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Release Date: 1993 | Tracklist

Sepultura-CHAOS A.D
(Released 1993 on Roadrunner)

Sepultura were should I start" Forming in early 1983 there timing couldn�t have been better with the �thrash� explosion of the 80s and just the pure talent of these 4 men we were sure to be in for a pleasurable surprise. Being breast feed Slayer albums there influences are pretty obvious. All though there earlier albums �Morbid Visions�, �Schizophrenia�,� Beneath the remains� and how could I forget �Arise�dident show case as much talent as �Chaos A.D�they gave us a small taste of what was to come from the leagends.Chaos A.D was a turning point for sepultura with harder and faster rhythms, more furious guitar work, and ear splitting guitar solos they were shot them into the mainstream. Now the business end of things the review.

1.Refuse/Resist � 5/5
After the 8second intro finished you are hit with the typical Sepultura sound(so if u don�t like this song you may as well not bother listing to the rest of this album).A pretty basic guitar rift guides us through the verse into the chorus. After you are hit straight in the face with a face melter of a guitar solo. Max�s pipes don�t sound that bad on this song(due to the fact that on the later songs his voice sounds more strained and forced).Grate way to start an almost perfect album.

2.Terriory � 5/5
Damm what a grate song this would have been to mosh to. This song is perfect in every way a grate intro forced onto you buy pounding drums and a crushing guitar riff. And then some brutal vocals from Max, and of course a brief solo towards the ending of the song.

3.Slave New World � 4.5/5
The 2nd brutal song on �Chaos A.D�not wasting any time your are hit with the same format as �Territory� except harder and faster(for some reason this song always reminds me of �raining in blood� by Slayer�),some fantastic drumming the way through and some pretty cool guitar effects make the listing even more pleasurable, but as soon as you start getting into the song its over!

4.Amen � 3/5
The pace of this song begins much slower than the previous song, some quiet drumming and then the guitar riff comes in. A pretty basic song nothing much to write home about, apart from the partial drum solo in the last 20 seconds of the song(that�s even if you would call it that) and the interesting vocal bridge at about half way.

5.Kaiowas � 2.5/5
This song is just basically an acoustic guitar being played with some drumming towards the end. Some pretty cool acoustic guitar arrangement on this song but I can think of better instrumental songs.

6.Propaganda � 5/5
Now that�s the sh*t! An absolutely brutal song probly one of my favorites on the cd (along side �territory�). A nice use of the double kick(god bless the double kick).This song problem has the best solo on the cd nothing that spectacular but still the best work on this album, and to take us out we have that superb double kick going.

7.Botech is Godzilla � 4.5/5
The thing about this song is that you could just picture the band and the crowd with there fists in the air screaming �BIOTECH BIOTECH BIOTECH IS GODZILLA!�. Now Sepultura�s thrash roots shine and all those days of listing to slayer pay off. The shortest song on the cd (clocking in at a mire 1:52)provides probly the last highlight on the cd. The only down side of this song is that in some parts the vocals seam to be a bit rushed, other than that a grate song.

8.Nomad � 2.5/5
Hmmmm this is wear in my eyes the album which was going perfect takes a down ward slide. The only high light is the double kick in the middle of the song(as u can most probly tell I am in love with the double kick).Grrrr and then we move onto the solo and what a half arsed solo it is pretty slack and in the last 5-6seconds they try to harmonize which doesn�t go over to well. This is a track which I usually skip over.

9.We who are not as others � 3.5/5
The longest intro on the hole cd a hole 1:56 seconds and much like the song before a track I never really got into, but they do do a far better job at harmonizing there guitars this time round. A nice use of backing vocals on the chorus some interesting voices that are either screaming or laughing towards the end as it fades out.

10.Manifest � 3/5
A pretty hard hitting song with some of the more powerful vocals on the album, but by now the �Sepultura sound� Is starting to wear thin on me and the guitar riff seams kina borrowed from another song . Some weird guitar noises towards the ending of the song .Nothing to special but I do tend to skip this song.

