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April 20th, 2009 | 16 replies

Release Date: 2007 | Tracklist

Review Summary: One of the best hip hop albums of all time has been created, and most of you will never hear it. A seemingly shallow album seen from a different perspective can make it seem to transcend time and space.

In 2007 a young man by the name of Marc M who grew up in upstate Harlem in a hard life and was ready to break boundaries in a congested and teetering hip hop music scene. He wished to fulfill audiences needs for a serious, and heart felt album that talks about things every young man faces, hip hop artist or not. Some of these concepts include High School, Dating, Sexual Relationships, even the hardships of being a punk and riding your skateboard after school. With an album of this amazing scope I can only hope to do this album justice by doing a track by track analysis of Sick Animation's Ultimate Party Collection Vol 1.

1. I Like Nerds- In the opening track Marc M expresses his overwhelming love of everyone of every creed, or clique with his song dedicated to the hard working student, with possible sexual undertones that are mild but overall engrossing for the track.

2. I Ain't Scared- Marc M growing up in a hard Harlem neighborhood could be anything but scared and he shows his courage in this track and with a great funky bass line and amazing lyrics this track is quite a standout for me.

3. When I Lay You Down- Here Sick Animation turns for a very soft R&B song reminiscent of Destiny Child's best tracks, and has touching lyrics that show off Marc M's soft side considering his hard upbringing.

4. This Bitch Is Alright - Marc M being a hip hop artist cannot help but slip into his native language of raunchy sex and even though it is hard to relate to, one cannot but help to want to go with this ride of exciting and amazing cultural significance, which in later years will be a time capsule of young suburban life.

5. Black History Month - The album takes a turn toward a serious and catchy statement of Civil Rights and sheds light on a forgotten holiday and I can only hope to thank Marc M in person for this, with mentions of Rosa Parks, Louis Farrakhan, and even Malcom X, we take a plunge into what it means to be African American during the month of February. This track will go down in history as a cultural important song in remembering America's majestic history.

6. Walking Round The Bar Looking For A Girl To Eat Out - We delve back into the artists underlying society critique with this track, which marks a commentary of today's night life and activities, evoking past memories from a more energetic time in this reviewers life, and yet he captures city life so perfectly with his wonderful rhyming.

7. Everybody Want A Hot Girl They Could ***- When creating this album, Marc M really tapped into his ancestry and looked back on the history of immigration, creating a song that hinges on the hopes and desires of the american man not only for love, life and liberty, but the pursuit of a girl to coitus.

8. Back To School- Sick Animation at it's core is a showcase for amazing poetry-esque lyrics and this song is no exception, here the parallels of education here in America is contrasted against the war in Iraq and it's effects on the children of the country. Not only that but the problems young Marc M had to deal with are indulged here, and it really feels like he opened up for the listeners.

9. I've Got Something On My Mind- Here we get to see the mastermind behind the album really delve deep into his interests and inquiry’s of Americas society and what is considered taboo for us as people, and who can blame him"

10. Mammarys And Cammarys- With a slamming beat and exciting lyrics we get to not only hear of the beauty that is female anatomy, but Sick animation takes the chance of speaking of AIDS and AIDS related diseases.

11. Arithmetic – This album is a stage for Marc M to show off a thinking mans hip hop and this song is no exception, exciting and engaging, we take math and add it into rap, and what is the mathematic remainder" Awesome.

12. Master So Fine – This deep into the album we get a chance to jump back toward the track “Black History Month” with a fascinating perspective on slavery during the 1800’s and we get to step back looking back on problems our forefathers faced and for Marc M to take this risky leap we can only applaud his work.

13. Oh Jesus – Most groups stay away from talking about their personal beliefs but Sick Animation is far from one of those groups. We get to see Marc M speak respectively about his personal religion but doesn’t get preachy like Opeth sometimes does. I get the genuine feeling that Marc M was able to mix religion and deep hip hop effectively due to the fact that his estranged father was a redounded pastor.

