Thousand Foot Krutch
Set It Off (Remastered)



by NeverFading14 USER (7 Reviews)
January 15th, 2007 | 30 replies

Release Date: 2004 | Tracklist

Thousand foot krutch started off as a rap-core/nu-metal christian rock band. They've gathered a large fanbase in the christian mainstream world. Thousand Foot Krutch's first release, That's What People Do, was released independently in 1998 and is out of print. The band first made an impact on the Christian rock scene with their next release, Set It Off, in 2000. The sound of the album was distinct in its heavily hip-hop influenced rap nu-metal, and though a few songs from the record (including "Puppet" and "Supafly") impacted at Christian radio, the band gained notoriety almost entirely through self-promotion and word of mouth.

This is a re-release of their "Set it off" cd, It includes six tracks from their cd "That's what People do"

1. Everyone Like Me - Alright, first track. Starts off with a 90's sounding bass line. Not too bad. Then the vocals come in, with some cliche emo lyrics such as "I must confess, Before i take another step. that this song is for everyone like me, that's afraid to stand alone." okay seriously. What the hell does that mean" Why would you confess that this song goes out to everyone like him" THAT MAKES NO SENSE. Okay the chorus is a bit catchy, then we come to the bridge where you hear the lead singer in the background saying ""You gotta know what your up against to fight back." Fight back against what exactly" Fight back against getting a job and rotting in your cubicle for the rest of your life" Too bad. Get a job you hippy. 1/5

2. Intro - Okay I guess this is supposed to be the hip hop pumper about how bad ass the band is. As I recall christians can't be bad ass.

3. Puppet - Starts off with a catchy guitar riff, Then the verse comes in, And wow! Im suprised! This isn't THAT cliche. In fact..This song is actually half way decent. The verse reminds me of some disturbed, Then we come to the pre-chorus. Where he says "Everbody, shake your body." I forget, am I listening to britney spears" Oh wait no. Some crappy rap-rock band from caanda. You know this band is another reason why canadians suck. Anyway, back to the song, The entire song is rhymed togather pretty much. One decent thing about the song is theres a lot of bass slaps which sounds good. Otherwise the rest of the song blows 1/5

4. Supafly -Starts off with some turntables. The lead singer saying "Whos up in here!"". Then we go into the verse where its just the lead singer rapping with a drum beat. Singing about girls in tight jeans and how girls need to dress pure and look omish. Yeeaahh, As I recall girls look good in tight clothing. This guy is obviously gay. Anyway, then we go into the chorus where he says "YOU THINK YOUR SO SUPAFLY!" YO BLIND BABY." C'mon, seriously. Who actually uses the phrase "SUPAFLYY!!". I think this song is a proclamtion of the bands failure to write a half-way original song. 1/5

5. When In Doubt - The song starts off with some slow guitar chords being strummed out. Then the lyrics come in, I actually think they tried to make the most cliche song they could possibly pull out of their asses. The lyrics are actually "We sat apon your bed and exchanged our poetry." EXCHANGED POETRY!"!" ARE YOU A WOMAN!" I actually thoguht about not listening to the rest of the song, Considering im so manly even my sentences don't have periods. Alright, after the intro they throw in some HARDCORE GUITAR. WITH DISTORTION. The song picks up the pace and goes into a fast paced rap-core verse which then goes into the chorus which consists of "Why"When you feel like you can fly, I know I got the answer for you baby." Dude seriously. Did they just put a few phrases into a hat and put them out at random and say "Hmm..Yes..Just the right amount of cliche." This is one of the top five worst songs I have ever heard in my life, Yeah that's right. Up there with Seize The Day by Avenged Sevenfold.

6. Rhyme Animal - The song is called "Rhyme Animal". I think I'll just leave it at that

7. Unbeliveable - This is a cover on that old "Unbeliveable" song made in the 70's er 80's or whenever. Except the verses are rapped out about how hes a cowboy with some distorted guitars over it, HARDCORE RIGHT""" Then the chorus comes in with a ***storm of cliche. where he says "The things you say, the world will never push me away, Your unbeliveable." The 2nd verse then kicks in where he says "Im a big chunky brother, I know my emcees." I then turned off the song with a feeling of rape. 1/5

8. Up Comes Down - Same rap-core crap. All about the band "Rocking the party" and "Getting it started" oh and of course "The krutch brothers getting mad retarded." 1/5

