chorus just makes you want to sing along..I love the drums in this song also..The breakdown is very very cool in this song as well..

Dead On Arrival..8/10
I heard this song about a year ago and I fell in love with it..The intro is cool on the guitar..Verses are alright but the chorus keeps the song alive I would say..I like the guitar in this song it's very good..The breakdown is awesome in this song as well with the first song..The singing once again is awesome..And how the organized this song is great..

Grand Theft Autumn/Where is Your Boy..8/10
This song starts off with singing..Then kick's in with a guitar riff thats low then everything kicks in higher..Verses are very very strong in this song..Choruses are good and then the break down is cool..One guitar is down one lead riff and then the other guitar comes in with another lead riff over it..Very good song..Singing is good and with the back up singing the voices go well together..

Saturday..7 1.2/10
This song is pretty good..It all comes in at once..verses are once again really good..choruses I don't really like they are alright though..Breakdown has a cool riff..then on the back up screaming is screaming its pretty good..To me its the weakest song on the album but still its pretty good..

Homesick at Space Camp..8 1.2/10
This song is a little more agressive very good song..Verses are good then goes into a great chorus..Very good song..Strong Lyrics in this song too..Good breakdown, the singer goes to a high note in the backround with singing over it..then a little part with acoustic guitar it sounds like for about 5-10 seconds then back into the chorus..very very good song..

Sending Postcards from a Plance Crash (Wish you Were Here)..9/10
This song comes in with everything at once..great intro..the verse is very good..these guys write great verses..Chorus is also very strong..A Nice little drumbeat in the verses..Breakdown nice work in it..Good stuff..

Chicago is so two Years Ago..10/10
Catchiest song I have ever heard..Very good stuff..Intro starts off strong..They keep it up in the verse..then prechorus keeps up..then in awesome awesome chorus..This song is just great stuff..Very impressive..My favorite and IMO best song on the album..Its such a great song..Breakdown is just vocals at one point..then comes in with a bassline..its just bass and vocals..then comes in very strong..

The Pros and Cons of Breathing..8/10..
Very good song..Verses are good as usual..catchy chorus..nice drums in there..nice guitar..then a part of the breakdown is a cool drumbeat with singing then comes in with everything..and some screaming a very little..good song..

Grenade Jumper..9/10..
Starts off with a little guitar riff..drums do a cool little fill..verses strong..they get their voices to blend good..awesome awesome chorus..some nice bass in this song..I like this song a lot..Overall great song..

Calm Before the Storm..8 1.2/10
Starts off with guitar and singing..Good verse, Good Chorus, Awesome drums in this song..Good guitar work..good vocals..They don't have a lot of good bass lines or anything, The bass is very low IMO, so I can't comment on the bass a lot..Nice breakdown..Great Song..Some screaming again..

Reinventing The Wheel To Run Myself Over..9/10
Very strong song..A nice bass line (surprising) in the intro..an awesome verse once again..Awesome guitar in this song..Catchy song..Awesome Chorus..Breakdown is awesome..An awesome song..

The Patron Saint Of Liars and Fakes..9/10
Awesome, awesome song..Awesome chorus..cool intro..nice verses..nice breakdown..a drumbeat with some leads, guitar, bass over it..keeps the song going at the tempo..

Ok I am dead serious..I give this cd a 5/5

Awesome band..Defintiley a cd you should pickup..Great lyrics, great music, great singer..A must get..

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February 26th 2004


GREAT band and album good song picks

February 26th 2004


I've only heard Saturday and I thought that was a pretty strong song so if you say it's the weakest I might check this album out. Good review

April 1st 2004


I personally love the song Saturday but great review and great band.

July 13th 2004


nice review well done for a first go. But after a few listenings i found the album got a bit boring and monotonous sorry but thats just my opinion.

July 13th 2004


Yeah, I really can't get into any of fallout boy's songs. I just find nothing that special about them.

July 13th 2004


Good Review:thumb:

I was with some friends a few days ago and one of my friends had a CD player and I was like -

"What you listening to?"

and he was like -

"Fallout boy"

And well that was the first time id ever heard of Fallout boy. Not really my kind of music though so, meh.

July 13th 2004


I can't believe it's taken this long for a band with a Simpsons-themed name to get any kind of popularity. Note to self: naming a band after your favorite TV show is not the way to go.

*yeah, I know they didn't think of it themselves, but that's for me to keep in mind*

July 15th 2004


Album Rating: 4.0

when i 1st heard "grand theft autumn" i knew i had to buy this cd,and im glad i did. its freakin awsome!

July 15th 2004


nice review for a first go. well done! this album is good and I like the band. I just found that after a few listenings it gets a bit boring and monotonous and the songs just kinda meld into on blurry sound. So bit of advice dont listen to it over and over again like I did and make yourself sick of it! :rolleyes:

July 15th 2004


[QUOTE=DBS Rock My Socks!]

October 16th 2004


peter wentz went to my high school :smoke: i know his mom :smoke:

October 16th 2004


[QUOTE=cbmartinez24]Yeah, I really can't get into any of fallout boy's songs. I just find nothing that special about them.[/QUOTE]


...i'm responding to an old reply...oh well.

October 17th 2004


yeah the only song i heard was grand theft autum. there are 3 versions of the song, a remix, acoustic, and regular. the best is acoustic...i think

October 31st 2004


Album Rating: 3.0

Best. Pop-punk. Band. Ever.

That's probably exaggerated, but they were grrreat when I saw them in Nashville last Wednesday. The one problem was the last song ("Saturday"). It was out of tune enough to make me cringe throughout most of the song. Seemed like the guitars and bass were all tuned differently, and all the vocal parts just picked one tuning and went with it. Matchbook Romance played before them and their last song also seemed out of tune. Must be a conspiracy. Anyway, if you enjoy Fall Out Boy's best songs, check out the acoustic EP that they just released, I usually can't get into anything acoustic, but that EP changed my mind.

November 1st 2004


This has to be one of the best cds ive ever heard. When i went to their concert (10/20 in Tempe, AZ) they played their songs really good live so i give them props for that. My favorite of their songs... either chicago is so two years ago or tell mick he just made my list of things to do today

June 15th 2005


Great album. Good first review. I agree that the singer of FOB definately adds something to the band. But great band nevertheless.

June 15th 2005


Great album. Good first review. I agree that the singer of FOB definately adds something to the band. But great band nevertheless.

July 4th 2005


Ah, you heard the song Dead On Arrival a year ago huh? Was it on a free compilation CD that came with Kerrang! by any chance?

Alright review, I must say. *Thumbs Up*

July 26th 2005


Fall Out Boy's name came from the Simpsons? What does it have to do with the show? Anyway, I definitely wouldn't give this 5 stars but good review anyways. I think these guys are the only band that I like whose debut came out in 2003 or later.

August 3rd 2005


Album Rating: 4.5

I love Grand Theft Autumn/Where is Your Boy it is the best song on there!!!

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