98/99 Demo (2004 reissue)



by John Kerry USER (2 Reviews)
September 9th, 2005 | 5 replies

Release Date: 2004 | Tracklist

Black metal bands are hard enough to find, and a Christian one is extremely rare among all the other Satan worshipping bands there are. That's probably why you've never heard of Vaakevandring. I know most people who listen to black metal will probably just disregard them since they are christian and christian music always sucks. Or you might think it's some crap attempt to preach at you. But that's definantly not the case, because you can't understand what theyre saying. The only bad part about the cd is that there are only four songs. And thats all you're going to hear since they broke up soon after releasing it. But those four songs are some of the best Ive heard. Two of them are in Norwegian and two are in English. Although they have occasional melodies in the songs and they are not constantly playing as fast as they can, and in the first song there are actually(gasp) clean vocals at some points, they are still loud and heavy and sound a bit like Emperor or somthing. So you should definantly buy this if youre into them. Since there are only four songs I'm not going to bother doing a track by track review but the whole thing goes together perfectly. It's all like one good song. By the way you will probably have a very hard time finding this so I suggest you go to sorry I don't know how to hyperlink it or anything. But you might want to hurry beacause last time I checked, there were only 5 copies left. After they're gone I dont know where to look. Actually you should probably check because there's a lot of stuff about christian heavy metal there, like places where you can buy it. Theres also a metal comparison chart, where it lists all the christian metal bands and compares them to similar well known bands so you know what they sound like. I give this a 4.5/5

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September 10th 2005


I think it's hilarious that my Satanic Warmaster review was bumped by a Chritstian black metal band. Anyway, not bad, but try and use paragraphs next time. A solid block of text is a little harder to read.

The Pope
February 13th 2007


shit son, I'll trade some melodic christian metal on aim if anybody has this for trade...I'd like to hear it, but I seriously doubt I'll be able to find it.

I'll trade anything actually, but I do have a bitchin' christian death metal cd

aim: dearbrotherscottThis Message Edited On 02.13.07

October 29th 2009


will dig this now

April 18th 2010


Dude this review was written like 5 years ago. And I'm sure this guy isn't even around here anymore to see what you just wrote so it's kind of pointless to critique it.

Digging: Cell - Hanging Masses

April 18th 2010


Haha dude it's cool I just wanted to point it out for you.

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