Garage Inc.



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April 15th, 2005 | 201 replies

Release Date: 1998 | Tracklist

Disc: 1

1. Free Speech for the Dumb
For such a great album, this is a very weak intro. The song starts off with a bang but never delivers. Heavy, yes. Fast, yes. But interesting" No. 2/5

2. It's Electric
Now were gettin somewhere. This is an awesome "feel good" rock song. Heavy powerchords mixed with Hetfields voice makes this song a great driving song. The vocal melody in the verse is very catchy and will have you singing it for days. The chorus isnt very catchy, but who cares, this is rock, not pop. 4.5/5

3. Sabbra Cadabra
Easily the best song on both discs. This song is actually a medly of the Black Sabbath songs Sabbra Cadabra and A National Acrobat. The song starts off with a very catchy classic rock riff followed by a montouge of wah. After that the lead guitar explodes into an awesome lead which leads us into the very. Extremely catchy and non cliche for a love song. Everything about this song is great. Hetfields voice is at its best during this one. After a couple minutes of Sabbra Cadabra, Metallica switches it up to A National Acrobat. This song is far different from the first. With bluesy riffs, dark lyrics, and plenty of the wah pedal. After a couple minutes of A National Acrobat its back to Sabbra Cadabra for the end of the song. Awesome song, really shows how genius both Black Sabbath and Metallica are. 5/5

4. Turn the Page
This was one of the singles from the album. The original song which was written by Bob Seger was done with a quiet clean guitar, saxophone, and a general calm and depressing mood. Metallica's version is done with heavy powerchords, the lead guitar replacing the saxophone, and an upbeat not as depressing mood. Since the song is relatively simple with only about 3 powerchords, the song really lets Hetfields voice shine. Great song. 4/5

5. Die Die My Darling
Begins with a high hat 8 count and explodes into heavy riffs and pissed off lyrics. This is a great song for getting your aggression out. I personally enjoy this version more than the Misfits. Maybe its just the recording quality, but Metallica's version is much more explosive. After only a couple minutes the song is over but leaving you thirsty for more. 4/5

6. Loverman
Not quite as good as the last few songs, Loverman still holds its own as a decent song. Although the lyrics are quite cheesy, the song builds up from calm to very loud. Nothing really stands out about this track though. 3/5

7. Mercyful Fate
Ah yes, finally some good old fashioned METAL! This song blasts out of no where with a face melting solo (haha) and awesome powerchord riffs. Hammett really shines in this one. This song is basically just 11 minutes of metal in its purest form. The song is a medley of a few of Mercyful Fate's songs. The highlight song of the medley is "The Curse of the Pharoah". With great riffs, nice lyrics and a catchy melody, you can't wait for this part of the song to begin. Hetfield really shows you what a great voice can do for these songs. For those of you who havent heard any Mercyful Fate yet, check out some of their songs and you'll know what I mean. 5/5

8. Astronomy
This is a nice soothing song with a great verse melody. Nothing stands out too much about this song. Metallica really didnt improve much upon the original which was done by Blue Oyster Cult. Still a better song than Loverman and Free Speech for the Dumb. The song's layout is sort of similar to Loverman's as well. 3/5

9. Whiskey in the Jar
For some reason everyone seems to love this song. A lot of people know Metallica by this song. While its a great song, its not THAT great of a song. The sound is very original. Probably because it is an old irish song written but the Dubliners. Thin Lizzy did a cover of it a while back and laid down the main riffs to the song. You wont really find another song that sounds like this one. A nice catchy lead riff accompanied by the strange chorus, makes this a really good tune. 4/5

10. Tuesday's Gone
Ok when I first learned that Metallica was covering this song, I got very excited. Originally written by Lynyrd Skynyrd, this song is a masterpiece. The Metallica version falls short though. They brought in a few friends, such as Les Claypool, to perform this song. Unlike all the previous songs, they dont improve on the original in any way. The song almost seems too busy with so many layers of guitar and vocals. Still a good song to listen to. 3.5/5

