Friday, November 17th

Ex-Guitarist to Sue The Used 7 replies

The Used's ex guitarist Quinn Allman has filed a lawsuit for damages due to late royalty checks which have affected his financial credit. The late royalty checks were allegedly due to Quinn's refusal to sign an unfavorable termination agreement.

"He didn’t sign it, he said, because it didn’t include severance or allow him control of his royalty payments for his 13 years with the band."

The financial damages have allegedly stunted Allman's ability to move forward in his future musical endeavors. This lawsuit also comes two years after being kicked out of the band following a break Allman had asked to take.

"In 2015, more than a decade after he founded The Used, Allman said he was kicked out of the band, several months after he requested a personal break from touring when his father-in-law died and his mother was assaulted."

You can read more about the lawsuit below: ...more

Chaos Moon streams album 0 replies

US black metal band Chaos Moon is streaming their highly-reviewed new album Eschaton Mémoire via CVLTNation.

Eschaton Mémoire releases today via Blood Music and can be obtained on Bandcamp at Name Your Own Price.

New Machine Head song 121 replies

American thrash/nu metal band Machine Head have revealed the first single, titled Beyond the Pale, from their upcoming album Catharsis.

The album is set to be released on January 26th, 2018.

''Catharsis'' is the first Machine Head album since their 2014 release Bloodstone and Diamonds.

Listen to ''Beyond the Pale'':

Childspeak release new video 0 replies

Tidalbridge productions has released a new video this week, this time for a song called "Alligator Ballet," by Childspeak, filmed live in a garage in Coos Bay, OR. The song shows a darker, slightly more agitated sound from the generally jovial prog act, featuring manipulated samples and rhythm changes throughout dense, technical rock.

'Aligator' is taken from their upcoming album, recorded at Robert Lang studios in Seattle with engineer Marcel Fernandez (Foo Fighters, AFI.)

The album is due early next year.

Real Friends "Get By" 4 replies

Illinois pop punk band/bony knee enthusiasts Real Friends have dropped a new song called "Get By". The single is the first piece of new material since the band's sophomore LP, The Home Inside My Head. No word as of yet on a new album. "Get By" can be viewed via Youtube here.

Thursday, November 16th

Asthme stream namesake LP 3 replies

Ukrainian progressive/post/doom metal band Asthme, are streaming their namesake LP, over at the official Bandcamp location of their compatriot label Loneravn Records.

The album is an official release since November 16.

Feel the album by activating the link below:

The Plot In You New Album 17 replies

Metalcore band The Plot In You have announced via Facebook that they are releasing a new album on February 16th of 2018 titled Dispose. Digital pre-orders are available later tonight, with physical pre-order copies available tomorrow

The track list for the new album is:


"Feel Nothing" was released this past summer, and is also going to be on the album. If you missed this song, here it is:

New American Nightmare in 2018? 6 replies

American Nightmare/Give Up the Ghost have posted a new audio clip onto their social media, saying little other than "FEBRUARY 2018". This has fueled speculation that the band, led by Cold Cave's Wesley Eisold, have a new album planned - their first since 2003's We're Down Til We're Underground.

Band member Josh Holden has seemingly confirmed that a new record will be released around that time, claiming that this is what the post is teasing on Instagram.

See the teaser here:

Holden's Instagram post:

A Perfect Circle's new video 32 replies

A Perfect Circle have premiered a music video for "The Doomed", slated to be taken from the band's fourth LP. The as-of-yet untitled record, featuring production from Dave Sardy, is expected to arrive in 2018.

Lil Peep Dead At 21 120 replies

New York-born rapper Lil Peep, born Gustav Ahr, died on Wednesday night before a concert in Tuscon, Arizona, due to an alleged opioid overdose.

According to his manager, Mikey Cortez, who took to Instagram:

"I'm completely heart broken and lost right now. I can't even feel it's not real. I love you and I'll miss you always. One of the realest. Please someone tell me this isn't real."

He was 21 years old.

New Dashboard Confessional LP 10 replies

Emo heavyweights Dashboard Confessional have announced their first new album in almost a decade. The new album is titled Crooked Shadows and it will be the bands first studio album since 2009's Alter the Ending.

Lead single "We Fight" is available for streaming below:

Crooked Shadows will be released on February 9th, 2018 via Fueled By Ramen.

Wednesday, November 15th

Eddie Hermida allegations 114 replies

Eddie Hermida, lead vocalist of Deathcore bands Suicide Silence and All Shall Perish has been accused of “emotionally and sexually manipulating” a young Belgian woman while she was still underage. The woman alleges that after meeting and establishing regular contact with Hermida that he began flirting with and pressuring her for nude photos, at times also sending her unsolicited nude photos of himself. The woman was 17 at the time and Hermida 32. The woman also states that after coming forward with her story that other women have contacted her with similar stories. Also posted were screenshots of messages between her and Hermida. Suicide Silence has yet to comment on the allegations.