14. I'm Putting Spoons In Your Girlfriend – Here like most paintings of artists such as Salvador Dali we must “read” into the lyrics and explore the psyche of the writer, and here underneath a heartfelt, drum based, beat we get to see Marc M contend with jealousy and envy, taking on his hidden desires, making for a classic song on the record.

15. How Bad Do You Want My Vagina Inside Ya – This album explores different lifestyles as a commentary of acceptance and love using personal experiences of not only Marc M but of others. Here we go into the story of a man, who looking to feel like himself he must switch the name of his genitalia to be right in his own skin, see, this man is a woman trapped in a woman’s body, and being so, Marc M takes this tragic story and makes it among the best in the album.

16. Halloween Costume Contest – Tapping into his competitive side and also his inner child our favorite hip hoper shows off a “phat” beat along with startling well done organ work, and this song definitely takes off as the “epic” track of the album. The story is long and well done, making the listener really feel for Marc as he explores this exciting memory. Not only is the imagery fantastic but the formula for this song should represent as a template for future rap artists when wanting to make a song that really takes the listener places.

17. Cats And Dogs- This song is less about the domestic companions but is a metaphor (a great one at that) about the desire to feel like you have a place in society, a place at our world’s side, much like the animal. At times the listener might forget that Marc M is one of us, and even he can at times feel lost in this big world. This song almost feels like something he made to cope with this feeling, and when I’m at a loss as to what I am and why I’m here; I merely turn to this song to make it right.

18. Girl You Know I Love You – While this album might gravitate males, this song feels like something for the ladies, which is expected for Marc M, who is always a thoughtful man to not forget any minority or type of person. We explore the sexual romanticism of our lyricist who employs writing techniques that mixes the complexity of the instrumentation to formulate a fantastic song.

19. Rice and Gravy- Clocking in at only 9 seconds much can be said about this song. Much like many songs of Ultimate Party Collection we can take the lyrics and interpret a lot of amazing things. The use of Rice and Gravy to ascertain sexual exhalation can only be seen as a Freudian look at mental illnesses and explains not only how “okay” it is to be different, but how culturally important it is to have different people. I think what marc is trying to explain in this pseudo Acoustic Hip Hop song is that while some might be different, we are all different, and by looking into that we can grasp what it means to accept people for their differences rather than judge based on society’s taboos.

20. A Dude Named Shawn- Taking the stories Marc grabbed from his hard life in Harlem the translation was made about a story of “Shawn” and it becomes a somewhat highlight of an already amazing album. The party beat and overall fantastic rhythm work can take a song from personal experience and make it relatable to his audience. This makes me think that Marc is a maestro of his own avant-garde game and this makes the album even better knowing of his intricacies.

21. Six In A Row- Taking a queue from diva’s such as Mariah Carey and Brittany Spears, Marc makes a song chronicling his own personal sexual experience, at it’s grittiest. By now in the review we know of his hard life and this song serves as an upbeat archive of what it was like doing sexual favors for money, just to get by living the hard life.

22. Spread Ya Lips Bitch – This song almost feels like a spiritual prequel to “six in a row” and accounts the hardships his deceased mother had to face also doing sexual favors to pay rent. We can take this song and look it not only for the melancholy instrumentation but also for the lyrics that capture the attitudes of these monsters of men and their disgusting desires. This makes me think that Marc really tapped deep into himself for this song and I applaud him for it.

23. Do You Wanna Come To My House – Track 23 serves as a beat blasting, name dropping, culture referencing, tour de force that starts with a fantastic sample that really draws the listener in, and then explodes with a beat of fantastic magnitude. The lyrics get into taking on Hollywood for what it is, and exposes the seedy underbelly of lies, and deceit for great importance and need.

24. Suck My Dick With A Condom On – This epic track sucks the listener in with all openings on the face and never lets go, you really get into what the lyrics say. The slow pumping beat and thumping drum takes this reviewer to great places. We can get taken on journey of modern life and what it means to be sexually active. We take a step back and not only look at the “Hip-Hop” lifestyle from a raunchy point of view, but in a sexually safe standpoint, that really drives home for all purposes.

