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April 26th, 2005 | 37 replies

Release Date: 2004 | Tracklist

NOFX being the greatest punk band EVER is now a slightly true statement. With them releasing a greatest hits album, now you can listen to only the best NOFX. I have to say this is a very good cd. All my favorites are on it. Even people just getting into NOFX could enjoy it. The thing so cool about NOFX is that, I think, out of any band they stay closest to their genre (punk). The lyrics are pretty good. Not poeticly cood but good punk lyrics. Also the order the songs go in seems to be perfect. Here's my review of The Greatest Songs Ever Written (By Us) by NOFX.

NOFX is...

Since it's a greatest hits album and NOFX has had many band changes here's NOFX's band member history.

Erik Sandin (drums)
Eric Melvin (guitar)
Fat Mike (bass, vox) came from False Alarm

Scott Sellers (drums)
joined Meat Wagon, S.D.
Erik Sandin (drums) came from Caustic Cause, quit band to go on vacation with parents to Idaho
Eric Melvin (guitar)
Fat Mike (bass, vox)

1986 (lasted 2 weeks)
Scott Aldahl (drums)
Dave Allen (vox) died in Car Accident
Eric Melvin (guitar)
Fat Mike (bass)

Erik Sandin (drums)
Eric Melvin (guitar)
Fat Mike (bass, vox)
Dave Casillas (guitar) came from Stalag 13, Dr. Know

Erik Sandin (drums)
Eric Melvin (guitar)
Fat Mike (bass, vox)
Steve Kidwiller (guitar)
joined Speed Buggy

1991 - present
Erik Sandin (drums)
Eric Melvin (guitar) came from Punk Rock Karaoke
Fat Mike (bass, vox)
El Hefe (guitar) came from Mark Curry Band

Sorry thats was damn long. Here's the review.

Dinosaurs Will Die - A cool song about how the mainstream rock companies are taking over the world. Nice guitar and intro to this one. (9/10)

Linoleum - Cool intro in this song. Also has a very catchy beat that never gets old. But the lyrics in this one are very whiny. (9.5/10)

Bob - A story song about a weird guy with red suspenders trying to escape the world we all live in. But I still love it. Really catchy. Especially the few starting lyrics. (9/10)

The Seperation Of Church And Skate - The BEST song on the album. So energetic and an amazing guitar riff all the way through. Pretty cool political lyrics. (10/10)

Murder The Government - A cool joke song about how the government runs. It's short, about thirty seconds. (8/10)

Bleeding Heart Disease - An annoying and whiny beginning to a really good song but the GOD-AWFUL whining in the intro kills the good score for me. (7.5/10)

Bottles To The Ground - A drunken song with really cool melody and rhythm. But the transition from verse to chorus is really thrashy. But still a really cool song. (9/10)

180 Degrees - OMG I used to hate this song but it grew on me. I don't know how but I now like it. A lot. Cool lyrics in this one. (9.5/10)

Party Enema - One of my favorite songs on the album. A really cool one minute song about a reverse beer bong. Let's just say the alcohol goes somewhere else. (10/10)

What's The Matter With Kids Today - A funny song about how kids nowadays all fallow the rules. Cool guitar in this track, it really is catchy. (9/10)

Reeko - A slow song about a guy who threw a party and doesn't feel like cleaning up. In the end it speeds up and get's really addictive to listen to. (9/10)

Stickin' In My Eye - Not my favorite but that doesn't stop the musical talent from standing out so I'll rate this one on talent alone. Nice guitar ripp all through the song. There, happy" (9.5/10)

All Outta Angst - This song is done in Ska but it's punk. It's really catchy. Really good song. (8/10)

Leave It Alone - My possible favorite on the album, I love this song soooooooo much. It's so fu**in' catchy. I CAN'T STOP LISTENNG TO IT!

Green Corn - One of my favorites. A really cool song about mismatched lovers. The guitar is once again, amazing. (9/10)

The Longest Line - THis came off their EP. It's a really cool story song. I still find myself singing this in school. The lyrics stand out here. (9.5/10)

Thank God It's Monday - A weird song about how someone loves monday and can't get off of how beautiful it is. (7.5/10)

The Idiots Are Taking Over - The Number #3 Bass Line Of All Time (BAss Guitar Monthly). Also a really good and catchy song. man I got to think of another word other than catchy. (10/10)

Don't Call Me White - OMG this phrase is repeated so many times during thus song but it's so addictive that I don't care. The guitar is amazing.

