My Chemical Romance
I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love



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July 15th, 2005 | 25 replies

Release Date: 2002 | Tracklist

Okay guys. This is my first review, so please refrain from pelting me with rotting vegetables if you do not find this review of any help. I know I'm not going to be good at this because I've never really done very well in the past, but I'm willing to give it another go.

I, in all honesty...could NOT live without this C.D. If you knew me, you would think that my opinion of this record is extrememly biased. I love My Chemical Romance for all reasons imaginable, but remember, I'M IN IT FOR THE MUSIC!

This record, of course, has it's low points. I believe that low point is 'This is the best day ever.' That was the first song that I had ever heard by M.C.R. That could possibly be why I just kind of tossed them aside when I first came across 'Bullets'. When they released 'Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge', It was kind of like, 'Oh, these kids' I looked further into the band, and upon hearing the infamous prison rape tune, 'You Know What They Do To Guys Like Us In Prison', I was instantly like, ' THIS could be something.' Shortly after hearing that song, I hear that there will be a single from the record, and sure enough, they released the uber-dork schoolboy anthem, 'I'm Not Okay (I Promise)'. For some people, it was a masterpiece. For others, (Like me), It was shortly lived. I don't find that song to be anything spectacular, and although I am glad that my boys are getting popular, I wish MTV would lay off a bit. After all of that, I decided to look into Bullets. That was probably one of my better decisions.

Romance is a lovely way to start out a brilliant album. Ray's guitar playing is simply sensational. I don't know if it's just me, but it seems that the inspiration for that song could have been drawn from some small, quaint cafe in the middle of nowhere special, Mexico. When I listen to it, that's what I picture..but again, that might just be me.

Honey, this mirror isn't big enough for the two of us is a very drastic change from the soft, slow, pace of 'Romance', but a very refreshing change at that. After 'Romance', you're drifting off to somewhere peaceful, but when 'Honey' kicks in, you snap back to it. The beginning riff is simple, but catchy. It's followed by Frank coming in with chords, and Gerard growling his way into the first line of the song. The song seems to have a mind of it's own, slowing and picking up pace whenever it feel need be. 'And you can cry all you want to, I how much you'll invest yourself in me..We're not working out.' Don't let Gerard fool you, folks. I think everyone, at first listen, mistakes the line 'We're not working out' for 'When I'm working out' I did this myself, and I was in hysterics when I found out I was wrong, and also at the thought of Gerard working out.

Vampires will never hurt you is a great song. However, you must be able to see past the symbolism in it. This song is NOT talking about blood sucking creatures of the night. It's about love and loss. You have to learn to see past the dark symbolism in this. Very good song though.

Drowning Lessons is meh. That's right. I said meh. The song is alright, but I do not think it is an adequite follow up to 'Vampires'. Don't get me wrong, I love the song. But I think if the songs were in a different order, it would be more enjoyable. I usually listen to the whole record when I want to listen to a song, so that is the only reason I am concerned with the order. I can tell that the band plotted a certain order, but I think they might have made a mistake with this one.

Our lady of sorrows. That's right, it gets it's own sentence. It's THAT good. I love this song A LOT. It;s filled with in-your-face lyrics, and it always creates quite the 'mosh' at shows. The band knows how to stir up the crowd. To get people going, Gerard could either (a) promise each person in the crowd a night in his bed, or (b) play Our lady of sorrows. The ending of this song couldn't be more fitting. No one even knows what he's trying to say...I'm not positive that HE knows what he's saying. It's just random grumbles and moans, but it fits perfectly.

Headfirst for Halos is one of my favorite M.C.R. songs ever. With Gerard's introduction of 'This song is about suicide...', My Chemical Romance recieves akward glances and raised eyebrows. But as always, they pull through with the crowd on their side. This song IS about suicide. But it's Gerard saying 'I've been through this stuff, and it isn't worth going through. Don't do it.' I honestly love this song.

Skylines and Turnstiles - Once again, the order. I don't know if I like where it's placed on the C.D. When I'm really into a C.D. I get really picky about these things. It doesn't really affect my veiw of the record, it's just things I wish were different. I love this song anyeways.

Early Sunsets Over Monroeville is genius. Most people say that it is boring and that the song doesnt really pick up from the slow beginning. I feel differently. I could listen to this song all day. I love the lyrics, and I love the guitar work. No one but Gerard Way could sing this song. His voice fits beautifully in this song. There are just so many things I could say about this song. It is probably my second favortite on the record. Genius.

This is the best day ever is explained early on in this review.