25. Tell Me Baby – By taking childhood cartoon references and making them relatable Marc M takes us to an interesting place where Scooby Doo can be a metaphor for safe sex and also a statement about the war in Iraq, and by doing so we walk away from this record thinking not only about our childhood but our future, which while on the horizon, could easily decent into darkness at a moments notice.

26. Back That Thing Up – Definitely an interesting track on the album, number 26 drives in with a slightly pop-punk feel and while the lyrics never pick up as a hip hop statement, it is almost undeniable how accessible Sick Animation can be and the guitar licks mixed with the slapping bass one can not but be infected with the dance bug.

27. It's Christmas Bitch- This album definitely proves it’s all around seasonal usage with this song. Centering around the magic of Christmas I was instantly transported back to my youth. This song is a favorite among my kids, and I’m sure it will be a staple at the Christmas morning, for many more years to come.

28. Shawns Got My Calculator – This song mainly serves as a light hearted- up beat break from the dark, edgy lyrics of most of the harsh writings of Marc M, while not culturally significant, it is definitely important for the album and really makes the listener reinvigorated as we reach the half way point of the album.

29. I Want A Bag Of Cheetos To Spread It's Lips And Sit On My Face Right Now- This song feels like a spiritual brother to the Weezer song “Undone- The Sweater Song” and it really captures the party vibe while creating an exciting atmosphere, reminiscent of my college days.

30. Google My Love- Not be technologically brain dead, Marc M struts his computer knowledge while also explaining his romantic side in a song that is genre bending and exciting for all listeners. I find that this song is definitely a build up in the form of a beach boys-esque pop song, and it really sets up the fantastic up coming trilogy In the album.

31. Let Me Put A Booger In Your Pussy Ch. 1- We start the Epic Trilogy of Ultimate Party Collection Ch 1. with a song that takes everyone’s dreams and hidden desires and not only smashes them but also creates an obstacle to overcome, this harsh and almost unrelenting beginning creates a strong emotional connection that creates much tension for the next part, not much unlike J.R.R. Tolkien’s epic trilogy.

32. Let Me Put A Booger In Your Pussy Ch. 2 – We get sucked into the adventure in part two (electric boogaloo) and that is when the action ramps up into a gigantic crescendo for not only the trilogy but the album itself. It feels like this song was important for Marc M as a human being, because it sheds light on existence and the human condition, even when all hope is gone. Because when hope disappears we seek for answers and the light at the end of the tunnel. That search is accompanied by a growing and steadfast guitar strumming, which makes a drive in the listener that can be felt no matter the creed. What a song it is.

33. Let Me Put A Booger In Your Pussy Ch. 3 – Much like a wonderful Harry Potter film the album takes a fantastic and unexpected twist that can be seen as a lyrical representation of Marc M’s life, which going from a dark place to a new life can make a person different, almost more world weary. The hypothetical character is changed by his experiences and is sure of himself that his mistakes won’t be made again. This song is insurmountably significant to the album as a whole, and for spreading important messages.

34. Intermission- After the epic trilogy that was spread before listener only three tracks before I think it was an amazingly savvy idea of Marc to include an electronic “break” in the album to allow the “Let Me Put a Booger in Your Pussy” monster sink in message wise. The 8-bit properties of the song make the listener ponder over what just happened, and makes it all come crashing down in a shower of understanding.

35. I Like Puttin My Dick In Stuff – A romping pop rock song that never lets up and really makes a message of importance. We get to see what by this far in the album for me is the master Marc M at leisure, and what he does in his down time. This intimate song makes us not look up at our rapper, but see him even with us, just like us, and more importantly, at us. This ability for Marc M to take HIMSELF down a level not only makes him more relatable to us as people.

36. Your Middle- A simple Punk rock song about being a punk and riding skateboards, and riding skateboards after school, also about skate parks. This song takes us back to the days of “Anarchy” and “anti-government” activities, and we really get to feel like a kid again. This song is important for the album in that it explores new and exciting lifestyles that Marc M might have not gotten a chance to feel for.

