We Will Destroy...You Will Obey!



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January 17th, 2005 | 1 replies

Release Date: 1999 | Tracklist

Running Time = 33:42

Wes Blackwülf : Guitars
Matt Hellfiend : Guitars, Vocals
Dan Bulldoze : Bass
Andy Maniac : Drums

Alright, Dekapitator, A band formed by members from Exhumed, in San Jose, California. This album I’m reviewing is their first full-length studio album, and is a thrash/death metal record that leans a bit more to the thrash side. The production is pretty raw for a newer record, and is just a bit cleaner than Dark Angel’s “Darkness Descends.”

This album delivers a furious death/thrashing assault, with heavy breakdowns, and plenty of double bass to go around. Solos and leads are frantic, but not the wall of noise that are some of Kerry King’s solos. This album also has its share of catchy memorable riffs.

One Shot, One Kill
This song kicks off the album with a double bass roll, and then the madness starts. Lightning fast riffage, and a memorable shouted chorus of “ONE SHOT ONE KILL!” Get up a bang your head! There’s a short solo in this song, and then that main verse come back to kick your face in. A solid way to start off an album, although it may be too short for some listeners to enjoy. 4/5

Release The Dogs
Oh my god, deliver us to evil. What a headbanger we have here. This track has a definite old school feel to it, that wouldn’t be out of place on a certain Annihilator album. This song brings back that catchy shouted chorus that the last song had. It has metal written all over its forehead! The double bass complements the chorus riff very nicely too. A cool solo is also in this song. Another solid track. 5/5

We Will Destroy…You Will Obey
Third song, time to slow it down, right" Wrong. Dekapitator just keeps bringing the madness. Fast thrashing song, with a heavy, catchy breakdown at about the halfway point of the song. My main problem with this song is that it’s too short. Another one of those great breakdowns could’ve made this song better. There’s also no solo, and for a guitar player like me, that’s blasphemy. Good song though. 3/5

Hell’s Metal
This is one of the weaker tracks on the album. The opening riff of this song sounds like a watered down version of the one on Release The Dogs. Well, this song was obviously influenced by Testament, and brought the recycled riff along with it. This song also kind of drags on a bit. Oh well, next song. 2/5

Make Them Die
Holy brutality Batman! Fast and heavy as hell! This song makes you bang your head as if up from the dead, as Paul Baloff once said. Speedy verse and chorus, shreddin’ solo, and this song is done before your jaw hits the floor. Short song, massive amounts of pwnage. 5/5

Possessed With Damnation
Starts off with the now recognized fast riff, but man, does this song have one hell of a breakdown! If that doesn’t make you tear your wall down, I don’t know what will. AGGRESSION IST KRIEG! After the heavy breakdown, the track gets kinda repetitive, but that aforementioned breakdown with have wanting to rewind the song. 4/5

Thundering Legions
One of the best songs on here. This song belongs back in 1986. Heavy, fast, and catchy, just like thrash should be done. The vocalist also does a cool high-pitched scream at the beginning of the song. Burning of Sodom, anyone" No, but pretty close. 5/5

The song title makes this song look promising. Although it delivers to an extent, it’s kind of weak. The buildup for the solo, and the solo itself make this song a lot better. By now though, you’re wanting another Make Them Die. 3/5

Attack With Mayhem
This song has definite old school thrash vibe, cool gang choruses and all. Slower than most other songs on here, but it gets the job done. Short song though. 3.5/5

T.F.S. (Total Fucking Slaughter)
Still wanting another Make Them Die" Well, here you go. Brutal, fast, catchy, short. This song shows the deathy side of the album, and boy does it show it off well. It has a short solo, and some cool, yet gruesome chorus lyrics. TOTAL! FUCKING! SLAUGHTER!!! 5/5

Haunted By Evil
They should’ve named this song Haunted By Bay-Area Styled Thrash. Bay Area stuff almost never fails. The vocalist shows his chops on this song, by letting loose a high-pitched scream near the middle of it. Memorable riffs, nicely tapped solo. Good way to close off a record. 4/5

I recommend this album to any fan of thrash or death metal. It’s a solid album, although it is kinda short. But who cares. It’ll get the job of kicking your arse done. The band will destroy, and you will have no choice but to obey.

Overall Score: 4/5

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January 17th 2005


This is really fu.cking old-school. This is great.

4/5 for me as well.

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