Pink And Yellow
The Pink and Yellow Tapes



by Aaron USER (8 Reviews)
July 8th, 2009 | 5 replies

Release Date: 2009 | Tracklist

Review Summary: Candy, Pink Robots, Yellow Zombies; glitchy hypercolour madness.

When I was a wee-tacker in school we played a game called Parachute. In this game, we all stood in a circle surrounding a bright paneled parachute holding its edge taught. A ripple of movement traced the edge, person by person, creating undulating waves of colour on the material. Crests, valleys, giggles and excitement. At times, the intensity of the parachute's movement will build and the whole surface would arch and leap skyward. It was this point that defined the game. When the time was right, and if you felt the urge, you leapt from your spot around the circle and ran under the parachute's shadow to gaze upwards at the glowing patchwork ceiling above.

This imagery is conjured when listening to Pink and Yellow's music. It is bright, it is fun, and it is simple, but importantly it's got emotion and depth tucked neatly in the bubbles of fun. Glitchy chiptune it may be, but it has soul. The tracks all have a defining positive tone, which joins them in a beep-filled harmony. Structurally all the tracks are similarly built. With the longest track being 3:00 in duration, and most being under two-minutes, these vignette's are hardly the sweeping ambient epics expected out of the electro/IDM/glitch genre, however their minimalism and simplicity is complimentary in nature, supporting the innocent nature of the music's feel. The seven tracks on display all sit well with one another, like the patches on the parachute, and intertwine to create one greater piece of music enjoyed as a whole.

When Alex told me of his new music, to say I did not know what to expect was an understatement. With the single label of "awkward/electro", and only track names to go by ("Ethnic Metalcore JUN JUN JUN" being one and "I Told Her I like Pop Punk" is another), I approached with hesitation. Happily this reviewer was rewarded with some of the happiest sounding and fun electronic music he's heard in some time. Crazy Candy this is indeed, but it’s a taste that the palate likes and accepts easily.

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July 8th 2009


This review is for three EPs [Pink and Yellow #1, Pink and Yellow #2 and The Remixes] but I grouped them together for the review as Alex has released them at the same time. Really fun stuff.

Can be downloaded at these links:

July 8th 2009


Good work Jaundice.

July 9th 2009


girls like it

August 31st 2009


Bump for Jaundice.

July 13th 2010


spacekitty with the reality check

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