37. Jack Vids for Cash- A return to the hipenen’ and hoppenen’ of the early area of the album, we get a song that speaks about drug use, and more importantly PIRACY. I got to take a step back and see what Sick Animation was talking about, and nod along, not often is such a thing seen in hip hop industry.

38. Crunchy Juicy Meaty- With a catchy guitar led beat this song explores the art of adjectives, which might not be seen important to some it becomes apparent the need in the English language to translate stories’ urgency.

39. The Sorcerer's Key- A small track that has a lot to say. This song is taken from another story Marc heard in his travels, and serves as a fantastic placeholder in the world of pseudo-fiction and makes for a sci-fi epic of a Pirates of the Caribbean nature.

40. Phony Pony- While seen as nothing more as an instructional song for children in the use of “P”, we get to see a more nurturing side of Ultimate Party Songs, this may seem to little to late but it’s importance is large none the less. I use this song for my kids to learn better.

41. Big Black Dick – Taken straight from Marcs personal obstacles in the Hip Hop business we explore the tragedy’s enforced by the big businesses and their desire for conflict. This can lead to much anger and hate from one rapper to another. The desire for unity in the face of diversity and difference makes each other combine and make something beautiful, and this can only be experienced by listening to this epic track of a song, which in my eyes is one of the best of the album. It just has So much to say.

42. Patrick's Mouth- Here we almost delve back into the religious tendencies of Marc in earlier songs like “Oh Jesus” and we explore some of the virtues of our sweet lord and savior. We get to see what Lies can do not only to the person telling them, but of the person they are being told about. We are taught by this song about not telling lies and how that can make life brighter, beautiful, and energy efficient.

43. Baby Girl – A message signifigant song in my eyes, we get to hear of something not often said in the music industry. This song is about how we often never take into account how young ladies feel when we are thinking of our primal desires for sexual intercourse. We often leave their feelings at the wayside, and Marc M uses his sick beats and pumping bass to bring in a message of question asking.

44. PS3mas- In this song experimental hip hop elements are used to effectively drive home a child’s desires in the form of a cranking hip hop song. We get to hear piano, violin, and even some backward vocals to create a surreal atmosphere that is “gangsta” and fun at the same time.

45. Theme Song To Creature The Movie- A indie rock song that employs a lower quality and Violent Femmes like guitar that is light and driving that is fantastic in making a theme song that could be used in a huge production anytime.

46. Blood On The Bed- We delve back into the message delivering Marc style with a fun, and informative song. Sometimes talking to children is hard, and what better way of actually doing it than just singing a sick hip hop song that retains some “crunk” elements of bands like Brokencyde. There are moments in the song that makes me as a parent able to inform my children in important areas, and I like that.

47. Ridin' On A Mershaq Back- A fun and surreal song of major importance. The Mershaq in question is a Mermaid Shaquille O’ Neal and that while seemingly surreal and strange has a deep meaning. See, Shaq is a celebrity/rapper, and when merged with an animal you can ride we get something that is a metaphor for riding on someone else’s coat tails. This is somewhat of a commentary on Kobe and Michael Jordan that we all have wanted to say.

48. All This Biz – this song retains a somewhat folk rock element and mixes it with hip hop lyrics to form a simple, yet fantastic song. I feel this song is so simple that it is almost complex, and with that simplistic complexity we get a new appreciation for the song.

49. Rally Round The Family- A Rage Against The Machine reference that makes a “ring around the rosie” type children’s song that is fun and light hearted. We get to see a song for more than a hard rock classic but for an informative song about family togetherness. Wonderful.

50. How Many Times Has Your Pee Split In Half- When we heard “putting my dick in stuff” we got to see a more human Marc and this song makes him even more relatable and more loveable. We all get to feel and remember those experiences from our lives, and with that we get to reminisce underneath a sea of beat.

51. Love Song For Creature – A heartwarming song if I ever heard one. We get to look at the “creature” for what he is, Marc himself. He is this creature looking for love and finally finding it, and the thing he loves" Music. I love being able to read into the album and feel more that what was thought to be there.