9. Come Along - Starts off with a fast drum beat and a decent pop/punk guitar riff, then it goes into the verse and slows down, a palm muted guitar I'm thinking *Hey this song doesn't seem too bad*. Oh but no, the lyrics come in with "I hung out with playboy playmates and used to be a bigshot dumbass with huge balls. Then I met you and now I am a woman." Hardcore. Very. Very. Hardcore. 1/5

10. Small Town - Okay they randomly decide that their country influened, Even the lead singer gets a southern accent. 1/5

11. Set it Off - Yeah this a good Rage against the machine song..Oh wait no. 1/5

12. All The Way Live - Another rap-core song. About how everyone in california is out to get you. 1/5

13. Lift it - Worst worship song. Ever. 1/5

14. Brother John - This song has more of a rock sound. I actually secretly like it. It's about how children go to the lead singer for spirital help. It's actually has a good theme and is a catchy song. No, Just kidding, I'm sure the lead singer molests all the kids and this song makes my back hurt. 1/5

15. Another worship song. Kay the lyrics are decent. Too bad these guys suck too badly musically and vocally to record a decent song. 1.1/5

16. Sweet Unknown - It's about..The sweet unknown! No idea what the hell that is! 1/5

17. Moment of the day - I'm sure everyone stopped reading this review after the 3rd song.

18. The Alternate Song - I guess it's about how you need to have distortion on your guitar. Too bad they haven't mastered this technique. 1/5

Overall - Well I was going through my cds and i found this one and thought "Hey! I used to listen to this cd all the time a few years ago! I should do a review on it." So I put it in the computer and it..Wasn't as good as it was when i was 10. Quite possibly one of the worst cds I have ever heard. Go listen to In Flames

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January 15th 2007


Eh bad TBT and giving all of the tracks 1/5 proves that you really didnt give any of this a fair chance.

January 15th 2007


I've gone through the cd at least 20 times over the last 4 years or so, Good enough right? It truly is an awful cd.

January 16th 2007


rap-core/nu-metal christian rock band

That has to be the worst genre mash ever.

January 16th 2007


This is one of the top five worst songs I have ever heard in my life, Yeah that's right. Up there with Seize The Day by Avenged Sevenfold.

yeah thats right this review is... I'll just reframe from bashing.Harsh review.

January 16th 2007


Worst review ever.

Well, not quite, but this is pretty bad.

January 16th 2007


yeah if you write a TBT adleast describe the tracks man.

Moment of the day - I'm sure everyone stopped reading this review after the 3rd song.
Yeah I have no clue what that song sounds like.

Staff Reviewer
January 16th 2007


As I recall christians can't be bad ***

Dude, the Jesus is a total badass. Check your facts.

January 16th 2007


..Eh yeah Jesus is a badass. So was David..Actually any dude from the bible was badass. But christian rock bands can't be badass. And I didn't write this review intending to actually help people get a feel for what the cd was like. I did it because I was bored.This Message Edited On 01.16.07

February 7th 2007


All your descriptions were like "this song is horrible!" I need details man! Not having heard this band i still dont get what they sound like.

February 24th 2007


Hey. Im a man. I have chest hair. I'll do what i want

The Sludge
March 2nd 2007


Album Rating: 4.5

I really don't like your review.

Big Tone
March 25th 2007


Great review! If I was blind and couldn't read it. I'm not saying that because I am a fanboy of TFK, because I'm not. Wakeupdead if you want an idea of what they sound like I have reviewed the original set it off. Check my review out, it is a bit better I think.

March 27th 2007



The Sludge
March 27th 2007


Album Rating: 4.5

[quote=suck]17. Moment of the day - I'm sure everyone stopped reading this review after the 3rd song.[/quote]

April 9th 2007


very witty. the way you changed my name to "Suck". Are you going to follow that up with somthing like "You are the weakest link, goodbye"?

June 2nd 2007


Terrible review for what seems a terrible genre mash up, as pointed out. What's up with the bias?

October 31st 2007


this review made my day. even tho the review was a piece of sh*t, i dont think you were intending it to be good and if you were well you should probably just give up on life

August 24th 2008


Man...You are a shallow piece of garbage....assuming that people who have morals have something wrong with them. And your immature comments, arguing back and forth like a child just shows that you're not a man as you claim. And you should be proud of your chest hair little boy.This Message Edited On 08.24.08

August 24th 2008


Album Rating: 1.0

bias and shallowness aside, this album is pretty gay.

August 24th 2008


Album Rating: 2.5

Review and thread bring the lulz.

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