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Fading American Dream



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June 19th, 2007 | 6 replies

Release Date: 2006 | Tracklist

This is the Street Dog's third release, and it their best outing. Every song is catchy and they gel very nicely together. Instead of going through their history, I will just jump into a track-bytrack review.

1. Common People
This is a fantastic song to open up the CD. It has guitar in the background with the bass coming in shortly after and McColgan speaking to his listeners. It jumps into a nice riff, and leads to the chorus with is very catchy. As the title suggests, this song is for the commom working class people of America.

"This is a battle cry for the Common People
The forgotten nowhere kids stuck in the middle
We're singing this song for all of the Common People
Who've given up so much and got back so little"

One of their best songs, but not the best song on the CD.

2. Not Without a Purpose
This another great song. McColgan leads vocals for the first verse, which leads one of the best choruses I have ever heard. It is hard to explain it's just a song that you have to experience to love. Another thing I love about this song is that the bassist, Johnny Rioux takes vocals in the second verse, which is great and is nicely sung.

3. Fatty
Perhaps the best song on the CD, it is about an outcast. Musically, the bass sounds nice as it plays some parts of the song an octave higher, which sounds great. The guitar intro is nice, and he vocals, as always are great. A thign that I love about this song is the bass and vocals pasrt of the song after the small solo. It shows off McColgans vocals and Johnny's bass-playing skills.

4. Decency Police
Unlike the first three songs, this song is not "stellar". Nonetheless, it is a decent song. It is somewhat faster and harder than the previous songs. It has a fast solo. The chorus can get quite annoying sometimes. Nonetheless, a decent song, don't skip it when you listen to thisCD.

5. There's Power In a Union
This song is written by the "famous" Billy Bragg. It sung nicely by McColgan, and unlike the last song it has a slower tempo. Not really much to say about this song, a decent song, nothing much to hear. That being said, the message of the song is great.

6. Tobe's Got a Drinking Problem
Definetly one of my favorite Street Dog song's of all time. It starts with acoustic guitar and McColgan singing. It works very nicely when it suddenly jumps into a quick riff. It is a extremely catchy song.

7. Shards of Life
This has some weird instrument, that I happen to not know. It is during the chorus, but it sounds great and complements the song very nicely. It has an electric guitar played over a nice acoustic guitar.

8. Sell Your Lies
The verse is a lit bit more of a hardcore song. It sounds great. The chorus, which has gang vocals is fantastic. Not much to say about this song. Despite the fact that it is a little different it does not stand out too too much.

9. Rights to Your Soul
This is also a fantastic Street Dogs, song. A classic. Everythign about it is great. The verse is great, the pre-chorus is better, and the chorus is even better. Songs like these are what make this CD a classic.

10. Hard Luck Kid
This song stands out because the ocatve guitar sounds fantastic. The vocals, are as always are great. The pre-chorus is great, because it jumps into a "dark" riff, and the chorus is nice and steady, with a cool bass line, and awesome vocals.

11. Fading American Dream
The title track contrary to what I would have thought, is not fantastic. It has nice guitar at the beginning, but the verse is kind of bland, and normal. The chorus is OK, but the song itself does nothign to stand out. Nonetheless a decent song.

12. Final Transmission.
It seems teh Street Dogs have one acoustic song on each CD. For example, they suceeded on "Unions and the Law" which was great. This song on the other hand was medicore, except for when the song picks up a little bit of pace. Not a bad song, because acoustic songs are always a good change of pace.

13. Katie Bar the Door
This is a great closing song. It has great bass in the intro/verse. It has a very up-beat rythym, and makes you wanna get up and run around. It has one of the best sing-along choruses I have heard:

"Katie, bar the door, we are jumping off the rails
Any hope for calm went John B. Sails
We're in your pub tonight to sing of good days left behind
And raise a glass to better times"


This CD is somethign that punk really needed: a raw, fast , in your face punk rock CD with a great message about the working class. Probably one of my favorite punk rock CD's ever. 4.5/5

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June 19th 2007


I would write reviews in Word to catch the simple spelling errors like 'somethign' and grammar like the first sentence.

I've heard a few Street Dogs songs all from Back to the World that I liked. This sounds good, I'd like to hear the Billy Bragg cover.

Digging: Iron Chic - You Can't Stay Here

June 19th 2007


Album Rating: 4.5

I have actually had tehse reviews hanging around for a while, so i submitted them...

Yeah the message of teh song is awesome, and the song itself is decent, it's worth a listen

June 19th 2007


You can still drop them into Word, Nick, and then copy and paste them into the text box for submission.

These guys are a lot of fun live but I've never heard their studio material.

June 19th 2007


Album Rating: 4.5

yeah good point

I guess it just passed my mind

yeah I have yet to see them live I missed them in December, but I am seeing them July 5th which is going to kick ass

i suggest picking up all of their cd's which are awesome

June 22nd 2007


This is a great album. I'm glad somebody finally reviewed it.

July 6th 2007


Album Rating: 4.5

i just saw these guys last night, it was nuts

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