Read the full story and the screenshots of the messages between the two at:

STP Unveil New Singer 45 replies

After months of speculation, California Rock band Stone Temple Pilots have revealed former X-Factor contestant Jeff Gutt to be their new lead vocalist.

In addition to appearing on two seasons of The X-Factor, Gutt also gained notoriety as the lead vocalist of the California nu metal band Dry Cell. Gutt is the third lead vocalist the band has had in its existence, the others being Scott Weiland and former Linkin Park singer Chester Bennington (both deceased).

You can listen to "Meadow", the bands first song with Gutt on lead vocals, below.

Glassjaw - Material Control info 194 replies

A listing appeared on Amazon that appears to confirm the title, tracklisting, and release date of Glassjaw's long-awaited 3rd LP, titled Material Control along with a $11.98 pre-order option. Several hours later the listing was taken down at the request of Century Media, along with several posts from fans on Twitter and Instagram following emails from the label asking that they be removed. Apparently Amazon goofed on this one.

Today, several people on Instagram and Facebook posted pictures showing that they had received a box set of 10 7" vinyls of the new record, with tracks "Bastille Day" and title track "Material Control" being unlisted as they are instrumental interludes.

People with copies have intimated that the album will be officially released Friday, 11/17/17, but it's just rumor, and no one from the band has officially commented on any of it (weird) and nobody really knows anything other than yes, there is really a bran ...more

New PRURIENT Song + Album 17 replies

The experimental noise and electronic project PRURIENT have announced a new release entitled “Rainbow Mirror”. To coincide with the project's 20th anniversary, the album is being released digitally and as a 4xCD set on Dec 1, 2017 on Profound Lore Records. In addition to the digital and CD release, a 7xLP vinyl is being released on Hospital Productions. The cover art for “Rainbow Mirror” is the first PRURIENT collage ever made. You can hear the new song entitled ''Falling In The Water'' below.

Diogenes Releases New EP 1 replies

Magellanic progressive rock band Diógenes has just released their new EP, entitled Ciudadanos del Universo, on their Youtube account. The album was mixed by René Rutten, guitarist and founding member of The Gathering.

You can stream the album here:

New Bjork Song! 22 replies

Icelandic musician Björk has just released a new song entitled "Blessing Me", from her yet-unreleased album Utopia, due on November 24th. The song sees the singer in a more stripped back and soft vocal delivery, while her gameleste provides backing.

You can stream the song in Spotify:

Tuesday, November 14th

New Burial Material 20 replies

London dubstep maestro Burial has released his 4th set of new material and 3rd EP since 2016, entitled Pre-Dawn/Indoors. After previous releases Young Death, Subtemple and Rodent fell mostly flat with many longtime fans, hype for new Burial material has collapsed.

Those who have disliked Burial's latest direction may not find much in the further dark ambient re-envisioning of Burial's found on Pre-Dawn, but a more refined ear for the new sounds that harkens somewhat back to Kindred with a hint of Andy Stott, may suggest at a brighter future for Burial's creative spark.

You can listen to the EP prior to its November 17th release on bandcamp:

Carly Rae Takes to the Streets 34 replies

Pop star Carly Rae Jepsen has teamed up with Swedish singer-songwriter duo BC Unidos to release the new song "Trouble in the Streets." BC Unidos have previously been credited for hits such as "I Like It" by Icona Pop and "Boom Clap" by Charlie XCX. "Trouble in the Streets" continues the duo's tradition of penning high-energy pop jams with glossy production values, and Jepsen's appearance is likely to further boost their profile.

Listen to the single here:

For those of you who missed Jepsen's previous single "Cut to the Feeling," check out the video below.

Monday, November 13th

New Eminem Single 134 replies

Famed rapper Eminem has released a new single called "Walk On Water", featuring Beyoncé. The track is rumoured to be from Eminem's not-yet-announced upcoming album, which is rumoured to be titled Revival. If the rumours are true, Revival will be his first album since 2013's The Marshall Mathers LP 2.

Christmas With Sirens 16 replies

Post-hardcore turned pop band Sleeping With Sirens has announced new Christmas music to be released on November 17th. The band has not yet disclosed whether 'Christmas On The Road' is a single, EP, or full length album.

