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September 2nd, 2005 | 26 replies

Release Date: 2005 | Tracklist

"Now... stand back, for your own safety!"

The Aquabats are back to save the world again with their blend of listener-friendly ska/pop-punk and rubber super hero costumes! I had my doubts at whether The Aquabats would release an album as good as The Fury Of The Aquabats or Myths, Legends, and Other Amazing Adventures Vol. 2 again, after their disappointing 2004 release Yo, Check Out This Ride EP. But here they are, with their first full-length album in 5 years!

Charge!! begins with "Fashion Zombies", the single, and rightfully so. It's got 'catchy radio-hit' written all over it, with typical Aquabats style vocals, "woah's", and a theme any nerd-rocker would be proud of. Catchy keyboard harmonies blend with their pounding guitar riffs perfectly, and the little monologue in the bridge it brilliant. "Stuck In A Movie" feels a lot more laid-back and typical medium-paced Aquabats stuff. The use of keyboards is as noticeable as ever, and their high guitar melodies shows this band has grown up after a poor EP. With a chorus worthy of being chanted at gigs over and over, this is another hit for the band.

"Tiger Rider Vs. The Time Sprinkler" is similar to what we've already heard, but feels slower, and the regular breaks in music with just drums makes this slightly different, yet keeping to their keyboard-ska style. The breakdown is also quite cool, with a darker melody adding to the eerie vibe, almost like a horror b-movie. "Nerd Alert" has a retro feel to it, with a synth melody that could easily fit a NES game soundtrack. Combine this with a pop-punk guitar riff and low yet loveable vocals, and you have another outstanding track for the nerd-rockers.

We follow up with "Plastic Lips", another poppy keyboard-based anthem for the summer. It doesn't really add much to the 'Bat's musical style, but the catchy feel and "woah's" make this another fun track to listen to. "Look At Me, I'm A Winner" feels more like Bowling For Soup with a keyboard, something of an insult I might say. Yet their radio-friendly and fun-packed musical style mixes with their memorable chorus' and riffs so well, it's hard not to like it.

"Hot Summer Nights (Won't Last Forever)" might be the funniest track on the album, about a girl who is desperately trying to escape a guy who is obsessed with her. She then says she moves to Alaska, and he meets her "twin sister" at a party. Pure 80's style pop combined with their keyboard melodies makes this the gem of the album. You'll be singing "I'm gonna miss you, I'm gonna miss you so!" during the chorus' in no time. "Meltdown" quickly bursts out afterwards, with one of the fastest intros on the album. It's quiet and almost unfinished vibe works well, and emphasizes the vocals and lyrics more again. Another hit in the making for the 'Bats.

"Mechanical Ape" begins with a funky intro, with more simple words you'll be humming. It's driving basslines and drum beats outstand the chord progression on guitar, which sounds fun anyway. Maybe not the best track on the album, but it's packed with catchy lyrics and music to bob along to. "Demolition Rickshaw" has a more darker feel to it, utilizing the keyboard effects perfectly. Once again, it has that 50's style horror movie soundtrack vibe, and it fits the band's personna like a glove.

One track away fromt he end, and the album gets a bit more downbeat. "Waterslides" has those guitar melodies that practically make The Aquabats, but it's slow tempo and rolling drum beats make this a bit more wavey and harder to get into that the other track. The vocals stand out by far, with an echoing feel to them in places. The album caps off with "Awesome Forces", with a much faster pace and punky rhythms against a polyphonic ringtone-sounding keyboard melody. It's a great finish to the album, with an Irish-vibe to it. This Flogging Molly, but with keyboards and MC Bat Commander as their singer.

Charge!! is certainly a breath of fresh air in the pop-punk scene, with fewer bands pulling out fun tunes every year. It may have taken 5 years to release, but The Aquabat's transition to a new-wave/pop-punk band has been a successful one. They wear their thick-rimmed glasses on their sleeves, and are not afraid to show off their nerdy lifestyle in their lyrics and songwriting. Maybe that's why we love them so much, or maybe it's because they make some of the funniest and catchiest tunes in the pop-punk world. Nevertheless, the fivesome do not disappoint with this latest offering, and make a welcome return to the pop-punk scene.


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September 2nd 2005


This CD is so fun to listen to.

Cross Out The Eyes
September 2nd 2005


Album Rating: 4.0

The trading cards a sweet

good review for a great album

The Powdered Milk Man
September 9th 2005


Album Rating: 4.5

i didnt get a trading card!

September 9th 2005


Album Rating: 4.0 | Sound Off

The Aquabats are one of my favorite bands. This is an awesome album.

The only problem that I have with your review is that you didn't mention how the Aquabats lost some key members like Catboy, and Prince Adam.

I also didn't get a trading card!!

September 9th 2005


Album Rating: 4.5

Great stuff. Probably my second fave 'bats album.

October 2nd 2005


def my fave aquabats album. Hot Summer Nights is prolly my favorite song at the moment. excellent review, excellent album. great job

Cross Out The Eyes
October 26th 2005


Album Rating: 4.0

you really did not get a trading card mine was in the cd case

i got chainsaws and 1 more but i cant think of his name This Message Edited On 10.26.05

December 21st 2005


Album Rating: 2.0

This album was really dissapointing for me.

December 21st 2005


Album Rating: 4.0

this is a really good album. pretty much 'fashion zombies!'and 'awesome forces!' are my favorites

February 14th 2006


the bad thing about this album is that there is no BRASS or SAXOPHONES!! thats the thing i loved about the aquabats, besides their crazy costumes stories concerts nerdy-appearance and alltogether awsomeness.

but the synthesizer takes the brass melodies, so its all good.

Great album. i love fashion zombies, due to the great melodies and the truths behind the lyrics.

April 2nd 2006


Aquabats are nothing but pure fun. I love some of the catchy songs on Charge!! My favorites are "Fashion Zombies!" and "Hot Summer Nights (Wont last forever)!".

May 13th 2006


Album Rating: 4.5

Hah, I love the aquabats! the beginning was awesome, then following that with fashion zombies! nice move there. The best songs are waterslides (for its awesome guitar and drums) and fashion zombies (for the lyrics, drums and guitar).

November 6th 2006


Album Rating: 3.0

Upon further listening, this got better. A lot of the songs are samey but there are some good ones.

November 27th 2006


Nerd Alert! is one of my favourite songs...I just love the lyrics (like mexican candy, we got some complex flavour running up in here!). Good review, The Aquabats rule.

February 16th 2009


Album Rating: 4.0

Aquabomber FTW!

January 21st 2010


Album Rating: 4.0

Everyone should be forced to listen to this record at least once.

Digging: Sharon Van Etten - Remind Me Tomorrow

January 30th 2010


how this only has a 3.5 is completely beyond me.

January 30th 2010


I want Waterslides played at my funeral.

February 5th 2010


the second half of this might be the most fun shit ever

February 5th 2010


Album Rating: 4.0

I'm wearing my anti-negativity helmet right now

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