11.The Hunt � 5/5
FINALY!!! a change from the usual �sepultura sound� Max actually sounds like he�s taken a more melodic approach to this song which isn�t a bad thing, the guitars are much slower and sounds like they have put more work into this song, and damm what a grate solo I mean its nothing special but it does fit the rest of the song very well. Do I actually hear Max sing clean for about 2 seconds as well"

12.Clenched fist � 3/5
This is problem the only way Sepultura no how to finish an almost perfect album hard and fast. But there�s a down side the drumming seams to sound borrowed in some parts, the guitars are getting a bit repetitive now and Max�s pipes are sounding a bit strained and worn out. Not the worst closer to an album iv ever heard but certainly not the best.

Truthfully this album is NOT one of my favorite �thrash� or �speed metal� albums but yes there is a but it does live up to the hype. The pure speed and intensity keeps up for most of the album even though the last 4-5 songs drag the album down there not bad tunes. So if you�re a fan of �Shadows Fall� or early �Slayer� you should fall in love with this album.

The Hunt
Biotech is Godzilla

(fella�s this is my 1st review so can you please be kind im only 14!)


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May 1st 2005


Classic album. your username a joke?

May 1st 2005


yeh pitty bout sepultura's brake(when max left)ummm dude i couldant think of a name so i chose a line from one of my bands songs

May 2nd 2005


This is a very cool album

May 2nd 2005


It sucks after max left Sepulturan it was not the same. I still think that CHAOS A.D. is a kick ass album.

August 21st 2005


Album Rating: 3.0

A good album, but I just enjoyed Roots more.

Digging: Portal - ION

August 21st 2005


I heard one Sepultura song (Roots Bloody Roots) and I hated it. Were they really old school thrash at one point?

September 15th 2005


Album Rating: 5.0

yes they were. in fact, morbid visions is death metal at its rawest. beneath... and arise are death/thrash metal albums, and chaos ad was the turning point into their current sound.

great album, so/so review (check your grammar ;) )

October 21st 2005


my first Sepultura album its pretty good. Nice review

November 19th 2005


this kicks so much anus!

November 19th 2005


Album Rating: 3.0

It's a good album and all, but after hearing it so much Sepultura just bores me to death.

December 19th 2005


Album Rating: 5.0

My first Sepultura album."Schizophrenia" is way better though.

February 2nd 2006


Album Rating: 5.0

my good friend got me hooked on these guys, and I'm glad he did, these guys are crazy at times, just the fact that there political, and speed/death metal, is what originally got me hooked.


February 2nd 2006


this album is sweet. The drums are an inspiration and the guitars are how they should be, slow and with groove. people play too fast these days and forget about groove. Not that I don't like that as well

February 2nd 2006


Album Rating: 5.0

i like all the album even the 1st 2, but this is the ultimate one, my fav obvioiusly. Man was their chemistry booming on that one. I really liked some of their bass lines too. Either i think it was their best. but i do say they had better solos on beneath and arise

February 2nd 2006


Album Rating: 5.0

And yea, Igor was like unbelievable, hes a great drummer, truly a god of the drums. I'd say hes ranks in the top 3 drummers of all terms of thrash metal. no fuck that, metal in general, i hate giving music a term. its allll just guitar music to me hehe

Tarantino's Tarantulas
April 7th 2006


Album Rating: 3.0

Im listening to this for the first time, its quite good, not really played it enough to make a proper judgement

January 4th 2007


Album Rating: 4.0

Good review although i disagree with the opening paragraph.

You talk about their earlier albums being a taster of things to come. I think this album is not as good as the earlier stuff. You also say this album has harder and faster rhythms?

Their earlier albums were thrash whereas this album started to move more towards groove metal, so i don't really get why you said that.

Anyway, Solid album. Sepultura are one of the few unique bands around.

Well they were until Max left..

south_of_heaven 11
January 4th 2007


Album Rating: 1.5

This album can get pretty boring from time to time...

January 4th 2007


I like Beneath The Remains and Arise alot more but its still a good album. I like how they added two live tracks at the end. They sound just as good live as the cd.

January 4th 2007


My 1st Sepultura CD as well, i think it's awsome. You were totally right about "Biotech is Godzilla," i saw them live and the crowd went crazy. Same for "Refuse/Resist"

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