Bullet for My Valentine
Bullet For My Valentine



by Damrod EMERITUS
April 10th, 2005 | 62 replies

Release Date: 2004 | Tracklist

Songs available for a listen sample on the bands web-site:

Some general impressions
I don't know about you folks, but I have not heard a notch about this band. Well, not until recently reading about them on my favorite online Music portal. There it read: "Fans of the slightly harder songs by Thrice, Funeral For A Friend or From Autumn To Ashes will probably like this band from Wales." Three bands I like pretty much in one sentence to describe this band... That got my attention.

So here I am, with the debut EP by the band. What you're dealing with here is a kicking bastard of Metalcore, (and today so called) Emo, Emo-Core, flavoured with some guitar solos here and there. I can understand why the folks on 'the island' think this is the next big thing. Overall, that is nothing new to deal with. Neither the fact that the band is getting hyped as the next big thing (see Funeral for a Friend or Lostprophets) nor the type of music they play. Still, the songs are played well and show a lot of potential for the future IMO. The guitar work is solid and you can hear here and there where the inspirations came from. Obviously the band likes metal bands like Iron maiden, Metallica and the like. Though you can hear the inspiration here and there, it does not sound like a rip off of these bands, Like it is in such music, tha bass stands a bit in the background. But what is played fits great, and supports the overall song. The drummer does a great job as well, thumbs up for that too. :) The vocals range from clear vocals to screamed and shouted ones. If it is all done by the singer, I don't know. It does not clearly state that anywhere. Either way, if it's done by one or two folks, it sounds good.

The music itself is very riff driven, which get's clear on every song. From straight melodic work like on 'Cries in Vain', over the clean intro of 'Curses' to the almost typical Hardcore style guitar riffs on 'Hand of Blood'. Which is ok, but the other instruments kinda drown regarding what they do. The bass is limited to root notes, and so far I have not found a point in a song where he breaks out a bit, and maybe adds a fill here or there. On some songs it would really add something to the overall feeling of the song IMO. Still it stays good work.

What I really like about the album:
The vocal work is nice, screamed vocals and clean vocals are combined in a great way. The blending of clean to screamed vocals on the verse of 'Hand of Blood', or the Chorus of 'Just another Star' are great examples for that. The small parts of multi-voiced choruses and vocals are nice as well, but are at a good level with where they are put. On 'Just another Star' that's almost too much, but ok. Can't complain about the guitars. Good stuff

What was not so good:
Like I mentioned above, the bass could do more. There are spots where I think small bass fills would really add to the songs. Apart from that I could not think about anything really negative. Well, maybe the playtime, as this EP is over too fast. The material is great, and after about 20 minutes when the CD finishes, you're kinda standing in air. The last song pushes ou forward, and than you're just left there hanging.

If you're up to stuff like From Autumn to Ashes or Thrice, flavoured with some 'old school' metal influences, you should check these guys out. It's not the re-invention of the wheel, but who needs that anyway? Bullet for my Valentine serve you a nice mix of Metalcore, Emo and Emocore on a level that can compete with a lot of bands that are big in these genres. At least IMO. Even with the mentioned flaws, this band shows potential. And a lot of it.

Generally, I would give this album a 3 or 3.5, but as it is possible to gather people with it (some of my friends, that are absolutely not into my emo/emocore/Metalcore really enjoy this record) and to intruduce them to that kind of music, I'll give it a:

Rating: a solid 4/5 :thumb:

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Win A Rabbit
April 11th 2005


im just listening to these guys right now, and i really like what i'm hearing. if i see this cd, ill definately pick it up. thanks for recommending it :thumb:

April 11th 2005


They kick ass!

Broken Wings
April 11th 2005


The're amazing. They have a new single out at the moment, four words to choke upon, i suggest tracking it down as it shows they are deffinately moving in all the right directions. the album will be amazing. It sounds alot more like Hand of Blood than any of the other tracks on the e.p, but since h.o.b is my fav on the e.p, its no wonder i love it!

April 17th 2005


I really do enjoy listening to these guys. Its nice to see that mixing certain genres together can be made to the quality of what this EP is.

Also... really good band live. Going to see them again when tour with Funeral For a Friend play in London.. woohoo!

April 19th 2005


its a great cd and a great band it's kind of if Killswitch was covering Metallica

May 24th 2005


[QUOTE=lost_punk]its a great cd and a great band it's kind of if Killswitch was covering Metallica[/quote]

Doesn't that mean it's bound to suck?

I hate when labels market bands as somehow equal with the bands that they poorly rip off. I was in Tower Records and saw a sticker on a CD by the band The Hurt Process that said "Emotional [something something] for fans of Thursday and Poison the Well." I listened to the CD since it was on audio display and it just sucked. Plain and simple. They decided to take the forumlas that those bands succeeded with and botch them. So, when I read that this CD had a sticker on it I feared the worst.

July 3rd 2005


They are amazing and highly talented only problem is the shortage of songs but I love it anyway!

August 26th 2005


Great review, this album is quite good. Favorite song on it is easily Hand Of Blood.

August 31st 2005


great ep, and the live performance in the lock up tent at leeds fest was a fuckin sight to behold! these guys are going to be huge and deservedly so, the new material from the upcoming album bodes well, i gotta say.

August 31st 2005


i like what i hear, i should deff pick this up. nice review

September 17th 2005


5/5 Every song rocks, Look out for theyre new LP Poison out on Oct 3rd, its gonna kick ass, i cant wait. Btw, i wouldnt class them as emo, i would put them in the same genre as trivium, avenged sevenfold etc, if you like them, definitely check these out. This Message Edited On 09.17.05

September 18th 2005


Trivium and Avenged Sevenfold = not Emo, neither are these guys.

Metalcore fits

September 18th 2005


sum ppl say that they sound like FFAF but they dont (at least to me they dont)

P.S how do u get a picture under your name?

Sparrow Legs
October 8th 2005


Album Rating: 5.0

Awesome band, quality EP, my favourite song on the EP is Curses.

October 8th 2005


I need the album now >=(

January 31st 2006


Album Rating: 4.0

this band rules! my favorite song is cries in vain. They are one of my favorite bands. I dont think there emo, but there not really the same as trivium. Trivium is better!

January 31st 2006


Album Rating: 3.0

For some reason, I think Hand of Blood is a good song. I'm almost never into metalcore and I don't know what their full album is like, but I find this EP to be a guilty pleasure for me.

January 31st 2006


Album Rating: 4.0

This band is so small yet so great. They are the next big thing. Their riffs are insane and the vox aren't like anything I've heard. Great band on the verge of greatness.

February 2nd 2006


the lead guitarist is also the clear vocal, and bassist does those screamed and shouted ones
by the way, guys this is more emocore than metalcore....
but nothing too sophisticated...
fine review..
lol, Iīm sorry, it ainīt emocore, but I surely wouldnīt call it metalcore, yeah they have metal riffs and so...but I just canīt accept that something like bullet for my valentine would be part of a genre where is f.e. Converge....
This Message Edited On 02.03.06

February 17th 2006


Album Rating: 3.5

This is a very solid EP. I'll definitely be picking up their full length.

Does anyone else notice the similarities to the bridge to Just Another Star and the verse of Rose of Sharyn by Killswitch? When I heard it, that was the first thing that popped into my head.

Good Review.This Message Edited On 02.17.06

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