Rocket to Russia



by Hey Mr. Light Man USER (11 Reviews)
January 14th, 2005 | 13 replies

Release Date: 1977 | Tracklist

On my first listen to this album it complately blew me away. Johnny's piledriving guitar, Joey's poppy vocals, Dee Dee's thumping bass, and it is the last album with Tommy's pitter-pat. In my opinion this is the greatest Ramones album ever and the greatest punk album ever. This is the third Ramones album. Unfortunately, up to this time the Ramones did not get the respect that was deserved for basically inventing punk music. Their album sales were very low and this album was expected to do very well, but it was a bomb, and great work was left unnoticed. Then bands like the Sex Pistols came along and damned all music labeled punk to hell with their harsh image.

The Ramones (at this time):

Joey Ramone- Vocals
Johnny Ramone- Guitar
Dee Dee Ramone- Bass
Tommy Ramone- Drums

Cretin Hop- This is a fantastic start to the album. It is a very fast song with cool drums and fast bass & guitar. "There's no stopping the cretins from hopping." 5/5

Rockaway Beach- This song could have been a smash hit if it was released in the summer, but it wasn't. It is a classic Ramones song that every fan know by heart, with this classic line by Dee Dee: "Chewing out a rythm on my bubblegum." 5/5

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow- A classic Ramones love song. It has cool chording and the softer side of Joey's voice over it. And it has a nice guitar break in the middle. "Someone had to pay the price." 5/5

Locket Love- A fast paced Ramones-style pop song. Just a lot of fun. "Hang on a little bit longer, hang on your a goner." 5/5

I Don't Care- A hard-edged song with Joey gnarling vocals and a raw chord progression by Johnny. "I don't care, about this world. I don't care, about that girl." 5/5

Sheena Is a Punk Rocker- Another song that every Ramones fan knows. This is a cool, poppy song and just a classic. "Sheena is a punk rocker." 5/5

We're A Happy Family- This is a hard song about a disfunctional family. It starts off with a fast chord progfression that is one of Johnny's classics. "We're a happy family, me mom and daddy." 5/5

Teenage Lobotomy- Another Ramones classic and another famous Johnny chord progression. Just a great, great song. "I"M A TEENAGE LOBOTOMY!" 5/5

Do You Wanna Dance- This is a cover song of an oldie (like they did with "Let's Dance" on their first album). It's very fun and fast like others are and it shows how bubblegum influenced their music. "Do you wanna dance"" 5/5

I Wanna Be Well- You can see their sense of humor in this song. It's a little bit slower, but a great song. "Lsd, golly gee! DDT, wowee!" 5/5

I Can't Give you anything- Just a plain great song. "I can't give you anything, I can't give you anything." 5/5

Ramona- Slow paced and fun. "You like it when the music's load." 5/5

Surfin' Bird- A fast surfing song. I'm pretty sure it's a cover, which the Ramones were good at. "Everybody knows about the bird." 5/5

Why Is It Always This Way"- A great album finisher. It starts off with fast guitars and them singing "OOO-OO-O". "Hey, hey, hey, why is it always this way"" 5/5

Most simply fun album I own. Like all of the song are it is a: 5/5

And an album everyone should buy.


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January 28th 2004


i think the ramones are one of the greatest punk bands of all time.

well done on the review. :thumb:

sheena is a punk rocker
we're a happy family

great songs!

Hey Mr. Light Man
January 28th 2004


The Ramones are the GREATEST not one of the greatest.


January 28th 2004


good review. ramones are awesome

Hey Mr. Light Man
January 29th 2004


I'm planning on doing more Ramones and Clash reveiws this month 'cuz they arent reveiwed here much.

January 31st 2004


[QUOTE=ramonesrule]The Ramones are the GREATEST not one of the greatest.


hmmmm, better than The Saints? I dunno.

January 31st 2004


The Ramones we're pop-punk.:p

Anyways, yeah this is an amazing album... Teenage Lobotomy is probably my favourite Ramones song.

February 22nd 2004


the ramones we are pop-punk? what does that mean?

i've been really getting into punk rock lately, i have their self titled album (which is excellent) and have been meaning to get into most of their stuff. unfortunately, my friend is a tight *** - he has all of the ramones and clash CDs but wont lend them to me!

November 3rd 2004


great album great review

how come no one has reviewed their debut album yet?

February 9th 2005


the ramones made rock n roll. they didn't try to make "pop-punk" or whatever.

May 21st 2005


This is a good review of a GREAT band. I love this album! I really love the cover of "Do You Wanna Dance?" bu The Beach Boys.

June 11th 2005


This is The Ramones' best album, no doubt about it.

Do you know about the bird? Everybody knows that the bird is the word!This Message Edited On 06.11.05

June 27th 2005


Yes this album is probly the greatest Ramones album and yes the Ramones are the greatest punk band of all time.

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