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February 15th, 2010 | 3 replies

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Review Summary: Sing me a story. Ill give you something worth talking about.

First off, I wouldn't expect many people to know who this band is off the top of their heads, which is a sad shame. This band is a prime example of an artist whose music is full of passion yet has somehow managed to go unnoticed. While being a fairly unknown band, they have still managed to finish this EP with excellent production quality. Listening to this album one would never doubt this was a band much more mature than the age of the band gives them credit for.

From a musical aspect, fans of Brand New will find a new band to confide in. The influence is clearly there, and this is where the only vice of this album comes into play. The influence sometimes seems almost too prominent at times. The quality of the music excuses a little excessive imitation in my opinion though, especially this early on in their career.

The guitars are prominent, yet never very flamboyant. The motive in this album is clearly just to give a song exactly what it needs and nothing more. Sorry Dragonforce fans, you won't find the br00talz sweeps here. The drummer's drumming is very reminiscent of Thrice on Beggars. They are very noticeable but not too extravagant technically. As I said before, the band is clearly aiming for pure simplicity and not technicality for the sake of technicality.

The vocals are enough to write an entire paragraph on. Even if the lyrics were awful, with the emotion this guy puts into his voice, they would still be completely believable. He's clearly extremely versatile as he goes from very angry verses to calm sensitive bridges. He even occasionally breaks out into a full on talking rant about things that simply couldn't be fit into a melody.

Lyrically, this album is superb. Their singer was clearly born with his tongue in his cheek. Quoting exact lyrics would give away some of the surprises found within this album, almost as if giving away the ending to a suspenseful book. But let me just say that if you're into witty lyrics, this is certainly the place to look.

In the end, Flesh comes out to be just pure and simple artwork. One of the few albums out there that was clearly made for the pure sake of making beautiful music.

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February 15th 2010


Not much to say about this album. Just pure and simple beautiful music. But the review was a bit rushed I suppose. Just had to get this out there.

February 15th 2010


this is a little vague, in the future you definitely want to try going a bit more in-depth on the album's different aspects. that
being said, this is definitely ok for a second review and I'm glad you came by to contribute something I haven't heard that sounds
worth checking out.

also, the album isn't called "other" is it? you may want to edit the review for that.

February 16th 2010


Ive tried. It's called flesh but something is messed up. Ill try again. And I know it's rather vague, like i said i just felt the need to
get this out there. This band is just so simple its hard for me to describe them in detail haha. The Relient K album was a lot
easier to talk about.

Edit: the title is fixed now.

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