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January 15th, 2005 | 22 replies

Release Date: 2002 | Tracklist

Papa Roach was launched to super success after "Last Resort" and their Infest album made them famous.

About two years later after Infest went triple platinum, the boys released lovehatetragedy. The album has a decidedly different sound than Infest, taking on a less nu-metally sound for...well, I guess alt/hard rock. Just read the review, and/or listen to some tracks, and make your own conclusion.

The Band:
Jacoby Shaddix - Vocals
Tobin Esperance - Bass
Jerry Horton - Guitars
David Buckner - Drums

The Tracks:

M-80 (Explosive Energy Movement) -
This track is both good, and cheesy at the same time. This is them stating that they are rock 'n roll, which they clearly aren't...maybe that's not exactly what they are saying, but still. It's like an anthem - we're here to rock. This particular song does a decent job of that, it's not particularly heavy, but it's energetic. The vocals sound a bit weak, as if it were recorded This is a short burst of musical energy, meant to excite, and it's not too off the mark in doing that

Life is a Bullet -
Opens up with sustained chords and rhythm over that which makes up the main riff. One thing that's evident, is that they are clearly content with their lyrical content. They aren't out for mind-bending metaphors, or imagery. That's ok, though, because they aren't nearly as cliche as some of their older stuff. After the tried-and-true verse/chorus/repeat, we get a bridge that's lighter, with a cool, but somewhat simple bassline being the highlight of it. This song overall has a pseudo dark vibe to it, and is a bit slower than their older stuff. Not bad, but he does get slightly repetitive with his choral singing. There's a bit of a breakdown in the last chorus though, nice touch.

Time and Time Again -
Picks up the pace significantly from the last song, sounds like there might be some autowah or something on the guitar, it's kind of nifty sounding. Lyrics are sung fast, but not rapped, until the chorus, which slows down. A bridge comes up, which isn't really that special, just some chords and Jacoby singing...repeat intro riff, and break into a few more choruses. Not a bad track, but one of the weaker ones.

Walking Thru Barbed Wire -
Another higher energy track, rips right into the main riff, but lets up for the verse, playing some chords here and there. Chorus riff is a modification of the main riff, has a cool...bending/vibrato type effect to it...the chorus is actually broken up into two parts, not bad. The lyrics here kind of suck at times...but they still aren't of Last Resort "quality". Bridge comes up, throws around several different riff variations...the layered guitar lines work really well here, giving a rich, full sound, and several harmonies actually, before ending on another chorus or two.

Decompression Period -
This track is slower and depressing sounding, more so than LIAB...I personally don't like this one as much. The slower feel isn't totally bad, but it feels like it's been done before. This one reminds me of Never Enough from Infest...but not as good. This one really seems to drag on here, with little variation from any of the bandmembers, until toward the end, when a lead guitar line is clearly's not bad, but not enough to save the song.

Born With Nothing, Die With Everything -
Brings the energy back up, with a darkish sounding lead riff, which serves as the basis for the song...the chorus is just Jacoby singing the title twice...:confused:...some guitar harmony comes in during the second verse, but it's brief. Bridge comes up, and adds a few variants of the main riff, it's pretty cool sounding...I think some phaser is going on there, it's got that weird trippy effect...overlapping guitars, have the lead rhythm, and one or maybe two lines of lead harmony over it before hitting several chords and ending.

She Loves Me Not -
The first single. If you judged LHT based on this track alone, you'd think these guys hadn't grown very much at all. It's not a bad song, but it strikes me as very Infest-ish. The difference between this song and the stuff off Infest...less rapping, and this one sounds more polished. The chorus riff is pretty cool I think, but it's not exceedingly special. Erh, I mean the prechorus riff...the actual chorus riffs are just sustaining chords. Meh. Bridge comes up, but the riffs don't really change. A little more repetition before ending here.

Singular Indestrucable Droid - Opens up...very differently from anything they've ever done. Steady drumbeat, and some samples gives way to bass that seems to drive the song, before guitar fades in up, and rip open for the verse. It's not particuarly fast, but it's not as slow as some of their other stuff. Bass is decent in this song...not particuarly show-offy, but effective. Bridge comes up that has some more of the intro sounds, interspersed with guitar riffs. Overall a pretty good track.

