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by Tinman USER (1 Reviews)
June 9th, 2005 | 28 replies

Release Date: 2005 | Tracklist

Okay, I've never written a review before, so I'll give it a shot. This will not be a Track-by-track, but i'll to my best to cover every aspect of the album.
Okay, the vocals on this album were very intersting. They changed a lot, and i hread a lot of different kind of things coming from Nate. Right off the bat, he sounds liek Brandon Boyd, of Incubus. This is not necessarily a bad thing, however it is strange for the type of music that Finch creates. There are several times in this album where Nate’s vocals sound like Boyd’s, and I also detected, a few times, where his voice was reminiscent of Douglas Robb from Hoobastank. I don’t know if many of you have heard of The Bronx, but there is a couple times in this album where Nate’s voice sounds like their frontman. Nate still has his moments to shine, but I felt that, overall, his voice was less unique than in their debut album. There are several times in the album where Nate whispers or has a strange, goblin-ish voice. I didn’t feel that this worked well. They seemed to insert these things in the wrong place. They still scream, and in a variety of different ways, also. They managed to keep that part of their vocals pretty unique.
The lyrics of this album are also interesting. I get the feeling that they were trying to go more dark and metal-ish than emo with this album, and it kind of shows in the lyrics. To start off, I found the lyrics to be very confusing, but there seemed also to be a kind of creepy, sinister air about them. I don’t know really how to describe it. I’m not a fan of “coded” lyrics, and I found it difficult to get the meaning of some of these lyrics. I also get the strange feeling, for some reason, that there are some parts of songs that deal with necrophilia. I know they probably don’t, but it seems like that topic would work well with them. The lyrics are dark, and a lot of them appear to be about murder. They are a lot different than the lyrics in WIITB, as is the album itself. Overall, the lyrics are strange, but not completely insane. You can definitely tell what they were trying to accomplish with these lyrics. They just seem to have wanted to make this album more “metal” if you will, without actually being “metal”.
Again, the music is different from WIITB. The drums are good, but not technical or anything like that. There are not many guitar riffs that stand out, but some of the guitar sounds as if it would be Incubus. I have to think that they have been influenced by Incubus. The lyrics to this album seemed dark, but the music didn’t. I don’t feel that the music fit the lyrics. There is a lot of “clean” guitar on the album, it’s not all completely distorted, and that’s sometimes good. There were times where I felt they could have used distortion and wished they would cut out the clean riffs.
This album was not bad. IT IS NOTHING LIKE WHAT IT IS TO BURN. Do not buy it because you liked their previous album. Almost everything is different. The Casket Of Roderic Usher is this albums “Project Mayhem” but they are quite different at that. This album does take some time to get used to. I didn’t particularly like it at first, but after I listened to it more, I became more comfortable with everything about it. If you are thinking about buying this album, I recommend you do, as long as you give it a shot before deciding you don’t like it. My personal favorite songs are: Brother Bleed Brother, Fireflies, and Ink. I hope this has been helpful to you.

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June 10th 2005


The Casket of Roderic Usher is a fucking awesome song....good grindcore/spazcore execution by finch on that piece

Also, decent review....a song by song or at least some highlights i think is necessary since finch;'s style have changed so much.This Message Edited On 06.10.05This Message Edited On 06.10.05

June 10th 2005


I just got this album yesterday, and i was actually kind of wowed by it. it is nothing like WIITB, no harsh screaming in many of the songs. seems like they are trying to get off the screamo bandwagon.

June 10th 2005


Album Rating: 3.5

I think you're right, they are definitely trying to create a unique sound. This album truly is unlike any other I've heard as a whole. It's like a patchwork of tons of different sounds. That is a good thing, finally a band who doesn't just follow the trend.

June 11th 2005


Album Rating: 4.5

Awesome album. Insomniatic Meat has gotta be my favorite track on this album. Nates vocals do sound like that guys from incubus' but it really works better than i thought it would.

June 15th 2005


Bought this album when it came out, not hearing alot of songs from WIITB (Only "What It Is To Burn"), the album was quite interesting at best. It takes a couple of listens to soak it in, but it really engulfs you into the music. Good review, glad to know its nothing like WIITB and they have an everchanging sound unlike most bands today that stick to one formula.

June 16th 2005


I'm sorry 'Tinman'.
No offense, but this being your FIRST review and all, and listening to not only this album several times, but being very familiar with all the artists you referenced as comparison, but I just couldn't get past the 2nd paragraph without a number of complaints. So I'll stick to that as my 'comments'. Comparing Nate Barcalow's vocals to that of Brandon Boyd or worse that guy from Hoobastank. Matt Caughthran of the Bronx is the only comparison semi-valid and even that is really an insult to Barcalow's vocal work. I realize you said 'at times' he sounded like these singers but I just flat-out DISAGREE and here is why - Not once did I listen to this record and think that singer reminds me of that guy who sings that song "the Reason" or "Steller" or even "Bats'.

June 16th 2005


While I see some potential in parts of Brandon Boyd's vocals, he tries way too much to sing in many different ranges(or octaves) within a short span of time and he just does not have the voice to pull it off well (with out it sounding incredibly cheesy - which I think he does many, noticable times) - or Worse, he sings like this during various parts of a rather good song when it's not needed. And just as many times what he does sing just does not fit with the song. "OVERSINGING" would be a good description of Brandon Boyd's main problem as a vocalist. Name one track on this record where Barcalow oversings (or screams)? You can't because he doesn't. While not perfect, the comparison is just plain wrong. Boyd tries to inflict a 'jazzy' styling with his vocals and there isn't anything jazzy about Barcalow's voice or Finch's music. Period.

