Elder return with Omens by Deathconsc
Enter Hopesfall's "Hall of the Sky" by MuhNamesTy
New Destiny Potato / Sordid Pink song by TundraL5Z
Dance Gavin Dance's "Prisoner" single by SteakByrne
Together to the Stars New LP by SpiritCrus
Sepultura reveal new single by iamSeraph
Sepultura release new single by iamSeraph
Haru NemurMiniAlbum by parksungjo
Trvth Adapts with New LP by Evreaia
The Weeknd releases new song by anarchistf
Mark Lanegan details new LP by Pho3nix
Ulver's "Russian Doll" on Valentine's Day by garas
Semblant release a Murder of Crows by kaparoni
K.K. Downing Forms New Band by el_newg
New Cirith Ungol LP/Song by Donchivo
Purity Ring announce WOMB by ColonelWan
Hazy new Avalanches single by SandwichBu
Intronaut debut 'Pangloss' by bananatoss
White Crone stream singles by Voivod