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July 28th, 2008 | 4 replies

Release Date: 2008 | Tracklist

Review Summary: The bands first live CD/DVD release proves to be an upset to long time fans and new supporters alike.

It's a new year and (hed)p.e. fans know what that means. It's time for another (hed)p.e. album and what better time for (hed)p.e. to release a live album than now. For years, long time supporters of the band have been salivating at the thought of a live release from their favorite rap-metal band. With numerous attempts to release a CD/DVD combo in the past, (hed)p.e. fans can now get the live experience of the band at home, but it doesn't prove itself worth the long and arduous wait.

2008's D.i.Y. Guys (that's Do It Yourself) showcases the bands explosive live performance caught on tape at the legendary Key Club in Hollywood. Originally going to be released on television via the BBC Network, the band made the right move in making this into a full project, thus leading to a physical release for fans with some cool bonuses such as: two B-sides and four new unreleased songs rumored to be on their next full length record that will be released this fall.

The "D.i.Y way of life" as controversial (hed)p.e. front man Jared Shane puts it is what fuels the band this very day in everything that they do. A "purpose" as he puts it, led this band to release this disappointing live DVD/CD. They might be the self-proclamed D.i.Y. Guys of 2008, but maybe they should get a few pointers on how to edit a video, let alone a full DVD release. All in all this ignorance, albeit (hed)p.e.'s heart is in the right place, proves to be a recipe for disaster and hurts the DVD portion of this physical release in dreadful ways.

What's so disappointing in the DVD portion of this release was the editing. There are spelling errors and at times the audio isn't in sync with the video. Also, some fans may be disappointed at how the DVD is structured. It is not the conventional live album where a band plays a full show. More like a song performed live (sometimes they don't even play the whole song which is dissatisfying) then cut to a lame scripted scene. The DVD also suffers from poor acting (if your oblivious that all of this is acted out and scripted, I feel sorry for you) and pointless use of profanity and elitism that makes 43 year old singer/rapper Jared sound like an 15 year-old immature idiot. The DVD portion does have a story line, but I don't want to spoil it for those who plan to watch this. The DVD also features bonus features such as a few deleted scenes, that are sub-par at best and three music videos for Only In Amerika's Represent(which is the edited, censored version making this song painful for human ears), Back 2 Base X's Get Ready and Insomnia's Suffa

There are also some other faults and pretty big ones. When watching the DVD, I constantly said to myself "so where is (hed)p.e."". By that I mean this is more like a release by "Irate Jared + 4" than (hed)p.e. Yes, we understand that Jared is the leader of the band and dictates its sole purpose and direction, but please give the members a shot in the spotlight. Guitarist, Jaxon Benge and bassist, Mawk Young only make one appearance on the DVD and they last for only 20 seconds. DJ Product never physically speaks and neither does their new found drummer, Tiny Bubz. In fact Tiny is never even seen on the DVD besides the live performance. Quite a disappointment for fans that would like to get to know the other members a bit more.

There are some good moments found on the CD however. The live performance has excellent audio production and (hed)p.e. proves that they know how to make a crowd move with enthusiasm. It features the Back 2 Base X b-side, Niteclub in Bali and the Subnoize Soulja's collab track, Put Em Up. The two songs, though not new sounds for (hed) fans, are a great addition to the CD portion. But what many fans would probably look forward to are the new songs: War On the Middle Class, Ordo AB Chao, Bloodfire and Real Talk (instrumental). These four songs give a hint at what is to come in the near future. The tracks are groovy and very metal influenced and are surprisingly well produced, save for the latter Real Talk which is just a pretty smooth hip-hop beat looped for about a minute and half.

The D.i.Y. Guys fails to really capture the band as leader in the truth movement and doesn't give much insight to the personalities of the other (hed)p.e. band members besides Jared. In the end just a corny story with a live performance here and there. Hardcore fans of the band will enjoy this, but if your new to the band revisit this much later. In the end it just leaves the audience disappointed and ripped off.

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July 28th 2008


my roomate during my sophomore year would listen to (hed) ad nauseum... and it nearly killed me. this band is mediocre at best

July 28th 2008


Album Rating: 2.0

Their older stuff is good, but this is just a poor attempt at a live album.

October 28th 2010


I thought it captured their live performances pretty well. The DVD is funny as hell.

May 5th 2011


this is only good 4 the dvd

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