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May 8th, 2007 | 36 replies

Release Date: 2007 | Tracklist

Review Summary: Guitar solos, skits, songs that seem all out of order. This is the Aqua Teen soundtrack alright.

For years on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim there was a gem of a show consisting of three pieces of food hanging out in their house in New Jersey. It was called Aqua Teen Hunger Force and since 2000 has been one of the most random shows in existence; employing non-sequiters and cameos (Zakk Wylde, Geddy Lee, Ted Nugent). Calling myself a fan boy of this show would be a horrible understatement; every joke they put in their 12 minute episodes clicked and it clicked hard, hard enough to warrant me buying all 4 seasons and highly anticipating the full length film. That being said, a soundtrack has to either be:

A. Full of comedic skits
B. Full of scenes from the movie
C. Music from the film combined with A and B.

The answer is C but that doesn't mean the soundtrack is a fan boy's wet dream. Its similar to the movie in the terms of both were pretty disappointing to me, but both certainly do have their moments. Of course like most soundtracks there are songs made only for this album but not in the movie. In this case they are from a (surprisingly diverse) catalog that includes The Hold Steady, Unearth, and Killer Mike.

The soundtrack begins right with one of the main characters, a Master Shake played classic. Nude Love sounds like something a lame guy who just bought an acoustic guitar a week ago would play, but it just sounds better coming from a pistachio milkshake than a sensitive guy with long hair. Though he stumbles, "has trouble with the G", and has a minute and a half song (half of which is an advertisement for his CD); Master Shake proves to be the most musically able piece of food on this soundtrack. The intro continues with a fake movie advertisement in the tune of the advertisement for the snack bar; instead of food advertisements there are rules ranging from keeping your shirt on to not "pull your penis out" seeing as that's "a class two felony". The perverted yet cute jingle ends and goes to Mastodon, again as pieces of food, with another warning. This one is much heavier and relies more on threats ("I will bite your torso/And give you a disease") to get its point across. A fast moving, entertaining, and sololicious song provides the best and most memorable song on the soundtrack.

From this point the direction seems to change, and the characterization usually reserved for songs to put a more unspoken emphasis on introducing the characters gets pretty literal. Titles such as More to Me Than Meat And Eyes and Carl's Theme mean well but just end up being either a musical drag or repeated catchphrases with decent instrumentals. The songs that seem to stick out most do come from the most unexpected sources (just like the show) which in this case are the Hold Steady's Girls Like Status and Brass Castle's Bookworm Resin. Both songs have little to nothing to do with the actual movie but are cool soundtrack editions. What does have highly to do with the movie are 3 short originals which either got their start on the show or on the insane-O-flex. A good thing about this work is putting the first smash hit by MC Pee Pants (I Want Candy) and the Andrew W.K. party anthem (Party, Party, Party) both on one CD.

Varied, inconsistent, and a bit of a disappointment. These are words that describe the soundtrack that seems to exclusively cater to big fans of the show. It might be worth checking out if you are a fan of some of the bands listed here or if you just like to watch adult cartoons late at night.

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Staff Reviewer
May 8th 2007


I really wanted to see the film. I doubt I'd like it (I tend to enjoy long, character driven pieces than ADD-oriented comedies), but hey, I can stand it for the twelve minute episodes.

Good review and such. I doubt I'd check this out either, but some good bands on this.

May 9th 2007


This does sound interesting, I might check it out.

Good review BTW.

May 9th 2007


Album Rating: 3.0

Good review. Totally agree with almost everything you said. The Mastodon song is the only thing memorable really. Though I do enjoy Party, Party, Party and the second secret song in Nude Love (Reprise). The one with Shake singing classic lyrics such as, "I'll feed your face/To my dirty goat!"

May 9th 2007


fun cd

May 9th 2007


Album Rating: 1.5

This album was terrible. Outside of the Unearth song, there is nothing redeeming whatsoever.

May 9th 2007


Why are the track titles first and the band name second in the tracklist? I want to see this movie. review is good.

May 9th 2007


Aqua Teen Hunger Force rules

May 9th 2007


I laughed my ass off when I saw the Mastodon song in the movie, its hilarious, but just like the movie, its all downhill after that.

May 9th 2007


Album Rating: 3.0

This album was terrible. Outside of the Unearth song, there is nothing redeeming whatsoever.

Are you kidding me? Nothing redeeming whatsoever? Maybe I'm just holding it in too high of regards, but Cut You Up With a Linoleum Knife blows everything else on this album out of the water.

And doomsday, I laughed so much at the song in the movie. I mean, the movie was alright, but that song just made it all worthwhile for me.

Two-Headed Boy
May 9th 2007


Show sucks. Movie will suck more.This Message Edited On 05.09.07

May 10th 2007


Album Rating: 3.0

Cut You Up With a Linoleum Knife blows everything else on this album out of the water.

Pretty much.

May 10th 2007


yeah I love the king diamond-esque shrieks used in "Cut You Up With a Linoleum Knife"

But its a fact that anything even remotely resembling anything to do with king diamond will make me giggle like a little girl

May 10th 2007


A damn fine song it be, Cut You Up With A Linoleum Knife.

Apparently Mastodon thought of that when they watched the movie high on 'shrooms!

Digging: Cryptodira - The Devil's Despair

May 10th 2007


I dont know about that, Im pretty sure the guys who wrote the show, wrote the song, and mastodon just performed it.

May 10th 2007


Haven't seen the movie, don't know if I'd want an hour and a half of the Aqua Teen Hunger Force. That being said, Meatwad is fucking adorable.

May 10th 2007


It's so freeking gay. I can't see this movie because they banned it in MA because of The Boston PD over reacting to advertising...buncha' homos...Manino,I'm going to kill you someday for this...This Message Edited On 05.10.07

May 11th 2007


I still want to check out this album... the movie was pretty funny IMO, but i can see how others didn't like it as it dragged on in parts.

May 11th 2007


It had a sinister appearance. It had a battery... and wires.

That whole Boston bomb incident just makes me lol uncontrollably.

June 17th 2007


Yeah, that really showed how dumb people are.
Anyways, this is probably my favorite show and I never knew the movie was even out yet. I don't think they'd do well for an hour. They should stick to short and sweet.

June 24th 2007


Album Rating: 3.5

I actually kinda dig the "I like your booty" song. It is sooo repetitive, but I still dig it.

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