Black Clouds -
Opens up slower, with a clean guitar melody over distorted chords. David gets a chance to shine, somewhat in the verse, which is pretty cool. The chorus seems to be longer than the verse here, but I could be wrong. This is a pretty dark sounding song for them, I like it...but the lyrics are again, pretty similar to older songs...depression, angst, etc. Come on, Jacoby, can't you sing about something else" Not on this album, apparantly...

Code of Energy -
Well, here we go, bringing things back up a few notches. Pretty fast song, by P. Roach standards, at least the intro and verse riffs are...chorus does slow it down a bit, a'la Decompression Period, but not quite as slow, if that makes sense...a change comes about halfway through the the song a darker vibe, actually, it's pretty cool...a little more singing, another chorus or so...and we're done.

Lovehatetragedy -
Opens up very softly, very unlike anything done by them...and rips into the main section right away though. This one has more of a moderate tempo's not very fast, but not very slow. The bass is nice and audible here...good to see Tobin using the upper register a little more. The chorus bears resemblance to the intro, but with more going on...not quite as quiet. A bridge in two parts follows, with more of the lighter stuff going on, it's not bad at all.

Gouge Away -
A Pixies cover, from what I understand...I don't know anything about the original track, so...their version isn't bad, but whether it does justice to the first, I cannot say.

Never Said It -
This seems to be on the lines of M80, but at the end of the record. This is a bonus track, so, they technically put LHT last, but honestly, I think LHT should have been the end, period.

Final Verdict:
This is not as accessable as was least I don't think it was. The tracks here are less nu metal than the first album...if you heard this album first, and then Infest, you'd think it was a step down. Clearly, they have matured musically, their sound is more about a concise sound, than distortion, distortion, distortion, and rapping. The songs here are less catchy, but they offer a better musical experience.

Final Rating: 3.5/5

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Pao Ferro
August 18th 2004


Good review.


August 18th 2004


yea this album is very different from the first..
jacoby said something about more rock directed..
the third album will be more or less than LHT.its due end of this month(aug)

August 18th 2004


I will get the new album.

August 18th 2004


I had the opportunity to listen through the new album, and it is definately not comparable to the earlier works of the band. You have to get used to the new kind of singing Jacoby uses, and in general the music changed. But to the better I think. We'll see end of august.

The JoZ
August 18th 2004


Oh yes, dibs on Getting Away With Murder too :thumb:

August 18th 2004


I didn't like the album, but good review.

The JoZ
August 18th 2004


Wow, I hope you're kidding, because I think it sounds nothing like anything they've written

dirge for november
November 23rd 2004


i like this album.

June 10th 2005


Album Rating: 3.0

Good album

June 10th 2005


Album Rating: 3.0

I bought this album long ago (actually the first cd i bought) when i was starting to get into the rock scene. ANd i admit the only songs that i really enjoyed throughout were born with nothing die with everything and She loves me not; at the time i thought the rest sucked!!

Now 2 years later im really past the nu-metal scene and more into rock.

I have Getting away with murder and i listened to the Infest album for the first time about 1-month before GAWM and i think Infest was probably their most exciting album as long as songs go.

But if u compare LHT with GAWM i think it holds its own and almost equal (of course GAWM is a step or two better) .

All i m saying is LHT is not as bad as people think!

June 28th 2005


Good review and good album

July 23rd 2005


Album Rating: 3.5

im surprised no one said they hated this album. everywhere else ive been people say they hate it, maybe because its so much slower and quieter, with less "hit songs" than "Infest." i for one like it (being a PRoach fan). I think that they matured on this album, the songwriting has improved. All of the songs are a little more unique.

October 8th 2005


i think they have changed for the best but got bad on their newest album

October 8th 2005


I quite like this album but it is behind Infest and GAWN to me.

October 8th 2005


i bought and hated GAWM

and according to ur abbreviations it wood b called

Getting away with nurder

October 8th 2005


Yes, that's what most fans call it.

October 8th 2005


well, you learn something new everyday

wot single off this album has the video in the amusementpark?

October 8th 2005


She Loves Me Not.

October 9th 2005


so iit is..... thanks

October 9th 2005


lol do you think they tried a different approach to the NEVERMIND album?

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