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Discount Annihilation Reccomendation Nation, Rd. I

With tacos' blessing, I've taken liberties with his rec game format and decided to put up a follow-up to his game; not only as a second chance to those who did not win, but just for fun in general. Early rounds will be songs-only and once it's been rounded up to 10 people, we will be switching to album recs. Rules will be posted in the first album selection in each round. Pls read thx k bye
1Laurel Halo

Prelims: in this round and this round only, rec me anything you wish. Anything is accepted as long as it doesn't exceed 10 minutes (for the sake of actually getting through all recs in a timely fashion).

Lifted straight from Tacos' recent game, will be the option for a handicap (in which if you win a round, you will be awarded a .1 handicap which can be used for any future round provided you don't get eliminated beforehand; and reminder, it can be used only ONCE.) If you win more than one round, the .1 handicap will be bumped by a .1 increment until its use. For the sake of order and ensuring this reaches a timely conclusion, we will be capping this off at 30 entries.

Note: as added incentive, the winner and the runner-up will both receive a prize.
Winner shall win a record of their choice (valid up to $30)
the runner-up shall receive some CDs:
XTC - Oranges and Lemons
Bjork - Debut
Kayo Dot - Choirs of the Eye
Ride - Going Blank Again
Today's Active Lifestyles

"Lazy Comet"

Lazy Comet pulls out all the stops in a nice combination of noisy shoegaze and raw guitar work. 3.8/5
3Fabrizio De Andre
Volume III

"La canzone di Marinella"

Highly reminiscent of Francoise Hardy at points, this ballad doesn't necessarily meander, but ultimately doesn't make much impact. Nice to listen to, but nothing all too memorable. 3.1/5 [ELIMINATED]
4Todd Terje
It's Album Time

"Inspector Norse"

Norse grooves about as bright synths flutter about and a infectious rhythm settles in, a nice vintage throwback to YMO in a way. 3.6/5
5Aunt Mary
Almost Dead

"The Unnamed Song"

Fucking indecipherable bursts of noise and smattered percusional violent outburst. Beauty meets abuse in the worst ways. 3.7/5
Open Letter

"Missing You"

Flashbacks to bad music videos you'd find channel surfing (remember that?) at 2am on BET circa 2002 led way to a ballad that plodded about for three minutes while a distinct twang of guitars try and fail to lift an average beat. 2.5/5 [ELIMINATED]

"Ifrån Klarhet till Klarhet"

Bringing out the inner boomer in me, this throwback to Yes-influenced prog lifts quite a bit from their forefathers, straight down to the fuzzy Rickenbacker sound of Chris Squire and the pixie-high vocals of John Anderson, but not without their own twist on that specific sound. 3.3/5

"Fallow State"

Nothing quite like what I expected from Thou, this track subverts any expectations I had and goes for a subdued mood. Brooding, but not maudlin. 3.8/5
9Electric Orange


With a beat that can't be...uh...beat, Holzbock goes into the Krautrock canon and uses the mighty motorik beat to drive this cut along. 3.7/5
10Tragic Mulatto
Hot Man Pussy

"Fist of the Fleet"

Noise rock that doesn't necessarily hold back, but doesn't let loose as much as it ought to. 3.2/5
The Congregation


When it began, I was interested. But as "Rewind" built up and up, I found myself being more and more disappointed. Sorry, just not quite my bag. 2.8/5 [ELIMINATED]
12Ed Schrader's Music Beat


Very pleasant and with excellent vocal control. Somewhat reminiscent of Chris Martin, but if Martin was actually an interesting vocalist and made good music. 4.0/5
13Current 93
Of Ruine Or Some Blazing Starre

"The Great Bloody and Bruised Veil of the World"

Absolutely haunting, but not without a lingering quality that begs the question of how much better it could've been without some of the more questionable aspects of the track. 3.6/5


A wonderfully atmospheric trip-hop-ish cut that thinks outside the box and brings an interesting house slant to the genre. 4.1/5 [WINNER]
Pink Jungle

