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June 12th, 2005 | 9 replies

Release Date: 2003 | Tracklist

Review Summary: Drugs, Brutallity, Funk, Satanism, Humor...all these and more can be found in the culture breaking wolrd of Brujeria and Roadrunner Records released a compilation that proves it.

I�m back with another Roadrunner Records Roots Review, this time: BRUJERIA

Ok, for those who dont know what is Brujeria or who is Brujeria, here s something that sums it up:
Brujeria is one of the most underrated bands in the metal scene, but somehow Roadrunner records (good days) sing them up.
Brujeria is formed by different band members from other bands like: Fear Factory, Down by Law, Napalm Death, Faith No More, Cradle of Filth and more. The member use fake identities as Mexicans drug dealers, assassins, serial killers, satanic priests and revolutionary leaders. They also are distinguish by their three bassists and their Mexican clothes, they even made the FBI believe that they where part of drug dealer execution back in 94.
Brujeria refuse to reveal their identities, they refuse to tour and make interviews, and to tour.

Asesino( Dino Cazares from Fear Factory)-guitar, bass, vocals
Juan Brujo-Vocals
Fantasma-bass, toungue
Gre�udo( Raymond Herrera fron Fear Factory)-Drums
Hongo-Guitar, Bass(Shane Embury from Napalm Death)
Pinche Peach- Screams
Guero Sin Fe-Bass, Guitar{Billy Gould from Faith No More)

Just by reading their history and looking their band members origins, you might think Brujeria is one of the most Brutal acts in history, but to be honest they sound more like a death/grind band with awesome latin rhythms and ludicrous speed drumming.

Once you enter the world of Brujeria , you either live in there or escape as fast as you can from it. Why"

Well, the first track of the compilation is Pura de Venta which is basically a comical intro, no music on it, just the voice of some American getting killed by some Mexican drug dealers,if you think about it it is a pretty dumb thing to put this kind of tracks into a compilation, but this is really an important aspect in Brujeria, many of the songs/albums have this kind of intros and the world of Brujeria turns around the drug lord world. After this song, it enters Las Leyes Narcos, a one minute song of pure brutality, nothing special but it is a bit of a shock after Pura de Venta. The album follows the same brutal sound in all their songs, Matando Gueros doesnt sound like the typical death metal song, the bass line at the beginning is deep and heavy, the song is in a slow tempo and the vocals sound distorted, not like a grunt, what makes this song worth of mention", well the lyrics are about killing white boys( racial issues sucks) and they made a lot of controversy when people started translating it.
The compilation shows some of Brujerias potential, many of the songs follow the same structure, Castigo del Brujo and Sacrificio are typical Brujeria songs, they keep it brutal, with some slow tempo riffs and distorted bass lines, the guitar work on both songs arent nothing special, but the frenetic rhythm of the songs are unique, I cant find any other band that sounds like an average Brujeria song.
The compilation is itself, has some great tunes, like Padre Nuestro, the drum intro is outstanding, fast and is probably one of the most memorable drum intros I have heard, the satanic lyrics are executed under distorted death grunts, which makes it one of the most brutal songs on the album, the first verse is slow but the song outro change into a more faster riff-drumbeat combination, making the song as one of the best of the compilation.

The compilation shows a large variety of riffs, although the songs are short and some of them are repetitive, the creativity of the band keeps intact, the musicianship of the band and the individuality of each instrument seems to work perfectly, some examples of this musicianship are Raza Odiada(Pito Wilson) , an infamous song dedicated to Pete Wilson once an extremist anti migration leader; the song has a music less intro(kind of Pura de Venta) , the first guitar riffs is kind of in an odd time signature and the drumming is using an stop and go technique(Ray Herrera technique), the song follows a different structure from other songs of the band, it is repetitive, but it works because of his short length.The other example is Ritmos Satanicos a six minutes Instrumental, although is way repetitive and the music ends near the fourth minute, it features an interesting poem with noise at the backround, you might thing this doesnt show any musicianship and probably you are right, but I think this a great combination between music and lyrics.

So, where is the controversy in Brujeria" Well after, songs like Matando Gueros, Raza Odiada, many others like La Migra, La Ley del Plomo, Laboratorio Cristalitos, Division del Norte and Anti Castro that face serious political issues, along with illegal drug abuse, you can clearly understand the controversy.

What could ruin Brujeria for some of their listeners it can be what makes them unique: their humor.
Songs like Colas de Rata, Pititis Te Invoco and El Desmadre are lyrically pointless, somehow comical , like the sexually oriented of Pititis or the destruction and mayhem of El Desmadre. Musically, this songs arent that great, what saves them is the incredible rhythm, somehow funky, in the case of Colas de Rata.

Many people(specially not Spanish speakers), get easily scared or freaked out by simple intros, this compilation only features one: Brujerizmo, the song is probably the second best in this album, musically is outstanding, it features odd time signatures, and it�s the most technically complex song in the album, what scares the people about this song, is the intro, which is basically a folk song singed by a woman with strange voice(nothing scary, but many people had told me that intro is sick).

To be honest, this compilation isnt as good as the Mercyful Fate, basically is the Raza Odiada album with half Brujerizmo and a few others, and it doesnt show Brujerias real Potential.

1. Different kind of Death Metal.
2. Great Drumming.
3. Variety of Rythms

1. Repetitive Songs
2. Doesnt show the band real potential.
3. Few song material.

Overall: It is nice to see that RR didn�t forget about one of their most underrated roots: Brujeria, although they messed up at the time of selecting the songs, this compilation made many people fans of the band.

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June 12th 2005


hey man, you need to give me more info about each song, and try to list the members b4 the song reviews and space between each song

June 12th 2005


Album Rating: 4.0

This band is great not the best review but hey you tried. so whos rumored to be from craddle of filth and napalm death be more specific.

heavy metal kid
June 12th 2005


Album Rating: 3.5

shane embury from napalm death plays bass.

dino cazares is asesino.

ray herrera is the drummer but he left the band and now the dude from cradle is the drummer.This Message Edited On 06.24.05

July 4th 2005


Sorry dude but you messed up on the bio. They DO in fact tour. I saw them July 24th 2004 at the Ventura Theater in California. I have the ticket and the tour shirt to prove it. Not a bad review aside from what the other guys said.This Message Edited On 07.04.05

heavy metal kid
September 18th 2005


Album Rating: 3.5

^^I think it was the first Brujeria tour and it was only on 3 dates or something like that.

I edited my review, and i'm preparing the Raza Odiada review.

September 18th 2005


The name of the album is actually "The Mexecutioner!: The Best of Brujeria".

I've never heard of these guys, but I looked them up and it looks amusing.

heavy metal kid
June 11th 2006


Album Rating: 3.5

Well if you want to try something different, this compilation is worth of listen.

They are also touring right now, not anymore with Cazares, Herrera and Gould, but they are throwing some dates.This Message Edited On 06.11.06

July 13th 2009


Album Rating: 3.0

greñudos locos

October 21st 2013


Album Rating: 3.0

Matando Gueros!

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