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Live And Acoustic At Park Ave.



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May 11th, 2007 | 5 replies

Release Date: 2005 | Tracklist

Prepare for the raw, unedited Snow Patrol

This relatively short album (well, it is an EP), has Snow Patrol performing a short tracklist of their songs, doing acoustic versions. It is very noticable that this album has been released without the polish of a music studio, as the crowd can be heard cheering, and Gary Lightbody frequently has some things to say in between songs, which ususally means that there is about 40 seconds of cheering and talking on every track, after the song has finished playing. It is quite amusing to listen to his Northern Irish accent. If this does not sound appealing, this is not the album for you.

Let's do a track-by-track:

1. Spitting Games [4.19]
Pretty good start to a pretty good EP. Snow Patrol's first Single off of Final Straw, done with acoustic guitars. It starts off with Lightbody saying "Hello Everybody" and then the song begins. I hated the original version of Spitting games, so this acoustic one is much better by comparison. With two guitars and one vocalist, it sounds slightly 'empty', but that is to be expected. Upon the song's conclusion, Gary Lightbody explains that these songs do not work acoustically, so it may sound like "bloody shambles" [3.5/5]

2. How To Be Dead [3.17]
One of my favourite Snow Patrol songs. Done acoustically, it does not sound as good as could be expected, as the backing vocalist (as well as the lead) occasionally sound like they are straining their voice, and their tone is iffy at best. Not bad, but room for improvement. Not the strongest Track. [3/5]

3. Grazed Knees [2.41]
A very good, if a little short, rendition of a lesser known song off of Final Straw. Very well done, this song sounds like it was made to be played acoustically. Aside from a few sour notes from Lightbody, and the fact that this song is only about two mintues long, this probably the second best song. [4/5]

4. Chocolate [2.34]
Another of my top Snow Patrol Songs. Quite well done. This song supports the transition to acoustic very well. I love the E-F#-E-D-E-B that the guitar has. Not too crazy about the backing vocalist. [4/5]

5. Run [4.47]
Here we go. This song is brilliant beyond belief. I cannot put my finger on it, but this song is the best thing to have come out of Snow Patrol (rivalled only by 'you could be happy' - Eyes open). Doing it in acoustic, it should sound perfect, yet there is something missing. It sounds slightly stripped down with only two instruments. But still an amazing song. [4.5/5]

Basically, not a bad effort, sounds quite well at times, and lacking at others. Very unedited, with much talking in between each track. But if you love everything Snow Patrol, as I do at the moment, than this is a pretty secure investment.

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May 11th 2007


Album Rating: 3.5

Okay, after I wrote a review, it didn't show my album picture, and changed the name of the Album. Added an :amp. How do i fix this?

May 11th 2007


May 12th 2007


Album Rating: 3.5

Apart from the track-by-track descriptions you wrote seven sentences. That's not really enough in my opinion. It is kind of vague as well. I don't like track-by-tracks at the best of times, but with a 5-track EP they're probably not the best idea.

May 12th 2007


I agree with Randy, flesh it out a bit next time. A 5 track EP is basically like a single.

June 2nd 2011


Randy's definitely smoking the good stuff cuz when there's only a handful of songs, track-by-tracks are PERFECT.

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