Cubicles is one of my least favorites on the album. I like this song, but I don't see the symbolism in this one. It's just Gerard saying 'I think I'f love to die alone, I think I'd love to die.' I think that more things couldv'e been done with this song. It wouldv'e been better without all of the 'death' stuff.

DEMOLITION LOVERS! Possibly my favorite song ever. It simply makes me melt. The lyrics are beautiful, Gerard's voice is gorgeous, and everything fits together so great. I love the pausing. You think the song is over, but then you hear very faint guitar. It's very soft, and gentle. The drums come back in, and then Gerard with 'All we are, all we are, is bullets, I mean this.' That is possibly my favorite part of the whole song. It's so pretty. I just love everything about this song. The guitar solos, no matter what anyone says, are NOT drawn out! Ray's playing is beautiful! I would like a longer solo! I think this song is flawless. You couldn't change my mind on that one.

Overall, I think that this record is amazing, and worthy of everyone's time and money. If you are given a choice between 'Three Cheers' and 'Bullets', I strongly suggest 'Bullets'. 'Three Cheers isn't bad, it's just a lot diffrerent. If you ask me, I liked the direction that they were heading with the first album. 'Three Cheers' is the official wrong way to that direction. Don't get me wrong, I still love 'Three Cheers', just not nearly as much.

Sorry for this review and it's serious suck-factor. Please be nice and comment anyway, I worked hard and neglected my poor friends on MSN to write this. o_O And like I rotten vegetables. Please. =)

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July 16th 2005


You're such a fangirl, Jenn.

Hey, it was actually halfway decent. Go you.

Electric Ocean
July 16th 2005


There's no way that this is a 5. I actually like this album alot but I'd say 3/3.5 would be much more accurate.

July 16th 2005


romance is infact a classical guitar peice, not something written by my chemical romance. just to clear this up. apart from that i think thats a good review

August 10th 2005


Album Rating: 4.5

true! my mother knew how to play that intro and im like... DUDE! mcr put that on their record!

September 15th 2005


Album Rating: 4.0

i think this is even better than the new album. I LOVE how Early Sunsets over Monroeville is about the original Dawn Of The Dead, thats so cool.

January 22nd 2006


great review, i agree with most of your opinions and i also loved this cd, MCR is my favorite band and bullets is my favorite cd, and demolition lovers is defintely one of the best, if not the best track on the album =)

February 11th 2006


i dont liek em much but this album is so much better than three cheers.

February 11th 2006


Lately I've really been coming to appreciate MCR. The more I hear of them, the more I love them. Gerard is undoubtedly one of the most entertaining singers to watch, lol, and Ray's guitar parts are suprisingly complex. I have been trying to pick up a copy of one of their CD's for some time now, although I'm leaning towards Three Cheers. It was actually a good review.

February 25th 2006


sweet cd. better than their newer one by far

March 6th 2006


this album = better than sweet cheers but still nothing new.

punk rocker69
March 14th 2006


Album Rating: 3.0

good review, good cd, but i like three cheers better MCR ROCK

April 13th 2006


I definately prefer this album! Demolition Lovers is a great song and is beautiful. Good review!!

April 13th 2006


I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought a gun to blow my emo brains out

ahh... if only...

June 9th 2006


why i can't get this album everywhere

can somebody help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i feel like i life in another planet.

bloc head
June 17th 2006


Album Rating: 3.5

pumpkin, just go to any music store and buy it. If it's not there, order it from the store. And if they can't do that well... then they suck. But I like MCR, I think they're a pretty good band. I'd have to say that Our Lady of Sorrows, Drowning Lessons, and Headfirst for Halos are my favorite songs on the album.

June 17th 2006


I'll be blunt. I didn't like the album or your review.

June 17th 2006


Album Rating: 4.0

I personally am in love with album. The review on the other hand.....was.....well okay for your first time i suppose.

Chem Girl
June 19th 2006


Album Rating: 4.5

I didn't find this album 'til after I bought the second one because almost none of the stores in my state had it. There are better and worst things on this album compared to the second. The vocals on this album werent as good as the second, but I still loved them. I liked the style of the music a little better on this one. MCR did a great job for this being their debut. God they need to sell this album in more places so people can find it!

Chem Girl
June 19th 2006


Album Rating: 4.5

I didn't find this album 'til after I bought the second one because almost none of the stores in my state had it. There are better and worst things on this album compared to the second. The vocals on this album werent as good as the second, but I still loved them. I liked the style of the music a little better on this one. MCR did a great job for this being their debut. God they need to sell this album in more places so people can find it!

June 19th 2006


I find the song titles to be pretty lame. "Vampires Will Never Hurt You". Not only is it lame but years and years of horror movies have taught us that the statement is also false.

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