Day To Daze - A cool punky song about a freeloader living in some guy's apartments. One of my favorites. (10/10)

Soul Doubt - A racist title but a catchy chorus. On my list of good songs. (8/10)

Philthy Phil Philanthropist - A cool title and a cool song, It's about the way people abuse privledges constantly. One of my favorites. (10/10)

Shut Up Already - A really catchy song with a riff from Zeppelin's "Black Dog" in the last twenty seconds in the track. (9/10)

It's My Job To Keep Punk Rock Elite - A cool minute long song. Nice guitar in this one. Really punky. (8/10)

Franco Un-American - A cool anti-bush song. Really funny and punky. I love it. (9.5/10)

Kill All The White Man - My least favorite song on the album, it's really a joke. I hate it. (4/10)

Wore Out The Soles Of My Party Boots - This song is only out for this CD and it's really catchy anf amazing. The lyrics, the music. This is the best of NOFX. (10/10)

WOW. That took friggin' forever. Well I'm done. As you can tell this album is definitley worth a listen or three. If the press liked NOFX what-so-ever, it'd be an instant classic. Ok. I'm gonna go ice my hands.

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April 26th 2005


good review. I enjoy hard-core pornography. your thoughts?

April 27th 2005


Well that's an awesome album for H.C lovers.....good rewiev even if I don't like party enema and things like this bcos it seems blink 182....i think best songs are stikin' in my eye,reeko,bleeding heart disease and so on...I prefer the elder tracks...however this is 5/'s our job to keep punk rock elite........!!!

April 27th 2005


Album Rating: 3.5 | Sound Off

NoFX is a great band, no question.

But personally, I don't think this is a must have for anyone other than a hardcore-NoFX-fan, fanboys etc. Good stuff but IMO not really a 5/5

April 27th 2005


i just want to know how "Soul Doubt" is a racist title? it's a play on words, it's supposed to be like "sold out" get it? apparently not.

April 27th 2005


any cd that puts together a bands greatest songs has to be amazing and NOFX didnt fail on this one

June 12th 2005


This is the only NOFX album i have, i think its a great album 5/5

June 12th 2005


I have had "The War On Errorism" for ages now and am definatley considering buying this album. Of course i'm gonna get "Punk In Drublic" sometime, aswell.

June 26th 2005


Album Rating: 3.5

It has it's ups and downs, but calling them one of the best punk bands ever? Fuck no.

September 2nd 2005


I bought this album about 2 months ago and its not been out of my CD player since..... even tho im not really political im always drawn to political bands like RATM

And am i the only one that starts singing the end of 'Bob' at very innapropriate times.............

Best songs: Murder the govt., W.T.M.W.K.T, All outa angst and Obviously........Franco-unamerican (even tho im not american)

December 7th 2005


not a very good review, just not enough info about the songs.

December 7th 2005


A best of NoFX that doesn't include The Decline?

There's no excuse for that.

December 7th 2005



They should have only put about 15 songs on here, there are a lot of mediocre songs on here(hint hint: Shut up already, Murder the Govt.)

December 12th 2005


Everyone get Punk In Drublic, NOW. Thats their best cd you guys will love it. I bought this cd and my mom looked at the song titles and she was like, "Uhh, are these people black?" And I just laughed at her. :o

December 12th 2005



February 17th 2006


the only cd with over 25 tracks that i can listen to straight through and never miss a lyric.. NOFX is great. rhythym, style, strange political views, great songs to play guitar, drum, and sing to. if you see this cd on a shelf, in a bin, or lying on your friend's floor, take it and run. i give it a 5. cause im hanging out on long beach on a party in the sun, listening to NOFX

Skippy Prat
February 17th 2006


theyr worst song are still better then many bands "greatest"

fucking awsome album

March 1st 2006


i would give it a 4/5. great album, but there were one or 2 songs that shouldnt have been on it (kill all the white man)

No Name Here
April 16th 2006


Dude did all you say is "this is catchy", "great song" or " OMG". Why are these songs so good. You Never told us. Ive heard it and think its cool anyways.

clarice s
April 17th 2006


Album Rating: 4.5

love it,one of my favroite bands,i got the album about 3 months ago,i think its fun to listen to (unlike alot of stuff thats out)and is it just me or is the world starting to lose fast punky music it just seems all music thats about at the moment is a bit depressing?

April 23rd 2006


kill all the white men is a funny song i really like it, this album was reccomended by a friend and its awesome an got me into NoFX

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