11. The More I See
Really not much to this song. It has one good riff in it, but everything from Lar's drumming to Hetfields voice is pretty bland. 2.5/5

Disc: 2

1. Helpless
Finally another metal song. Another great cover of Diamond Head by Metallica. Listening to the original, I always got annoyed by King Diamond singing "Helpless" a million times during the chorus. James cuts that down to a simplier and more catchy amount. Just a great simple metal song. Lars' drumming sounds punkish and the song has a few blinding fast riffs. We'll see a lot more of this style on
Disc 2. 3.5/5

2. The Small Hours
Starts off with a creepy "horror movie" like guitar piece with a great beat by Lars. Followed by a riff that forces you to just start banging your head. This is a pretty good song and differs from any other one on this disc. About halfway through it changes into a nice galloping riff. Despite the songs original sound, it falls short of the majority of songs on Garage, Inc. 2.5/5

3. The Wait
Starts off with a bang. A great opening riff has you anticipating where the song is gonna go next. Unfortunately you'll be hitting the "Next" button as soon as the vocals come in. There are just too many effects on the vocals and it gets downright annoying. 2/5

4. Last Caress/Green Hell
Starts off with the famous "Ive got somethin to say" line and only gets better from there. Awesome song. Like Sabbra Cadabra this is two songs in one, not quite as good as Sabbra Cadabra, this one definetly holds its own. From the awesome vocal melodies of Last Caress, to the Green Hell riffs that obviously inspired many a guitarists to pick up the guitar, this one is a keeper. 4/5

5. Am I Evil"
Ok now were getting into the best chunk of the album. Am I Evil is a masterpiece written by Diamond Head. The song has a massive build up and doesnt let you down one bit. The main riff is very simple but it is so damn catchy. The singing is great and about halfway through the song there is a huge tempo change. The song gets much faster and thrashier. One of the highlights of this album. 4.5/5

6. Blitzkrieg
This song has a nice driving tempo to it. The riffs are simple but very effective. The singing melody during the verse is also an eye opener. As with the rest of this album, the drums are relatively simple and James Hetfield basically takes center stage. Hmm. Anyway
this is another awesome song. 4/5

7. Breadfan
The band "Budgie" originally did this song. I listened to Budgie's version and its kinda hokey sounding. Metallica's version is far better. This song really has an edge to it. With no chorus and only one vocal melody, the song really blazes through. A nice breakdown riff and then a clean guitar picking a few chords, the song goes back into its original form and then ends with something a little creepy. You'll know what im talking about if you listen to it. Anyway this is another great one. 4.5/5

8. The Prince
This song is filled with a ton of guitar riffs. Each one is awesome in its own way. You can even hear some of the harmonizing riffs that Metallica was obviously influenced by. The singing is a little lackluster but not bad by any means. The drumming is still pretty boring though. Hey, we even hear a little bass on this one! Hooray! 3.5/5

9. Stone Cold Crazy
Originally wrote by Queen, this is an awesome song. Really cutting edge for its time, this song still sounds like it could have been wrote today. Starts off with a great riff but then is followed by a whole lot of Hetfield. Great song for driving. 4/5

10. So What
Not that great of a song. High School kids are generally attracted to this song because of the obscene lyrics, but thats all this song really has, depth wise. Relatively simple all around. Metallica still plays this one at their concerts though. 2/5

11. Killing Time
This is another good old fashioned metal song. You can tell the guys were having a lot of fun when doing this one. This is simple but has great everything in it. Metal fans should love this one. 4/5

12. Overkill
Hey what do you know, the bass and drums finally get some time of their own on this one. Maybe thats because the guitar is pretty boring on this one. The solos are pretty nice though. Hetfield kind of changes his voice a bit to sound more like Lemmy (Motorhead wrote this tune) but I kind of wish he would have made it more his own. 3/5

13. Damage Case
The best of the Motorhead songs on this album (songs 12-15), this one is pretty catchy. Like the other ones, not a whole lot of depth into them. Still a good one. 3.5/5

