Led Zeppelin
How the West Was Won



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January 15th, 2005 | 88 replies

Release Date: 2003 | Tracklist

Led Zeppelin is:

Jimmy Page: Guitars (Acoustic and Electric)
Robert Plant: Vocals, Tambourine, and Harmonica
John Paul Jones: Mandolin, Bass, and Keyboards of all shapes sizes and sounds
John Bonham: Drums/Percussion


This is a Live CD set found off bootleg copies of the 25th of June 1972 (LA Forum), and 27th of June 1972 (Long Beach Arena), and Jimmy decided to make them official CDs. (good choice) This is Led Zeppelin in its prime, with a collection of live songs that can entertain you and your friends for hours. I’m not telling you to BUY IT NOW or anything, but it is a great collection, and I encourage buying/copying it. This was right after they made the CD, Houses of the Holy, so they have some of the “newer” songs on it.

*Long Beach Arena
** LA Forum

Disc 1:

LA Drone*: This is a 14 second long one note hum just for the purpose of exciting the crowd, and it leads effortlessly into the next song. 5/5.

Immigrant Song*: One of the best openers they could choose from, a quick, lively crowd catcher. They added some parts like a guitar solo; and the transition to the bar chord is before it comes on the studio version. 5/5.

Heartbreaker*: A second is all the time the crowd has to yell after Immigrant Song going to this song. The solo in this song is made much longer (3 some minutes longer). Jimmy really shows his skills on the solo, like accenting, and getting really soft on amps that are at a really high volume. 4/5.

Black Dog**: This is a really hard songs to play, much less perform live, and they did a super job on it. Plant gets in the “groove” and adds a few extra vocal things in this song. Bonham does his insane drumming part at the end, and Jimmy goes up higher the last time Plant sings the verses. 5/5.

Over the Hills and Far Away**: Zoso does his pulling and hammering part at the beginning and it goes into the heavier part. This song has a great solo, and it sounds a bit better than studio. 5/5.

Since I’ve Been Loving You*: One of the best “improv” songs they do. By improv, I mean that Plant and Page mess around and add/modify a few parts here and there. The solo starts with a tremendously fast hammer and pull off part for about a minute. It’s a great jazz song that all Led fans should hear.

Stairway To Heaven*: Do I need to say anything? Jimmy plays the legendary EDS (double necked SG, one with a 6 string, and one with a 12 string. The solo is great; the whole song is great. 6,000,000,000,000,000/5 (5/5).

Going to California*: An appropriate song to play, because you’re in LA (that rhymes tee-hee) Jones is on Mandolin, and Jimmy has his acoustic out. It’s a nice, pleasant song that goes well to settle down the audience. 4/5.

That’s The Way**: A nice song that no one really knows all that much about. Pretty song though. 4/5.

Bron-Yr-Aur Stomp*: A catchy, rhythmic, bluegrassy type song. I don’t like bluegrass, but I like this song, it has a definite beat, and if you can’t find it, you must be rhythm-deaf. 4/5.

Disc 2:

Dazed and Confused**: Time for Jones to show what he’s made of. I love the bass solo thing at the beginning. Jimmy and Bonham mess around with the beginning for a while and then they go to the lyrics and brake off into some other melody for a minute. After that, Jimmy goes to his violin bow solo, and then they do some of Plant trying to imitate Jimmy after he plays. After another couple of minutes doing misc. stuff, they go back to the original song and finish it off, all 25 minutes and 25 seconds of it. 5/5.

What Is And What Should Never Be*: A great song with a soft start that goes heavier and then soft again. Jimmy’s solo, is heavy and muted well at the end. 5/5.

Dancing Days*: This is one of the best song off Houses of The Holy, that starts with a nice sliding part. 5/5.

Moby Dick**: Bonham’s legendary solo, the team starts it out, then leaves him for about 18 minutes to do what he wishes, and then they come back to end it.5/5.

Disc 3:

Whole Lotta Love**: 23 minutes of going from the song to some Elvis type songs and using the thing where you bring the metal closer and it makes a higher sound. 4/5.

Rock And Roll*: It starts with the drum part, which is great, but Jimmy doesn’t do the slide part. This song is otherwise almost just like the studio version. 5/5.

The Ocean**: Another great song off Houses of The Holy, this on is much better live than studio, Jones and Jimmy play around in The Breakdown part. 5/5.

Bring It On Home: A good song by Willie Dixon, and they combine it with there own, Bring It On Back to make a nice ending piece. 5/5

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The best official representation of this band's live sound on record....

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October 21st 2004


great review, I'm not a HUGE fan of zepplin , or hardly any REAL rock band, I just never did get into the older stuff. It is probably alot better than new stuff oh well.
good job.

October 21st 2004


I don't like much new stuff, but I like alot of old stuff, I'm probably a tad too picky.

October 21st 2004


great review woot

October 21st 2004


No, this hasn't been done before, and thanks for telling me about the rating. I rate it a 5/5 because it is a great collection of songs, and they sound great.

October 22nd 2004


This is an okay Live album. I kind of regret buying it though, I never listen to it anymore.

Good Review.

October 22nd 2004



October 22nd 2004


Very awesome review.

October 23rd 2004


I'm yet to hear this, I opted for the DVD instead. Good review. You could have been a tad more descriptive though.

October 23rd 2004


such a sweet album
and maybe review

October 23rd 2004


Good review.

The version of Over The Hills And Far Away on this album is my favourite song of all time.

October 23rd 2004


i thought this collection was great. maybe just because i am a biased led zeppelin fan but this cd rocks.

October 23rd 2004


The DVD is far superior.

Not because of the picture but because they are just... better.

I dunno why.

October 24th 2004


I agree, i've seen the DVD and it is much better. My favorite song, even thought it is put on the radio too much, is Kashmir.

March 30th 2005


I truly love this album. When I first bought it, I wasnt the hugest of Led Zeppelin fans by any means. I liked them, but wasnt a huge fan. I bought this, and listened to it, and began to totally love Led Zeppelin. This album is totally worth however much you pay for it. I bought it not long after it first came out, so it cost me about $37 Canadian. I especially like Bron-Yr-Aur Stomp.... The "Whole Lotta Love" medley is a truly great 23 minutes of music.... a totally amazing album... 5/5

March 30th 2005


Great review. i love led zep, and any classic rock.

Heartbreaker 5/5.

Awesome CD

June 17th 2005


I think some of the songs on this are rather sloppy, especially "Immigrant Song".

July 25th 2005


Good review. Awesome Live Album. If only instead of CDs they had DVDs with videos of all the songs of How the West was Won. The Ocean is too die for. :D

August 18th 2005


Album Rating: 5.0

Good review for a great album. I was one of the lucky people to have some extra money at the time to buy both the CD and DVD sets. I personally like "How The West" more than "DVD" because everything is just perfect and they never miss a beat. Jimmy's solos are awesome as well. The only major thing that I disagree with is the 4/5 rating for "Heartbreaker". Very controlled, planned out solo that is tasteful - even with a little "Bouree" from Bach thrown in for good measure. In the DVD, I only like the Albert Hall and Knebworth performances. My personal fave is "Achilles' Last Stand" from Knebworth.

Good job!

November 14th 2005


Wow. Could you be ANY more biased to Stairway to Heaven?

November 18th 2005


Jimmy Page uses a slide on Whole Lotta Love, you know that thing that you move closer and it makes a higher sound. you obviously need to get into some more blues man, or people are going to make fun of you.This Message Edited On 11.17.05This Message Edited On 11.17.05

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