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August 16th, 2005 | 33 replies

Release Date: 1999 | Tracklist

Blink 182 was always a punk band. Like, real punk. Flyswatter, Buddha, and Cheshire Cat. All of those albums were okay, but lacked recording quality and any bit of substance. I guess some could say that this played a big part in the birth of pop/punk. I would consider this album to be right when the band got good. I know this is a forever argued opinion, but I can't be both sided. Well anyway, here's my review of Enema Of The State. A pun on one of Will Smiths action movies. That is all.

Blink 182 - Enema Of The State

Dumpweed starts us off. The lyrics are anthem like and pretty simple but they flow nicley. They are also very catchy, you'll find yourself singing the chorus everywhere you go. The guitar riff also sounds really cool. The song is about selection when it comes to girls. Apparently, Tom's dad is a total jerk because he has a few unmentionalble referances in the song. "Need a girl that I can train", seems to be the phrase here. Well anyway, this is a great start to this album and it goes into a not so good, filler sounding track. Don't Leave Me begins with a blast and it is one of the poppier songs on the album. Mark does a good job with the singing but the lyrics get really repetitive. I get tired of the whole "don't let my door hit yer' ass" thing. The bass line is pretty creative though. But it's no 'Carousel'. In the end, this is a fun song but it's lacking compared to the rest of the album. Aliens Exist was one of those sleeper hits. Like, the unspoken fan favorite off this album. The song is about, you guessed it, aliens. Tom is taking the roll of a young kid who is worried about invasion. Travis has some pretty cool drum fills in this song. The verses get a little old but they still have that great, familliar Blink tone. The next song is moderatley depressing. Well, if you know their older stuff, its nothing compaired to the emotion of that. Going Away To College is another fan favorite, not to mention my favorite song on the album. The reason I like it so much is because of the meaning it has. It's so emotional and sad. The song deals with going off to college but it can also just be a 'going away' song.
Originally Posted by Going Away To College
I haven't been this scared/in a long time/and I'm so unprepared/so heres your valentine/bouqet of clumsy words/a simple melody/this worlds an ugly place/but you're so beautiful to me.
These are some of my favorite lyrics ever. So beautiful and emotional. Anyway, screw emotional for the rest of the album, or should we...

What's My Age Again is the next song and the first single that appeared to far. This is one of the classic Blink anthems. I still listen to this song regularly. It's just so great. Not to mention the hysterical lyrics. This is a great song but is nothing compared to what's in store. Dysentary Gary begins and this is one of the funniest songs I've ever come across. Great lyrics going to things about pigtails, to trying on Mark's father's tights. This is a great song, it's weird. The verses tend to be silly while they try to make the chorus a little serious.
Originally Posted by Dysentary Gary
Ease away the palms and the pain/The girl chooses the guy that makes you wanna kick and scream/all along you're wishin' you could stay/fcuk the guy she took and ran away with
This is a funny song and all but saddness is up next. Major saddness. Adam's Song was written for one of the band's fans that committed suicide. That's one of the stories, the other is that this was for the drummer that Travis replaced. If anyone knows what really happened then pleace comment with the answer. Anyway, this song is still about suicide, which I have a lot in common with. I don't fell like sharing that aspect of my life right now so on with how good the riff is in this song. The lyrics are the obvious standout for this song. Don't stop now, the most overplayed song ever is up next. All The Small Things, ahh memories. That riff just never gets old does it" Well anyway, if I was biased, I'd say that this was the best song on the album. But it's far from it. The song really doesn't make any lyrical sense. But who cares when you have drum fills like these!"! So, I some would say that this was a recommended track for this album, but if you haven't heard it yet, then you've been in the closet (for a hell of a long time too). The Party Song is up next and is just a mindless :60 second romp. The chorus is about as thin as Anna Nicole right now. This is another 'filler' track. There isn't much to say other than this song is more like an added bonus than an actual song.

Who cares when Mutt is up next. This is the classic boyfriend/girlfriend anthem. It tells about how each side views different things. Almost as if the two people do their own things and don't mind each other until sex or a date. This was also a huge feature on American Pie 2's soundtrack. But one of the lyrics really gets me everytime I hear it.
Originally Posted by mutt
He took the seat off his own bike because of the way that it felt
I guess you could say eww, but I think it's hysterical. As this song fades out Wendy Clear begins. This is a fun little song about love and just what you would do while in it's depths. It's really simple and generic but the chorus flatout rocks. It's a little 'fillerish' but I don't really care, as it's the catchiest song on the album. But next up is the classic. It's continued in the following album but here's the first part. Anthem begins and is the definition of Blink 182. A fun and crazy song about a ggantic party shut down by the 'adult figures'. The song never gets old and picks up pace after every verse. "Better call your father, they're sleeping with his daughters". The great lyrics carry this song all the way to it's end. Wow, great ending to a great album.