Read the official announcement:

Luke Rockets Allegations 40 replies

Luke Rockets, guitarist for the Australian pop-punk band With Confidence, has been accused of engaging in sexually explicit conversations with a fourteen year old girl. The full statement from a friend of the victim, along with screenshots of conversations between Luke and the girl in questions, can be seen via the link below. The full statement is as follows:

In light of the recent events, I feel like I can no longer stay quiet about an experience that has affected someone close to me. Sadly, we still live in a society full of victim-blaming and social media backlash aimed at the people brave enough to speak up about experiences of sexual assault or misconduct. I am speaking for my friend, who has chosen to remain anonymous for these very same reasons. May this be an example to all of you that young girls are still afraid to speak up about these experiences, as the prospect of the hate they’ll receive is just as terrifying as being sexually preyed on.

T ...more

Sunday, November 12th

Polkadot Cadaver's Brain-Eating Amoeba 12 replies

Polkadot Cadaver have released the wonderfully-titled "Brain Eating Amoeba" to YouTube. Taken from the forthcoming Get Possessed, which will be released on November 17th, with a superbly imaginative tracklisting as follows:

1. Dead Beats
2. Couldn't Move Far Enough Away
3. Powder Pink Baby Coffin
4. Robot Assisted Suicide
5. Get Possessed
6. Brain Eating Amoeba
7. Stewards Of A Syphilitic Emperor
8. Cocaine's Gone, Party's Over
9. Skin In The Game
10. Gasoline Enema, Bend And Light

Ulver release new EP 21 replies

Norwegian group, Ulver released on November 11 a brand new EP, called Sic Transit Gloria Mundi, featuring three songs that were left unfinished during The Assassination of Julius Caesar recording sessions. As of now, this is only a digital release, but it will most likely receive a physical one as well.

The band's comment regarding Sic Transit Gloria Mundi is the following:

"The sad remains from our Caesarean banquet. Two songs we kind of left on the drawing board but resumed work on this summer. Additionally, a cover of a childhood favourite – one we actually started some twelve–thirteen years ago – from the time we first started thinking about making “pop” music. This EP was finalized in our new studio in the old town of Oslo in September, and sent off to Youth's (Martin Glover and Michael Rendall) in London in October, for imperial sound quality. Mastered this week by The Bricoleur.

Cover shows Francis Bacon's Study Afte ...more

Jesse Lacey Allegations 852 replies

Jesse Lacey, vocalist of Brand New, has responded today to allegations that he had sexual relations with a woman while she was only 15. The statement is on the official Brand New FB page, but can also be read below:

In an effort to address recent events and the public conversation currently happening, I feel it is important to make a clear and personal statement.

The actions of my past have caused pain and harm to a number of people, and I want to say that I am absolutely sorry. I do not stand in defense of myself nor do I forgive myself. I was selfish, narcissistic, and insensitive in my past, and there are a number of people who have had to shoulder the burden of my failures. I apologize for the hurt I have caused, and hope to be able to take the correct actions to earn forgiveness and trust.

Early on in my life, I developed a dependent and addictive relationship with sex. I was scared of it, ashamed, and unwilling or unable to admit it, a ...more

Saturday, November 11th

Death of Lovers Post New Track 6 replies

Kimbra unveils second single 13 replies

Kimbra released a second single called 'Top of the World' off her upcoming LP, Primal Heart, due out on January 19. The song was produced by herself and Skrillex.

Pre-orders for the album have begun as well:

The 'Top of the World' music video can be seen below (directed by Guy Franklin):

Hail the Sun Start Secret War 13 replies

Hail The Sun has released an EP entitled Secret Wars that was announced only a few days before its release on November 10, 2017. "Secret Wars is, in essence, a more aggressive extension of Culture Scars," says lead singer and drummer Donovan Melero. For more information check out this article from Alternative Press and the lead single from the EP "1109" below.

RIP Chuck Mosley 29 replies

Former Faith No More singer Chuck Mosley has passed away, according to reports. In a statement released by his family Mosley, who also had a brief sting with Bad Brains as well as a solo career, died "due to the disease of addiction". He had previously been sober for a number of years, but had recently relapsed.

Mosley joined Faith No More in the mid-1980s and released two albums, We Care A Lot and Introduce Yourself, with the latter propelling the group to the top of the California underground scene thanks to the single "We Care A Lot". Mosley left the group in 1988 after conflicts within the band, and performed with Bad Brains and Cement during the 1990s before releasing his first solo album, Will Rap Over Hard Rock for Food, in 2009.

In recent years he had reconciled with the members of Faith No More, often appearing at shows since their reunion and performing classics from the first two albums, and in 2016 he performed a short run o ...more

Friday, November 10th

Dan Terminus album stream 2 replies

French cyberpunk / synthwave artist Dan Terminus is streaming his highly-awaited 4th album Automated Refrains via Bloody Disgusting.

Automated Refrains releases today via Blood Music and can be obtained on Bandcamp at Name Your Own Price.

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