Far From Finished
East Side Of Nowhere



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Release Date: 2005 | Tracklist

Far From Finished
East Side of Nowhere

Band Members:
Vocals: Steve Neary
Guitar: Rob Guidotti
Bass: Mark Lind
Drums: "
Stand-Up Bass (On the Bastards Way): Spike Katz (from the "Kings of Nuthin")


Far From Finished incorporate catchy punk rock songs in this CD. Rob puts great guitar work in it and Marc and Mark hold down the rhythm section rather nicely. To call this CD a decent CD, and a decent debut is and understatement. This CD was a very powerfully piece of work, especailly for a debut, and it made their mark in the Local Boston Scene, as well as the National Scene. This CD deserves a 5 out of 5.
I encountered this band when I was at a local Newbury comics. The name caught my eye. I remembered my friend telling me about how they were great, and even better live, he saw them at a street dogs show, and I figured that was enough for me to fork up the nine bucks for the CD.
Mark Lind serves the band as the bassist for this CD, and he does well. You may know him from the Ducky Boys. And you may know Rob from the Street Dogs debut CD.
This CD has really made an impact on me. First of all, Steve's lyrics are very catchy. It also led me to get into my local scene a lot. Bands like The Pug Uglies, The Morgan Knockers, The Blue Bloods, and The Welch Boys followed this purchase.
It's usually hard to do a song by song review, but this album is an exception, because most of the songs stand out, and are flat-out great pieces of work, all-around.

1. Dusty Shelves
This song is a great example of a Far From Finished song: It has Good instrumentation by all of the band mates, and a great chorus that everybody in the crowd could sing along to:

"You're a *** up and you're a drunk
But in your heart you know better
You were born and raised in a loving way
Now your brain has turned to sh*t"

It isn't the best song on the album, but it sure is a great opener.

2. A Destination Nowhere
This song is a slightly harder and faster song than the previous, and you can tell right from the guitar solo that Rob gives you in the intro. Rob's guitar work is the highlight here, in which he has two solo's jammed in to just over three minutes. Definetely a highlight of the CD.

3. Those Never Forgotten
This was one of the first Far From Finished songs that I encountered. This song has lyrics that get stuck in your head for a long time, a VERY long time. This song is one of teh highlights, for the Chorus alone:

"I wanna believe in something - something deep inside of me
If I look out for them will they look out for me
I wanna know - are you ready for the dawn of a new day
And we'll march together or none at all"

4. Seasonal Patriot
This song comes in with a bang, and it is a song that gets me quite pumped up and ready to dance. It has some very powerful lyrics right from the get-go. This song, I believe is supposed to be an American song, or patriotic, if you will:

"It's the streets, it's the youth of America
It's my time, it's my place in America
Why 'ya hanging them up just to tear them back down
50 stars and thirteen stripes
No longer wave in October nights
Lady liberty you're still the one for me"

Rob puts together a nice solo, one of his best, although it doesn't have the speed that the guitar from "A Destination Nowhere" has, its still great. It's not how fast you play, but what you play.

5. Forgive Me Father
This song seems like a filler. The intro doesn't catch you right away, and it seems boring. The Chorus in it though, catches you and sucks you in until you know every word to teh song:

"Can you help me father for I'm falling
My heart is weary and I'm beginning to feel faint
He smiled and he looked into my eyes
And he said son, you ain't nothing but a tortured saint"

This song is the worst song on the album. Although this song does not stand out, it is still a fine song that you will learn to love. The slow intro brings this song down. I like some slow songs, but this song's beginning just does not grab you like others do. Nonetheless, give this song a listen, like the other songs on this album, you will enjoy it anyways.

6. 9 Lives
"9 Lives" has an all-around great vibe. The intro guitar-work is nice, and you should have come to expect that from Rob, because he is a good-guitarist, as far as punk goes. This is definetely a highlight of the album. It has a great intro, verse, pre-chorus, and chorus:

"We're all gonna die someday and your whole world will fade away
Your only memories are broken hearts and lies
It's one more drink to kill the pain and it's one more needle in your vein
And you'll cry away the ruins of another day"

7. Castaway
This song is a normal Far From Finished song. It has another sing-along chorus, and it gets stuck in your head for a while. Although this song seems to get repetitive after a while, it does not stop it form being a great track. Steve's voice is very nice in this song, especially when the whole songs slows down after Rob's solo, and we here something new: slow, soothing guitar, which compliments Steve's voice nicely. Of Course the song picks back up, and it ends nicely with the chorus.

8. One Lifetime
This particular song did not pull me in at first listen, or second and third listen for that matter. That being said, I eventually listened to it more, and it became the song that I listened to over and over again. It has decent guitar work in the solo. This is a normal Far From Finished song: catchy, fast, and energetic.

9. Lost in the Rain
The intro to this song has very simple guitar: D A F# and G. It is very simple, but I love that intro, because it showcases Far From Finished's talent to write simple, but some how extremely catchy songs. Rob has a nice solo, once again in this song, and Mark has a catchy bass line in the chorus, something we have not seen too much of. Having all of that said, it makes for a fantastic song, and one of the highlights of this album.

10. The Bastard's Way
You may have heard this song on a "Loud, Fast, Rules" sampler, or on their split CD with Left Alone. Unlike the version from the split, this one is acoustic (the split version is electric.) This is the second best song on the album, behind Lost in the Rain. Although it is n't my favorite, it still the best acoustic-punk song ever. This song lyrics really touch you, and it makes you think:

"I don't need your pity and I don't need your bull*** lies
And I don't' want your opinion on the faults of my life
You can talk all you want but I won't hear a word you say
I'm an unforgiving prick and I'm just living the bastard's way"

It does not personally relate to my life, but it makes me think. As you may have heard this song features the "legendary" Spike Katz from "The Kings of Nuthin'" on the stand-up bass. He does a nice job. Rob lays down one of the catchiest riffs I have heard on a guitar, and you will be trying to learn it on your guitar, or if you don't play, you will hum it everywhere you go, like it's going out of style. All of these factors put together, makes one hell of a song, and it's one of the best I have heard.

Stand Out Tracks:
Lost in the Rain
The Bastards Way
A Destination Nowhere

I suggest this band for anyone who is into bands like Street Dogs, Older Dropkick Murphy's, or anyone who like punk/rock. I feel that this CD could please many types of people. It has many different songs, and keeps you hooked, and unlike many other albums, does not sound generic, and the same, track after track.
If you enjoy this you should listen to other boston punk. This CD is one of my personal favorites. This debut made a deep impression in the Boston Scene.

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May 7th 2007


Pretty good first review. My only problem with the review is that in some areas it kind of comes off a bit fanboyish. But , it was still a good review. I pos'd.

I might consider checking this out seeing as I enjoy older Dropkick Murphys.

June 21st 2007


Album Rating: 5.0

yeah these guys are really good

July 4th 2007


Album Rating: 5.0

Believe me when I say this they are going to be big after 'Living in the Fallout' comes out in July, or they will hit it big between the next CD's. But believe me they are a sleeping giant, they have what it takes

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