June 16th 2005


Secondly, while if listened to TODAY, not back in 2002 when it was released, Finch's first full-length CD might sound generic to some listeners of the emo/screamo genre of music that has since become so popular(when, in fact, it was Finch - along with leaders Glassjaw - that helped spawn the sing/scream formula with What It Is To Burn and other disc's). Doug Robb has sounded generic his whole career. The hit, "The Reason" was just the epitome of what should best be labeled 'bore-core' just like his vocals. Barcalow on the other hand, has been recruited by bands such as the RX Bandits, Snapcase and The Starting Line just to name a few to lend his vocals on their records. Robb only wishes to say the same. The comparisons with him are a joke.

June 16th 2005


And third, you're comparison with Matt Caughthran of The Bronx, while more well suited, isn't really valid either. Sure.... he screams. And does so well. But that's about it. He screams. As does Barcalow... but much, much better. Barcalow adds different pitches to his screams (from a gutteral yell to a ear-popping shriek. The record is filled with wails, crys, as well as thunderous roars.

June 16th 2005


As a whole on Say hello to Sunshine, Nate Barcalow puts together both singing and screaming, and effectively uses his voice as, to put it bluntly, another instrument (something Boyd tries to do, but fails - sometimes miserably - at).
If anyone - TINMAN - you have failed to draw a rightful comparison to the vocals of Barcalow on this record to, it is that of Mike Patton (Faith No More -'Angel Dust to their last CD 'Album of the Year', Tomahawk, Fantomas, Dillinger Escape Plan and many others). While to say the vocalist of Finch even competes with Patton on a talent level is absurd, remember this is basically Barcalow's second Full-Length CD, as was Angel Dust (minus the off the wall side project Mr. Bungle) - for Patton.

June 16th 2005


I will give you credit, TINMAN, for noticing that Finch is evolving as a band - and certainly not towards a commercial formula like many bands do (i.e. Metallica's change from '...And Justice For All' to the 'Black' album as well as many others). But save the last line of the review, I just couldn't get past the inaccuracies of your critique of the vocals.
The more you listen to Say Hello to Sunshine, the more it grows on you. And those are the types of records that stay with you for a long, long time.

June 16th 2005


Damn, he didn't just own you, he destroyed you.

June 19th 2005


Album Rating: 2.5

This album was exactly what I expected. Finch are trying to get away from the emo/pop-punk bandwagon (managing succesfully), so they decided to create a whole different sound, perhaps a blend of Sikth and Finch's old sound would be a good description. But at times it just doesn't sound's like they're trying to be weird ("ooh let's change the tempo and the key! Let me sing in an ultra low voice, that'll be creepy!)" just for the sake of being weird.

And the singer doesn't sound anything like Brandon Boyd, who's a much more talented vocalist and song-writer.

Favorite tracks: Bitemarks and Bloodstains, A Man Alone, A Piece Of Mind, Insomniatic Meat

Say Hello To Sunshine - 2.5/5

June 21st 2005


Album Rating: 5.0

Finch's new sound is totally amazing and much appreciated. they were good being screamo, but then everyone sounded the same. Had they just made an album just like the last, it would have just been filed in line with all the crappy screamo bands out there. Finch is creating a whole new line and its rather awesome. I love Dreams Of Psilocybin, so experimental and the end blows me away. Deff a must own and ill give it a 4.5/5. Fav tracks: Insomniatic Meat, Ink, A Man Alone and Dreams Of Psilocybin

June 22nd 2005


it sounds like blindsideXtonicXhoobastank=: (

June 24th 2005


Album Rating: 3.0

Listen to Billy Talent's debut, self-titled album and then Finch's Say Hello To Sunshine.

Atticus 69320
June 27th 2005


Album Rating: 2.5

Oh, good God, we all know that Finch is playing with the dirty word 'sellout', especially after they completely changed their style.

June 29th 2005


Album Rating: 4.0

This album is amazing. At first listen I knew how good it was. The vocals on this album are great they go all over the place. The lyrics completly fits the song. I guy said it looked like billy talent, it does a little bit the way he says his words in the first songs. I found small parts that ressemble blindside, some wispering reminded me of Mike Patton in Tomahawk.

Musically this album is great.

I think they made a great choice for changing their sound.

Like some said I think WIITB was good in the time being. If they would of done another one like that I

June 29th 2005


Album Rating: 4.0

If they would of done another one like that I would of forgot them like The Used and My Chemical Romance. . . to name a few.

Fav Songs:

A Man Alone

The Casket Of Roderick Usher

Dream Of Psilocybine



Less Fav:

Hopeless Host

July 4th 2005


I think this album is awesom!!! maybe not as good as wiitb but i think this one isnt far off at all!! and i do not agree he sounds liek any of them artist at all nate is one of my fav singers if he is going to be doing what any one else has done with his voice its mike patton(faith no more) not brandon boyd. mike patton does all the weird mic effects and thats where i think alot of other bands got it from not brandon. any way i think this albums a awesom buy and i love it to pieces spesh the song 'casket of roderick usher' really uses his vocals on that song and the guitars sound like suicide note part 2(or 1 i forget) by pantera!. in all this album is alot more melodic than the old one. he uses his voice in a range of ways and i think that his screams on this album are his best by far!!!

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