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June 18th, 2007 | 8 replies

Release Date: 2002 | Tracklist

'Outlaw Anthems' is Blood for Blood's sixth release. It is an excellent CD, unlike some of their past attempts. I absolutely cannot stand some of their releases, such as 'Spit My Last Breath'. It all sounds the same. This release however, is fantastic.
This CD has alot of different things, such as Rob Lind actually singing. Not the Buddah's voice is bad, but the dual vocal attack works. Both have two very different voices: Buddah with the deep and aggresive, and Rob with the Bostonian accent.
I will do a track-by-track review, as it will shows you the pros and cons more thoroughly.

1. A Postcard From the Edge
As many of the songs on this CD do, it starts with a bunch of people talking amongst themselves, which sounds like a bar-room. They sre chanting the band's name in the background. It also has Lind speak at the beginning, which happens in about half of these songs. This really is not a song, just Lind yelling to the same chord over and over again, and drums. That being said, I will no rate it as it is an intro, with nothing to offer.
No Rating

2. Mother Dear
This song has Buddah's very aggressive vocals throughout. It makes me want to get up and break some sh*t. It has fast guitar, and it stops suddenly but goes into a highly annoying vocals by Lind saying "Mother Dear" over and over again. It is not a bad song, besides the whole Lind chanting.

3. Ain't Like You (Wasted Youth 2)
One of the best Blood for Blood songs ever. It has great, fast instruments and vocals, with Lind and Buddah sharing the verse. They both have awesome vocals in the chorus as well. It is a big F**k you to the world, which is like most of their songs. It ends with chanting of 'Wasted Youth' in the background.

4. Dead End Street
Once again one of the best songs by them. An amazingly catchy riff in the verse. Buddah shines with his aggressive vocals. The chorus is extremely catchy:

"Can someone, someone please tell me where I went wrong"
And how many more times will I have to sing this same old song"(sing this same old song!)
Can you tell me, tell me please, tell me where I went wrong"
And how many more times will I have to sing this same old sad, sad f**king song""


5. White Trash Anthem
Perhaps one of the their most famous songs, it is for a good reason too. This is the only song where Lind is the sole vocalist. He does a good job, but the band would nothing without Buddah and Lind together. Although some catchy lyrics, it is not one of the best one the CD.

6. So Common, So Cheap
A rather humorous song, it is a song for "all the guys out there who have been f**ked over by that lie known as love," as the lyrics suggets. The name is great, and the song itself does not dissapoint at all. Lind leads most of the song, with Buddah doing great back-up vocals.

7. Tear Out My Eyes
A Buddah led song, it is a mediocre song. Lind has a small part about tearing out his eyes, as the title suggests, and it is quite a boring song. It is not a bad song, it just does not stick out. No great instrumentals, and vocals are bland. They are normal hardcore vocals. I am saying that contrary to some people's belief, hardcore is simple. Wrong. It does take talent to make quality hardcore vocals, which Buddah has. It just does not show here.

8. Some Kind of Hate
A fantastic song, perhaps the best on the CD. A great hardcore riff. A great song-along chant. "I got some kind of hate, and I hate the motherf**king human race." Buddahs vocals are great as usual, and Lind backs him up nicely. Nothing special for the most part, it is just one of those osng that you can't stop listening to.

9. Love Song
This song is dedicated to Danny and for Davey, as Lins states beforehand. A great intro by Lind speaking to the listeners. Buddahs vocals are at it's best:

"Hey brother!
I see what they done to you.
Hey brother!
Can you see what they done to me to"
No where to turn and we got nothing to lose,
But you can count on me if I can count on you. It's true!"

What I do not liek about this song is the turn it takes. It takes a completely different path. It can be good to do that, but I do not think it works well here. That is the only "con" about this song.

10. Bloodshed
To me, this song does not sound like Blood for Blood. It has a little bit slower paced verse. Nonetheless it is great. The chorus on the other hand is magnificent. It has a different guitar, which seems to have the octaves going on. The lyrics are great.

"Bloodshed on the streets
Were the outcast of society"

To the point, but catchy. After the chorus, Lind does something different: plays somethign not power chords! It is not a great solo he does, but it is different, and certainly welcome.

11. She's still a Bitch Called Hope
Like Tear Out Mye Eyes, this is mediocre. It a bland, normal song. It does not stick out. That does not stop it from being a bad song, but it does not make you want to listen to more.

Thiis is my favorite Blood for Blood CD. It has great dual vocals between Lind and Buddah. It is fast and hardcore and aggressive. That being said, it does have some cons. Most of the songs are great. This CD should get a 4.5/5, but there is one huge con. They complain about how bad that they have had it their whole life. It becomes quite annoying. That being said also, they write songs about their past. I give this CD a 4/5. It is a great listen for anyone into hardcore/punk and people invo,ved in the Boston punk scene.

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June 19th 2007


Awesome album, okay review.

June 19th 2007


Album Rating: 4.0

could you please tell me how to improve? I have only done like 4 reviews and I enjoy it, but I want to get some pointers to become better

June 19th 2007


I just don't really like track by track reviews. I'd rather read a paragraph about the album as a whole and maybe highlighting a few of the best and worst tracks. The whole track by track makes it look very messy.

The conclusion and opening paragraphs have the right idea. Just work on your sentence structure, be objective, and just describe what was good and what was not good. You're off to a good start though.

June 19th 2007


Album Rating: 4.0

thanks man I'll keep that in mind

Let's Chop Cats!
June 24th 2007


Album Rating: 5.0


So good. Definitely my favorite release. Also I agree with Chris (CBmartin) about your review.

January 29th 2011


Album Rating: 4.5


January 29th 2011



January 29th 2011


Album Rating: 4.5


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