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Release Date: 2000 | Tracklist

The Best Of: Vol 1 by Silverchair

For most, it was a great surprise to see a Silverchair 'greatest hits' album after the band had only released three studio albums. This is one of those things that is stated in every review of this album (another example of this is for Metallica's self titled album, where in every review it states that it is also known as the 'black album'). This may seem that a great band like Silverchair is trying to milk fans for more money. A common misunderstanding is that the band endorsed this release. In fact, they didn't. Sony Music (their record label) released this without any communication with any band members, and without any form of consent from the band. If anyone is in it just for the money, then it must be the record label.
With that out of the way, let's get on with the review.

  1. Anthem for the Year 2000
  2. Freak
  3. Ana's Song (Open Fire)
  4. Emotion Sickness
  5. Israel's Son
  6. Tomorrow
  7. Cemetery
  8. Door
  9. Miss You Love
  10. Abuse Me
  11. Pure Massacre
Please Note: there are other versions of this album available, such as one featuring rare tracks, including b-sides and live versions of the band's hits. This review is for the budget edition of the album, featuring just the 'best of' Silverchair and no more.

Silverchair have risen to international fame since their 1995 debut. That album, in particular is especially good. Perhaps (and I'm just being picky), there could have been more songs from that album on this compilation. Their earlier songs somewhat resemble the 'Seattle Grunge' sound of the early nineties. Some of their songs, are beautiful, soft acoustic tracks. Others have become modern rock anthems. Unfortunately, there is no flow whatsoever on this album, and the multiple styles Silverchair implements in their original compositions, are linked poorly.

For those of you that don't know the story of Silverchair I will explain it briefly. Three fifteen year olds, from Newcastle, Australia, won a 'battle of the bands' competition. The prize was studio time. Silverchair used this time to record Tomorrow. After a world-famous support tour, their debut album, Frogstomp achieved international sucess.

For every compilation of a band that has already released studio albums, before purchasing the compilation, there is always a consideration if it would be more appropriate to purchase individual albums. For Silverchair, this latter option is definately the more sensible option. Whilst this collection features all the band's hits from their first three albums, the flow is totally and wholly lost. This disc travels from modern rock anthems Anthem for the Year 2000 and Freak to the calm, beautiful acoustic tracks Ana's Song and Emotion Sickness. It then proceeds to two excellent grunge-flavoured, heavily distored classics from the band's debut (Israel's Son and their breakthrough hit, Tomorrow). Already here we have had three great snippets from a great Australian band.

Personally, I've selected the band's debut as my favourite of their studio recordings. Featured on this album are three songs from their debut. The songs that have been taken from that album are: Israel's Son, Tomorrow and Pure Massacre. These songs feature a Nirvana-esque sound and excellently showcase three fifteen year olds on the rise.

Overall, this album is not a worthwhile purchase. This disk is "all over the place" and there is no-flow in between songs. The track order seems somewhat random, and nothing is included here but the band's singles. For Silverchair's existing fans, perhaps the 2 disk edition of this album may be worthwhile solely due to the rare tracks found on the second disk. For people who want to get introduced to Silverchair, then it is best to start with 1995's Frogstomp.

Recommended Tracks
Israel's Son
Pure Massacre
Anthem For The Year 2000

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May 6th 2005


I fully agree, this is a rather poor, even for a greatest hits. But I have the 2 disc version, with this CD and all the b-sides and whatnot. I still wouldnt say its worth it even for that unless you're a must-have-every-track-this-band-ever-made-or-i'll-die- type of fan.

Good review though.

June 30th 2005


Hey, it's not that bad. & by the way i am a must-have-every-track-this-band-ever-made-or-i'll-die-type of fan

September 14th 2005


i had a passing interest in silverchair having seen a few videos, so i bought this, and it had the rarities bonus disc. the hits disc is pretty solid throughout, i gotta say, i like all of them. the bsides one has a few crackers on it, but there are also some stinkers. not bad for a tenner though...

December 22nd 2005


Album Rating: 4.5

---Quote ---

I fully agree, this is a rather poor, even for a greatest hits. But I have the 2 disc version, with this CD and all the b-sides and whatnot. I still wouldnt say its worth it even for that unless you're a must-have-every-track-this-band-ever-made-or-i'll-die- type of fan.

Mate if your an ausse, go f*** a rusty nail, your an embarrasment. Silverchair are a sensation to Aus, like Powderfinger and Living End etc etc. I cant see how you can call it poor with tracks like Anthem 2000, Freak, Miss You love and Ana's Song. If you call this CD poor, then your reflecting your own standards of musical interest. Great review, wicked CD, go out and buy it, it aint....POOR

June 17th 2006


lol freaks_refuge got owned, even if he isn't an Aussie he can't still go F*** a rusty nail. i don't have this album, but i have all the songs on it. i would like this album if i had it .... i'm proabably gonna buy it if i see it in sanity next time i go there. i'm an Aussie, so IMO Silverchair rock lol.

August 16th 2006


Album Rating: 3.5

Nice review. I can't believe I never saw it before. I agree that the tracklist is all over the place. I'd still probably buy the one with the rare tracks though.

October 11th 2006


I just bought it! amazing, check it out. b-sides kick ass

October 25th 2006


They were only 20 when they released their best of album! Unbelieveable!!!

February 24th 2009


Album Rating: 2.5

I really dislike this CD, but it gets some credit for helping me get acquainted with the band.

February 24th 2009


Just get all the albums they're just as cheap. I can tell this "album" wouldn't flow well at all.

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