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Sing, Sing Death House



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January 14th, 2005 | 15 replies

Release Date: 2002 | Tracklist

This is the Distillers 2nd album and the best.(well i havent heard the 3rd one so the best so far) Its fast and punky and what more could you ask for. On this cd Brody's voice just goes with it. Its grand. I give the cd 5/5 over all.
Heres what i though about each song:

Sick Of It All - It was a good way to start off the album. This song has a really good bass line.(like most of the songs on this cd) It hard really good lyrics on it.

I Am A Revenant - This song has sutch a catchy guitar riff at the start. The lyrics are good. Theres not much left to say but its a typical Distillers song.

Seneca Falls - This song is in some wakeboarding video game, haha thats right. Its actally went with the game too. It has a really awsome bassline.

The Young Crazed Peeling - This song is one of the best on the cd. It has a really catchy bass riff. The guitars sound so great with every thing. It tells about Brodys life a bit. Good song all in all.

Sing, Sing Death House - This is like where the cd picks up. It gets really punky hardcore from here on it(almost). It sounds like a typical punk band but with a female vocals.

Bullet and the Bullseye - Has a radical intro bassline, its so catchy. The song is short and fast. Its catchy very catchy. Great song, one of the bests.

City of Angels - This song is there best one.(id say) I remeber sitting in class watching much music and Bang! Heres this song with a hot girl on guitar, a good punky sound, great bassline and just a cool look. Great lyrics for a great band! If you like this song you'll most likly like the hole cd. It has my favorite part in the hole cd when Brody sings "there aint no rip signs here, we dont rest in peice we just disapear"

Young Girl - This isnt so much of a fast fast song. Like "sing sing death house" but its a all right one. It has to be my least favorite saddly. Its still pretty darn catchy, even though i dont really like it.

Hate Me - Has a really awsome guitar riff in the song. Brody just screams the song pretty much at the start. The bass line is pretty niffy as well. Its a good song, fastly good.

Desperate - Killer guitar riff. An awsome bass line. Really good lyrics. Nothing really left to say. Its a good song. That is all.

I Understand - Good instramentals. Great lyrics. Has so many meaningful lyrics.

Lordy Lordy - Catchy guitar and bass line. Good drumming. This song doesnt sound so much like all the other ones really at the start. Its a tad slower just with distorted guitars. Then it picks up sort of a bit. Then yea it just flows. Has another good line of the cd that really stands out to me "if prisons just a cell, then its ragin in my blood"

Thats all the songs on this great cd! Id highly recomend it if your in to punk. This and there last cd (just self titled) was really good. Could some one please review the next one at least in 2 weeks""" Because thatd be great!!! Thanks

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This album contains one of the worst songs I have ever heard. Fortunately for the band, they make up...

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March 22nd 2004


i have Coral Fang and your review makes me want to buy SSDH

March 22nd 2004


This is their best album by far, i dont like them much anymore but i still love listening to this. So many great songs on here i give it a 4/5. For those thinking of getting into them through Coral Fang i dont recommend it, get this, this is their best work.

April 23rd 2004


bought SSDH ,better than the first cd and their latest

April 24th 2004


Nice review, this is a great album by The Distillers. Personally I think Coral Fang is there best album, but this is the next. City Of Angels is a great track on this album and so is Hate Me.

I would give the album 3/5.

April 24th 2004


I love this album. It's better than Coral Fang, which I wasn't a huge fan of anyway, and I have yet to buy their first album.


April 26th 2004


This is a fair review, but 5/5? Man this is no way near a perfect album, the White Album, Revolver, Led Zep IV are classics. I like the Distillers alot, and this is a solid album (but kinda gets boring after a while), but I prefer Coral Fang, as the songwriting has really solidified. I'd give it 3.25/5

May 4th 2004


Ditillers kick ***! Buy this album. Coral fang kicks too

June 2nd 2004


[QUOTE=fatmatt51]this is the only album worth getting by distillers. i would give it about 4/5, it can get boring fast.[/QUOTE]

Took the words out of my mouth. Brody is the hottest thing that walks this earth though.

September 30th 2004


This is the only distillers album i've herd and it kicks ***! review

November 25th 2004


I would rate SSDH a 4/5... I personally thought that Coral Fang was better (it had more ranges of types of songs)... but SSDH is definitely a must. If you want to get a Distller album, then either SSDH, or Coral Fang... they're both awesome.

Tangy zizzle
November 26th 2004


I'd go like 3.4/5. It's a very cool record.

November 28th 2004


The distillers rock so hard it hurts

April 17th 2007


ths abumis god but i think production quality is bad at certain times

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