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April 22nd, 2005 | 11 replies

Release Date: 2003 | Tracklist

where to start" well, in muses case thats easy: The end of the world...

the teighnmouth trio have established themselves as champions of rock, eveer since the first album 'Showbiz' they have been watched with eager eyes by the NME, as being one of the most gifted and promising bands in the world. Absolution fufils every promise for the second time after their astounding 'origin of symmetry', and once again, muse take a sledgehammer at what rock is alowed to stand for in this epic spaced-aged thought provoking instant classic.

As mentioned before, this cataclyzmic album is built around the basis of the end of the world, muse acheive this in a very unique way, unlike heavy metal goth, they take the alternative approach, the opener of Absolution can only be described as the best introduction to any album, ever, a piano nazi stampeid giving out a hugly impressive drum sequence and giving you the harsh situation of the albums dilemma, "...and this is the end, yeah, this is the end...of the world" a truly magnificent opener of which you'll have to be deaf not to be impressed.

the introduction can only be surpassed by whats to come, a string of songs cusping on the verge of pure perfection, setting the albums atmosphere to an increadible amount of detail 'time is running out' a massivly urgent and appropriate title to this bizzar, weired and wonderful cocktail mix of death and sex, climaxing towards matthew ballamy's melodic chorus with a smart and catchy humming bass line throughout. sing for absolution, is a perfect scene setter: post apocolyptic ice age earth "lips are turning blue" the chilling melody running throughout harmonizes tremendosly with the singing of matthew bellamy, yet it is the chorus that truly shines in this glorified winter anthem, an awsome use of bellamy's vocals, very powerful and excellant to listen to indeed. Stockholm syndrome is a magnificent use of heavy guitar sounds, and enters one of the best guitar riffs on the album, the despair on this track is conveyed in a tremendous fashion, as the title and theme of the album are bought together in unisen, "this is the last time i'll, ABANDON YOU" as techno riffs and high pitched vocals harmonize in the backround, this is an addictive song. next to come is the Sci-fi love hymn that is 'falling away with you', a sometimes undrrated song by the unpatiant, but is one of the best on the album, a acoustic and mellow start, brings in a sweet guitar symphony, telling of a love story set in a crumbling future, then comes the epic and climatic chorus, filled with a cascading bass, techno keyboard used to an extraordinary effect and tremilo vocals rounding off the chorus with a dazziling amount of heartfilled melodic vibes.

ahh, that was good, time for a break - the interlude provides a resinating buzz of guitars infused with melancholy and despair, again, another wonderful scene setter of which muse have pulled of to a supurb effect.

'Hysteria' is next, a stand out opera of a track, combining a bizzar melodic chorus of which bellamy's voice is cleverly altered to suit the strangeness of the track, this combined with one of the best guitar pieces on the album, coming from chris wolstenholmes tremendously talented bass playing, a huge monolythic riff, fast, furious and brimming with utter confidence, buzzing extremly well when brought together with the vocals and Domonic Howards trashing drum fill into the chorus, these make 'Hysteria' a completly outstanding track. 'Blackout' simmers things down and brings in a very relaxing melodic vocal set, strings are the main instraments used here, to an extravagant effect, providing the ultimate chill out scene, as bellamy serinades you with " this life's to good to last" ending with it more powerful, and memorable. this is a truly wonderful and soothing track. at long last i come to my personal favourite: 'Butterflies and hurricanes' a song which reaches a new catagory of epicness, hope and piano solos. a very interesting story, and a cleaver title, it is about weather or not this person wants to change to become the worlds saviour, accepting responsibilities, starting from somthing very small to a huge importance, hence the title, yet the music itself shines like a ray of light in Absolution, the combination of the bass tapping and symbols give no hint of whats to come, an enchanting score which is truly unique, along with epic vocals and backround vocals which make 'butterflies and hurricanes' hugely impressive. smack a classic piano piece which is even more impressive in the center of this extraviganza and you have genius on track number 10 on 'Absolution', pure genius. the next three songs merge together rather nicely, a crowd favourite 'the small print' with another excellant riff as the signiture tune, it cascades up and down, designed to slightly disorientate the listener, much like real TSP, the echoing chorus of "Say! it'll make you INSANE!" is a huge delight, and makes the song hugely addictive, after there is the techno melancholic ballad called 'endlessly' much like a computerized version of 'Blackout' it is a signiture chill out theme, and, as with all lyrics on Absolution, they are superb "hoplessly, i'll love you endlessly...i'll give you everything, but i wont give you up." 'thoughts of a dying atheist' is a song with a well of unlimeted meaning and a fine melody running all the way through, suprisingly a cheerful tune, that contrasts with the lyrics "it scares the hell out of me, and the end is all i can see" this song like 'the small print' is a grower.

the last song on Absolution, and it couldn't be more fitting, "ruled by secrecy" is an ending of uncertanty and leaves the listener to ponder and reflect on the whole album. at the beginning there is just one piano paying a slow unwinding tune, then enters the keyboard, vocals bass drums, until it all climaxs towards a grand finale of rich piano and a final scream of the chorus "No one, knows, whos, in control" then it ends, on a tune of uncertainty and wonder.

muse have made it far and have become recognized as britains championss of rock, they bring it into their own space-rock sourserers, and in a blindingly impressive third album, become world wide symbols of talent and shake the world. Just how big are muse going to be in the future" only 3 men know the answere to that...

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April 23rd 2005


Good review, although i reckon it's been done before.

I love this album, but not as much as their others.

April 23rd 2005


I especially like the end of your review, by the way. Great way to close out.

April 23rd 2005


Album Rating: 3.5 | Sound Off

I thought this was Muse's worst album.

Great review in any case.

Ian Curtis Is Dead
April 23rd 2005


Great review, a bit more capitalisation would be nice, but that's just nitpicking.

My personal order: Origin > Showbiz > Absolution

They're all good albums though.

3/5, say.

May 28th 2005


Album Rating: 5.0


May 28th 2005


Album Rating: 4.0

I really liked this album. It was the first taste of Muse, for myself, so maybe I'm slightly biased. I still recall the first track I ever heard by Muse, and the shock/amazement I felt when I listened to everything else -except- for blackout (Which still stands as one of my most favourite tracks off of the album).

Don't kid yourself.....

October 30th 2005


Album Rating: 5.0

there really isn't anything to say about absolution except what have said here. It truly is the greatest album of all time in my opinion. Once you have gone through the works of stockholm syndrome, hysteria and tsp by the time you get to ruled by secrecy (the name of which comes from the book rule by secrecy) it sounds like the end of the world and the beginning of a new one. Stockholm syndrome needs more attention cos it is the best song on the album, cool for pointing out that falling away with you is underrated though cos it really is and is an absolute classic. Best album ever? go on then.

January 30th 2006


Album Rating: 3.0

This is very far from being a 5/5. Muse's worst effort. Still a good album though.

February 1st 2006


i havent got the chance to listen to their other cds. but this one i love. maybe ill jump on the bandwagon and agree that absolutoin is their worst effort, but i liked it. we (my band) learned Stockholm Syndrome, and not only is it a sweet song, but iti is loads of fun to play. we are trying hysteria, but our bassist cant keep up with the bass line. time is running out was easy.

April 18th 2006


Album Rating: 5.0

Most sound out of 3 dudes...ever...

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