In Conclusion
This was the bands biggest step in the music industry. It made them who they are today. I guess the difference of opinion is going to give me a lot of crap in the comments, but I don't care. Without difference of opinion, music wouldn't exist.

+ Great lyrics
+ Giant leap for the band
+ Great drum fills

- Some filler here
- Album was a little short

Recommended Tracks | AKA: The Fantastic Four
Going Away To College
Dysentary Gary
Adams Song

If you're going to rate my review, then please only hit NO if you feel my review was poorly written. Please... please, don't rate the review based on your opinion of the cd, that's what the comments are for. Thank you.

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August 17th 2005


[Quote=::Entwistle::]Please knock it off you guys. I really don't like these recent flame fests that have been occupying the reviews. If you got something to say, say it maturely. No instigating arguements anymore. PLEASE!!![/Quote]

Quoted for truth. As a matter of crowd control, I purged all comments that were made so far on this review. Feel free to comment a-new. But as a note to all parties that participated/will participate again: Keep it friendly, keep it mature, leave the 'flame equipment' home.

No need to get all bastard and bitchin' if someone has a different opinion. As long as it is expressed in a normal way. If not, tell the mods and let them take care of it

August 17th 2005


But he's wrong, Jens.

Dancin' Man
August 17th 2005


Album Rating: 2.0

Well, I think this review was poorly done because it misrepresents the sound of the album and the comments you made are idiotic. The lyrics suck, this is a step down for Blink 182 and they were never hardcore punk. So yeah, it's a pretty review, but the information is rediculous and therefore it is poorly written.

August 17th 2005


[Quote=BERSERKER!]But he's wrong, Jens.[/Quote]

:eek: x 654654646

Some folks know my real name here, I'm shocked. ;)

Anyways, I know that Blink182 is far from being hardcore/punk. And it's ok to express that. But the thing just got out of hand. I won't be pointing fingers who's fault it is, nor will I prohibit the discussion about the style or the content of the review. Just keep it on a normal and mature level.

In other words, stuff like: "You're a stupid [insert vulgar word for penis]head" or "People like you should rather rot in hell then write about music" is not necessary to get your point acrossThis Message Edited On 08.17.05

Dancin' Man
August 17th 2005


Album Rating: 2.0

So in other words just post everything that is wrong with the review and then say " I hate this album because ______" and we're in the clear?

August 17th 2005


Album Rating: 2.5

[quote=beyondtheblueprint]Blink 182 was always a hardcore punk band.[/quote]

Quoted for truth.

August 17th 2005


So in other words just post everything that is wrong with the review and then say " I hate this album because ______" and we're in the clear?

Yeah, go for it. As a general rule, just keep it civil and constructive, if possible. If you think a review is dreadful (although some of the worst ones get deleted obviously), and that they're completely wrong about what they've written, then say so. I don't want to go back to what happened in the old CD Reviews forum just after it started up when debate was frowned upon or anything. Just don't be a jerk about it, and try and show some respect for musical subjectivity.

August 17th 2005


While it pains me to say it, I like Blink 182. My younger brother loves the band, and while I publically ridicule him for this, secretly I love listening to them. Although only late at night, with the curtains drawn, headphones on, and everyone else asleep. Of course, I can never let anyone who knows me personally know this, 'else they'd have to be silenced.


August 17th 2005


Album Rating: 3.0

i do agree that adams song is a good song but the musicianship in this record is completly lacking. Adams Song is the best on the record and there are some of the most simple guitar lines, they do sound good but not really original either. Well written review but try to space out better hard to read huge chunks.


August 17th 2005


Never punk rock.
Sex pistols were punk.
These guys dont compare.
They're completely pop, with punkish riffs and 13 year old "i hate my parents" punk attitude.
They're worthy of comparison only to Britney Spears.

August 17th 2005


I dont like this album much. It has about two good songs, but the rest sounds like N'SYNC with guitars. But I guess if your a fan of pop-punk, from what ive heard, this album must be very important.

August 17th 2005


Damrod, you wouldn't happen to be Jens Ritter, would you?

August 17th 2005


Album Rating: 4.0

Good review, Great album.

One of blink's best.

August 17th 2005


Blink has a best?

Sorry, couldn't resist

August 17th 2005


[quote=Some douche a few posts above]Sex pistols were punk.[/quote]
Dude, they are totally punk rawk.

August 17th 2005


this album gets one m/ outta 10

August 17th 2005


[Quote=::Entwistel::]Damrod, you wouldn't happen to be Jens Ritter, would you?[/quote]

I have to answer that with a no.

August 17th 2005


I was hoping for a sweet deal on a Ritter Roya.....:upset:

August 18th 2005


yay im baaack

August 19th 2005


Album Rating: 5.0

This is prob my fav blikn 182 album as it has the best songs on it.. though i do liek songs from all the albums..

The Enema strikes back.. has anyone done that review cause that has all the best blink on it

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