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Release Date: 1996 | Tracklist

Review Summary: It is my goal to review more compilations in a row than anyone on Sputnik. That's why I'm reviewing The Doors Greatest Hits.

The Doors are one of the greatest rock bands of all-time. That has been established. There's no need to say that. They were formed sometime in the mid sixties, and they released their first album, the self-titled debut The Doors in 1967, the same year that Jimi Hendrix released Are You Experienced and also the same year Sgt. Pepper was released. There's no need to say who does this album and no need to say the full title of it. In case you're slow, The Beatles do that album.

The Doors had a pretty good career. They put out a lot of classic rock radio staples, and had an impressive discography. But in 1971, their singer, the great Jim Morrison, died. To this day, his death is a mystery. He could have been murdered. Some believe that he just moved off to an island so he could write poetry. Odds are he just overdosed on drugs. After he died, The Doors tried to continue on as a band, but soon found that this just wouldn't work. Jim Morrison was the band. Girls loved Morrison, not the keyboard player. So The Doors broke up.

In 1990, The Best of The Doors was released. This was an impressive compilation album with a large selection of songs. It was good. But in 1996, Greatest Hits came out. This was an unnecessary album to say the least. After The Best Of The Doors, why was there a need for this" Sure, it's cheap and it does what its title says. It compiles the hits. But this is an example of the fact that there's a difference between "Greatest Hits" CDs and "The Best Of " CDs.

Now, on to the actually album. You see, there isn't really much to describe, because most people have heard the songs on this album. I would actually say that all of the active members have heard these songs. But, for the sake of Sputnik, I'll describe them, but not in great detail. Maybe with some I will, but for now, we'll see what is described in great detail and what is not.

The CD begins with The Doors classic "Hello, I Love You", a catchy pop song with some good keyboard and guitar work. The lyrics are simple, and of course, they're about love. Duh. It doesn't sound like much, but this is a very good song, and it's getting radio airplay all the time. "Light My Fire" is next, and this has to be one of the greatest songs of all time. It's not my favorite Doors song, but it's in my top five or six or seven. Or whatever. The keyboard solo is superb. It's not too long or annoying or anything. It's just excellent keyboard playing. The song's lyrics are very good and poetic, and this is just an overall great song.

From here on, we get ten more of The Doors' greatest hits. Pretty much every song is good. "People Are Strange" has a stellar keyboard work, or organ or piano. I don't know what instrument is being played, but I like it. This song has a mysterious feel to it. "Love Me Two Times" is pretty good, but it's sort of average and it's not the best song on the CD at all. It's just a poppy love song. "Riders On The Storm" is next, and it's a great song with very poetic lyrics. It's a nice and laidback tune with some nice keyboard work as well as a nice laidback beat. That's why the song is laidback I guess. This is a very famous Doors song, blah blah blah, I like it. Alot.

"Break On Through" is a very famous Doors song, and it was insanely popular at my school around the time Tony Hawk's Underground 2 came out. Every guy was saying "Oh yeah man, that song's awesome." And then I'd always be like "You know, that band's singer is dead." And then they would say "Ah man, that sucks. Was this soon or a while back"" Ha. Anyway, this is a short tune with a crapload of energy. Jim Morrison's vocals are very powerful and on some parts it's almost as if he's yelling or screaming. Good song.

"Roadhouse Blues" is another good song. Naturally, it's pretty bluesy. The name of the song has the word "blues" in its title. Catchy and fun, with some strong vocals. "Touch Me" is another love song, and it's an ok song, and the keyboard work is stellar as usual, but the guitar is barely noticable.

Now comes my all-time favorite Doors song. "LA Woman" is an excellent and catchy song. I love it. The "Mojo Risin" part, everything. I love it all. Part of the reason that I love this song so much is that I first saw the video for it at a Hard Rock Cafe in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. I was having a great time at the restaurant, and now, whenever I hear this song, I feel so good because I felt good then. It's weird, but this is just a feel-good Doors song. It's catchy, it's got stellar guitar and keyboard work, and some good vocals by Mr. Mojo Risin, who is actually the Lizard King, who is actually Jim Morrison.

"Love Her Madly" and "The Ghost Song" aren't very well-known at all. Yeah, they are good songs, but they don't deserve a spot on The Doors Greatest Hits. These tracks should have been replaced by something more well-known, like "Soul Kitchen" and "Peace Frog" which are much better songs as well. "Peace Frog", by the way, wasn't popular at my school even though it was on Tony Hawk's American Wasteland. Weird. 0_o

The final track on this album is the classic epic from the 1979 classic war film Apocalypse Now, is the song "The End", appropriate for the closing song on Best Of and Greatest Hits albums by The Doors. It is a poetic, pyschedelic, and epic track. It's a classic.

Well, there you have it. The Doors' Greatest Hits. It's good for people who just want the hits and stuff, but for hardcore Doors fans like, for example, Mr. Kite of this website, may not want to get this at all. Does that mean that this CD sucks" Yes, if you own all of the studio albums. But if you're a casual fan, the answer is no. This compilation isn't bad, just unnecessary a little bit.

Best Tracks:
LA Woman
Light My Fire
The End
Roadhouse Blues
Break On Through



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April 15th 2007


Good review.
The only song on here that I find I can tolerate much of is Break On Through. I'll give this another listen before I rate it.

EDIT: And for your next comp. review, you should do The Essential Journey (if you have it). Mainly because I wanted to but didn't. This Message Edited On 04.15.07

Two-Headed Boy
April 15th 2007




Uh, sorry? Good review otherwise.

April 15th 2007


That's cool. Good luck on your next review.

Danger Bird
April 16th 2007


Album Rating: 2.5

Jim's pseudo-poetry is cringe-worthy, especially on songs like The End and The Crystal Ship, but Ray Manzarek and Robbie Kreiger make The Doors a somewhat listenable band.

April 16th 2007


Good review.

May 6th 2007


Never even noticed you did a Doors review.
Pretty good job.

May 6th 2007


I haven't listened to these guys in forever. Only the occassional song here and there.
I'm annoyed because now they're releasing all these compilations with bonus material and they're really expensive and on cds I already own.

May 6th 2007



March 5th 2012


graet album, a lot better than lost and found

June 22nd 2013


rip dethtrasher

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