14. Stone Dead Forever
This one comes in a close 2nd to Damage Case for the best of the Motorhead area of the CD. Pretty catchy, decent solos by Hammett and the same ol' from Lars. 3.5/5

15. Too Late Too Late
Too Late Too Late starts off with some actual guitar riffs, (The past few songs have basically been chord strumming) but falls short in terms of the rest of the album. I usually skip over this one. The original is better anyway. 2/5

16. Crash Course in Brain Surgery
Starts with a nice bass run and then goes into a familiar riff. This one was done by Budgie but you will also notice that Mercyful Fate and Diamond Head have riffs similar to this on the album. Not a lot of depth to this song, it does allow the bass a few moments to shine though. Something not seen much over the last two disc's. 3/5

Overall Album Rating - 4/5

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Garage Inc - Possibly one of Metallica's greatest albums - the greatest easily in the past 10 years....

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Scott Herren
April 15th 2005


This is an ok album I guess. I'd probably give it a 2.5/5. I think the strongest song is "Loverman" though.

April 15th 2005


yeah, loverman is awesome man, deserves at least a 4/5

April 15th 2005


Thin Lizzy didnt write Whiskey In The Jar, it was an Irish folk song they covered. Review could have done with a few more facts about the band, albums release etc.

April 15th 2005


this album is great, it shows that metallica are able to play all sorts of music as well as heavy stuff. i think it is great, its not there strongest but its still good to listen to

heavy metal kid
April 15th 2005


The Wait,So what,am i evil,astronomy,Loverman and Last Caress/Green Hell decerve more imo.

April 15th 2005


yeah i agree, so what, am i evil, loverman, and last caress are some of the best on the cd in my oppinion!

April 15th 2005


Personally I think you all are putting too much criticism on this ablum, after all, it is a cover abulm, none of its original. Sure the medley is somewhat original. Second of all, Whiskey In The Jar, was the Irish folk song produced and copyrighted, if not, sorry dude, its Thin Lizzy's song.

April 17th 2005


Whiskey in the jar was originally written by the dubliners then phil fron TL stole the lryics and wrote his riffs over it... i am from ireland and metallica played it here last yr... AMAZING live - ya really gotta love it

April 17th 2005


Thanks for the info on Whiskey in the Jar guys. I edited the review with the correct information.

April 19th 2005


breadfan tops this album sorry lol, interesting lyrics. does ayone know if it is hetfields little kid say "mommy, wheres fluffy?" or just some random thing?

July 9th 2005


In my opinion Turn the Page is increadably underated. I love both the original, but the Metallica version is even better.

July 29th 2005


This is some cool stuff. Personally I think you underated The Small Hours, The Prince and all the motorhead songs. Besides that, good review.

September 23rd 2005


On my garage INC cd crash course in brain surgery is track four on disc two and there is only 15 songs on disk two

September 24th 2005


as a totall metallica fan this albumn was a great dissapointment not worth buying if ur not a die hard fan like me lol

September 25th 2005


I agree with you. I bought it because of disk 2 i dont really care for disk one

September 28th 2005


Album Rating: 4.0

Ok, this is a cover album, but it is way better than Reload or St. Anger, and at least as good as Load, an album I seriously think isn't ALL that bad.

I absolutely digg Stone Cold Crazy, man. Definitely 5/5-material. So is Turn The Page and Astronomy.

Apart from that, I generally agree with your ratings. Sabbra Cadabbra is for sure the best track. Amazing how they combine the two songs in such a great way.This Message Edited On 09.28.05

November 7th 2005


better than St Anger? oh hell ya. i love this album (even though a sack of shit is better than st anger).

Ya, stone cold crazy is sweet, its some of the best drumming fram Lars in awhile

my favs are its electric, turn the page, sabbra cadabbra, crash course in brain surgery and helpless

good review

November 7th 2005


What isn't better than Saint Anger?
Very little, that's what.

November 8th 2005


Album Rating: 4.5

good album, mostly good songs especially sabbra caddabra and its electric

November 8th 2005


Lets Cover Other Band's Shit, Inc..

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