"Safety Button"

The equivalent to "Future Sailors." 2.9/5 [ELIMINATED]
16Big Blood
Double Days II

"Walk on Water"

This one song I couldn't find anywhere, so in the possibility I was given a song that doesn't exist, I searched for an alternative and came upon the intro song from this album "On Waterfall's Head," which nicely took a beautiful vocal and paired it with a distorted synth recording to create a ghostly tape recording. 3.6/5
17Starflyer 59

"The Zenith"

My weakness...hushed vocals, booming drums, hazy guitar and ethereal sounds abound. 4.0/5
18Mirrors (US)

"She Smiled Wild"

Very raw and punkish garage psych rock stuff that was most certainly funded on the leftovers of the band's weekly pay. The barebones production doesn't accentuate their talent, but compliments the nasty groove that lays down the tracks for this song in particular. 3.8/5
Spilt Milk

"New Mistake"

Flamboyant, but somewhat grounded in reality; New Mistake takes notes from the Queen handbook, although without not going far too overboard with the glamour. 3.4/5
20The Myrrors
Burning Circles In The Sky

"Burning Circles in the Sky"

This reminds me quite a bit of the Velvets, but if they were in a hippie commune and smoked peyote. This is a good thing. 3.7/5
21Kairon IRSE!


In with the album RYM collectively nutted to, Abe chose "Swarm," a song that brought together the Slowdive-brand of shoegaze with an aggression not found in their music. Very intriguing, but long-winded. 3.1/5 [ELIMINATED]
22Haxor och Porr
Fuck You Glesbygd

"Blizzard Beasts"

Very lively and has this quirky quality to it that I wouldn't expect from the title alone. 3.4/5
Disequilibrium of the Ecliptic Plane


Riffage worth dying for and a tighter-than-tight rhythm section to boot. Vomit projectile vocalisations are an acquired taste. 3.5/5
24Black Cock
On the Nest EP

"Juicy Sushi"

As it says on the label for this 12" single, it's a mouthful. It's also a disco ballroom banger, so take as you will. 3.9/5
25Thinking Fellers Local 282

"Nail in the Head"

A wonderful merging of a spaghetti western setting with a punk sound, Nail in the Head almost seems like a quick synopsis to the plot of a film set in the wild west...and soundtracked by the most unlikely band ever to exist. 3.8/5
Red Sessions

"From the Massives to the Masses"

Nicely intricate post-rock with moments of passionate fury and gentle temperaments, a song not without its downsides nor without its triumphs. 3.1/5 [ELIMINATED]


I proceeded to skip over this to meme on Steak, played three other songs from this comp, then finally got back to this. I was [not] disappointed in what resulted. Pounding riffs, crystal clear cleans and rumbling screams. 3.3/5
28The 88
Not Only ... But Also

"Coming Home"

I vaguely remember this from many ads well over a decade ago, and while it may have been serviceable then, it is definitely a ditty more fitting of its era. Despite that, it's oddly tuneful and for that, I must admit it's still relatively catchy. 3.5/5
29Ricardo Villalobos


Minimal techno that doesn't fail to get me off my feet. A tangible groove layered beneath nicely placed melodies and vocal samples. 3.8/5
blue shift emissions.


Chill IDM with a brighter sound that is a lot more welcoming than a lot of their contemporaries, Christ. has a wonderful idea with the bright-sounding Cordate and runs with it. 3.7/5
31Human Atrocity
Horrid Events Of Malicious Barbarities

"Dismembered by a Train"

Goregrind atrocities belie ones ears once this blast of energy greets you with horrific, piercing aching pain. Dismembered is too kind a punishment. 3.5/5


Gripping emo/math rock that becomes more dense as it progresses, Turtlelephant takes the band's technical abilities to their limit but not without being interesting as a result of their prowess. A worthy force to be reckoned with. 3.9/5
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