52. Dance Baby Dance- Probably the most “hip hop” of all the songs. We get down and literally dance as Sick Animation asks. Really taking it home for me, I often blast this song for all it’s worth in my home, and have my wife dance along.

53. A New Guy – Earlier songs in the album dealt with relationships and jealousy and this song is a throwback to songs that are probably 20 tracks back. For Marc this song must have hit home and I can only feel for this poor man as he tries to deal with relationship issues of past. But with his own personal demons, this song can evoke our own, and make us look back in ourselves.

54. The Dragon Does- This song feels like a surreal classic in the making. The song relates to writing songs for people, and how we often make them feel better with the lyrics. And Marc M is ready and willing to make that statement in this song, even if the lyrics aren’t entirely true.

55. Bayside Blues- A small homegrown feeling song that incorporates conventional instrumentation in a very unceventional song. We get a song that not only transcends time but also creed and age. This makes this song more relatable with everyone, and seeing as how Marc is already climbing the charts in Japan, he needs relatable songs like this to make him relatable to out of U.S. peoples all over the world

56. Do You Wanna *** Tonight – Marc M at his best. I got to hear this song and it made me think about how important it is to think about your partner’s feelings again. This makes it perfectly okay to fornicate, if you take into account their wants and intentions. I think this is almost a final parting gift in the immense pool of advice Marc gives. We really get to know what relationship ideals Marc has and being frank they are amazing.

57. I Know You Wanna *** This – By the end of the album Marc M has taken us to so many places and taught so much, I almost have to give Marc M this opportunity to indulge in an almost lude behavior, and even he seems to take this song in stride and makes himself somewhat of a joke just for this small portion of the album.

58. The End – is The Fitting end to one of the best albums of all time.

All in all this is the best hip hop album of all time, and it takes notes from people like Tupac and Dr. Dre and formulates an album for thousands of years to come. We have an epic album on our hands people GET IT. NAO.

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Minus The Flair
April 20th 2009


This is going to sound bad, cos clearly you spent a long time and a lot of effort on this, but noone is going to read a track by track analysis of a 57 track album. Try an overall summary next time, much easier to get through and gives a better idea of the album as a whole.

April 20th 2009


Album Rating: 5.0

WOW. i didnt know that anyone else had heard of this. your review is just like the album: its ridiculous, it makes little sense, and it drags on so long that it becomes annoying, but yet funnier at the same time. GREAT JOB!

April 20th 2009


This is great. I especially dig Black History Month.

April 20th 2009





April 20th 2009


Album Rating: 5.0

See, Shaq is a celebrity/rapper, and when merged with an animal you can ride we get something that is a metaphor for riding on someone else’s coat tails. This is somewhat of a commentary on Kobe and Michael Jordan that we all have wanted to say.

i see this song/cartoon in a completely different way now. who would've guessed that it had such a deep, underlying message.This Message Edited On 04.20.09

April 20th 2009


this looks gay as hell

April 21st 2009


Album Rating: 3.0

it's like a hip hop version of MSI

awesome !

April 21st 2009


Album Rating: 3.0

album is great

review is terrible btw

August 11th 2009


Album Rating: 5.0

werd up review is sub-par, I also believe you don't understand what the track "Master so Fine" is about. Human rights? no, it's about some fetish thing but Marc M's rhymes are marvelous nonetheless.

September 3rd 2009


Album Rating: 5.0

Oh, okay.

October 12th 2009


Lol. Greatest review ever.

August 19th 2010


I also believe you don't understand what the track "Master so Fine" is about. Human rights? no, it's about some creepy fetish thing but Marc M is rhymes are marvelous nonetheless.

master so fine is about slaving a hard drive

September 22nd 2012


lmfao i can't believe someone actually did this
you've earned this pos

September 22nd 2012


Album Rating: 5.0

best review on the site.

August 6th 2015


Album Rating: 5.0

nassiest album you'll ever hear

September 19th 2015


Album Rating: 5.0

sickest punchlines since Big L's Lifestylez

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